Pretzels and twisted products

Fully automatic and like handmade

With the MULTITWIST, FRITSCH offers its customers a system which allows fully automatic pretzel production in industrial quantities – naturally while maintaining the desired product quality. The line manages all known variations: simple or double knots, Swabian or Bavarian-type pretzels, i.e. bulbous, conical or cylindrical pretzel strands. Even products from sweet dough can be produced in such variety.

Besides the different pretzel types, it is possible to produce many other twisted products. Single strand plaits are twisted just as reliably and exactly as knots, loops or rings. Its simultaneous precision and process safety make the MULTITWIST a unique device on the market.

High capacity

Fully automatic production of up to 2,000 pretzels per hour with one module

Wide range of products

Maximum variety of twisted products

Excellent product quality

Guaranteed excellent quality, even when the machine runs fully automatically

High process reliability

Safe process also in the case of high capacities

High flexibility

Quick and simple change between individual products

Highest level of precision

Precise twisting, exactly as set

Machines and lines for the production of twisted products



The all-rounder for products made from dough-strands

Select your desired product and discover the right machines.

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