ROLLFIX 300: The manual dough sheeter

Easy handling with practical pedal switch

The FRITSCH ROLLFIX 300 is always the first choice if you prefer to control the sheeting process with your own hands. With this manual dough sheeter, you can operate the process and still have one free hand, thanks to the practical foot pedal control (operates in parallel to the hand control).

The construction is very robust; however, the dough sheeter is extremely compact and can be stowed away into a small space with both its tables folded up when not in use. You can process dough blocks of up to approx. 15 kg using this dough sheeter. With its now larger 45-mm roller gap, the FRITSCH ROLLFIX 300 can cope with big initial dough thicknesses. And the practical quick release belt mechanism allows easy cleaning. The optional flour duster can be easily swivelled away to the side. It can be controlled via a push button.

Moreover, the model range of ROLLFIX 300 is completed by some special models with extended features. The dough sheeter ROLLFIX 300 is naturally equipped with FRITSCH’s reliable automatic gear reversing feature, which is the reason for the ROLLFIX’s longstanding reputation in the baking world.

  • Gentle and consistent dough sheeting
  • Practical pedal switch
  • Robust stainless steel construction
  • Space saving
  • Hygienic design

Information on the dough sheeter ROLLFIX 300

Technical data, advantages and options

Sheeting speed on the sheeting belt40 m/min
(66.7 cm/s)
40 m/min
(66.7 cm/s)
40 m/min
(66.7 cm/s)
40 m/min
(66,7 cm/s)
Working width650 mm650 mm650 mm650 mm
Roller diameter88 mm88 mm88 mm88 mm
Max. roller gapup to 45 mmup to 45 mmup to 45 mmup to 45 mm
Dough block processingup to approx. 15 kgup to approx. 15 kgup to approx. 15 kgup to approx. 15 kg
Infeed height of safety guard85 mm85 mm85 mm85 mm
Connected load1.1 kW1.1 kW1.1 kW1,1 kW
Dimensions in working position (L×W×H)3,500 × 1,290 × 1,300 mm3,500 × 1,290 × 1,300 mm3,700 × 1,290 × 1,300 mm2.000 × 1.290 × 1.380 mm
  • Fluent workflow due to useful one-hand or foot pedal operation
  • Gentle and consistent dough sheeting
  • High performance thanks to reversing gear with reliable transmission
  • High stability due to stainless steel base with guide rolls equiped with brakes
  • Low soiling thanks to hard-chromium plated rollers with removable scrapers
  • Long service life thanks to robust stainless steel design
  • Easy cleaning thanks to hygienic design and good accessibility (e. g. belt quick release mechanism)
  • Automatic flour duster
  • Long molding unit (standard with Rollfix 300W)
  • Bread roll drag chains
  • Flour-collecting cloth
  • Safety guard infeed rollers
  • Flattening table
  • Various table length

The ROLLFIX 300 components and its various versions

Hand- and pedal controlROLLFIX 300 WROLLFIX 300 CROLLFIX 300 WK
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Hand- and pedal control


  • Foot pedal for changing the sheeting direction
  • Practical control due to one-hand operation for a fluent workflow
FRITSCH-Dough Sheeter-ROLLFIX 300-Operation



  • Integrated long moulding unit
  • High effects of rationalization due to a quick workflow
  • Optional: pretzel board for the production of pretzels
FRITSCH-Dough Sheeter-ROLLFIX 300W



  • Fully integrated cutting station
  • Longitudinal cutting of the dough sheet
  • Crosswise cutting of the dough sheet
  • Great variety of shapes due to different cutting rollers
FRITSCH-Dough Sheeter-ROLLFIX 300C



  • Special table with integrated long moulder
  • Ergonomic long moulding
  • Very space-saving construction