Individual solutions for each product

The bakery world is manifold. And new types of products are added almost every day. Whether you are after fluffy thin dough for delicacies from the Far East or supple dough for luscious donuts, you will require a flexible bakery machine for such speciality products. Despite their diversity, all these bakery products have one major thing in common: nearly all of them can be produced from a dough sheet.

As a dough sheet is the base for the respective end product in all FRITSCH systems, the chances are good that a FRITSCH solution will also be available for your product and your individual requirements. This is possible due to the modular structure of the FRITSCH lines, which allows them to be put together very flexibly and exactly from a wide range of components. And even if your product does not yet exist on the market, we will find a solution which allows it to be produced in the requested quality from a dough sheet.

Excellent product quality

Very gentle dough processing according to the FRITSCH SoftProcessing© principle

High capacity

Maximum output guaranteed on each line

High flexibility

Whether sweet or salty, filled or unfilled: everything is possible

Wide product range

Production of bakery products in every imaginable shape and style

High weight accuracy

High weight accuracy for consistent and homogeneous products

Minimal scrap dough

Reduction of scrap dough and recycling into the process

Machines and lines for the production of specialities



Dough sheeters for every company size


The all-rounder for punched products


The universal solution for dough sheet production


The dough sheeting line for automated dough sheet production


The laminating line for industrial dough sheet production

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