IMPRESSA croissant: The high-performance line for coiled products

Cutting and turning in one step for accurate weight, shape and position

The IMPRESSA croissant line is “high-tech made in Germany”, which ensures a safe and permanently reproducible baking process. It not only produces outstanding croissants in every shape but also the entire range of coiled products fully automatically and in large quantities and premium quality.

Extremely gentle dough handling from the dough sheet to lamination and sheeting lays the foundation for the outstanding quality of the final products. The well-proven LAMINATOR 3000 is the centerpiece within the IMPRESSA croissant system to ensure this.

The IMPRESSA croissant cuts and turns the triangular dough pieces in a single fluent step. This guarantees consistent shapes, accurate weight and position, therefore creating the best pre-conditions for continuous high-speed processing and top-quality products.

The CSV vacuum coiler provides extremely accurate coiling. A suction device underneath the table holds the dough pieces in place so that they can be coiled precisely. The products are bent fully automatically offering many different types of bending including closed rings exactly according to the customer’s request and ensuring exact positioning. 

  • High capacity
  • Wide product range
  • Accurate weight, shape and position
  • Precise coiling
  • High-precision bending

Product examples

The specialist for small, bent croissants

The FRITSCH bending unit 

With the bending unit, FRITSCH has been offering the market a unique solution for bending croissants for years. With its servomotor-powered bending tools, the bending unit simulates the manual manufacturing process. This enables the entire variety of different product shapes, including the closed, round-bent variation. At the same time, the system ensures maximum position accuracy of the products because the bending tools individually align the actual position of the dough piece on the belt by using a camera. And this is also possible at an output of up to 150 strokes per minute.

The desire to be able to bend ever smaller croissants, FRITSCH has launched a tool with a completely new bending principle on the market this year. With this new system, it is now also possible to bend croissants closed and round with a base width of 100 to 180 millimeters. In addition, the shape of the product and its hole in the middle can be adjusted according to customer requirements. The new technology ensures that the two croissant ends to be laid on top of each other and pressed in parallel with a defined overhang.

Information on the IMPRESSA croissant

Technical data and advantages

Table width:

  • 900 mm
  • 1,100 mm
  • 1,300 mm



  • 500 - 6,000 kg/h
  • High capacity (150 cycles per minute)
  • Huge product range: from 10 g to more than 150 g per piece
  • Accurate shape, weight and position due to its innovative punching and turning process
  • Short changeover times
  • Precise coiling of the dough pieces by vacuum technology
  • High-precision bending exactly according to customer’s request ensuring accurate positioning
  • Gentle dough processing thanks to FRITSCH SoftProcessing technology
  • Easy operation
  • Easy to clean due to its hygienic design and good accessibility
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  • Dough sheeting
  • Laminating
  • Satellite head

to Laminator

Cutting and turning unit (CCT)


  • Punching and turning in one single working step
  • High capacity (up to 150 cycles per minute)
  • Perfectly aligned products
  • High shape and weight accuracy
  • Gentle handling of the dough
  • Quick exchange system





Filling unit


  • Up to ten individually controlled rows
  • Filling spots and stripes
  • Optional: continuous operation
  • Quick product changeover



Vacuum coiling unit


  • Innovative system
  • Easy to integrate
  • Exact positioning
  • For filled & unfilled products



Bending unit


  • Belt or robot-assisted bending unit
  • Servomotor gripping arms
  • High-precision bending exactly according to customer’s request
  • Various bending tools can be used
  • Optional: closed bent croissants






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