FRITSCH ROLLFIX: Dough sheeters for every company size

The classic amongst the dough sheeters

The first ROLLFIX entered the market in 1956 and since then it further developed to a classic amongst the dough sheeters - so much that many bakers simply speak of a ROLLFIX when referring to a reversible dough sheeter. There are a number of good reasons why the time-tested FRITSCH ROLLFIX comes in a number of different versions, but the most important one is the fact that each bakery has its own set of demands in respect to performance and degree of automation. This is how we deliver the right dough sheeter for the right job.

Despite all the differences in detail, however, the remarkable characteristics that have given the FRITSCH ROLLFIX its good name are present in each and every dough sheeter we make. Above all, the very gentle dough handling for excellent quality. Moreover, the extremely robust construction of the dough sheeter can withstand the hardest stress and strain and is easy to clean due to the practical quick belt-tension release system and the easily accessible no-stick stainless-steel profiles.

The FRITSCH ROLLFIX is not only the ideal bakery helper, but also a worthwhile investment in your bakery's future.



„When it comes to dough sheeters, the legendary FRITSCH ROLLFIX is always the baker’s first choice. Our customers around the world very much agree on this. Anyone who has ever worked on a ROLLFIX will never choose another sheeter again.“

Isolde Schneider | Dough specialist

Dough sheeters for perfect dough

Find the suitable ROLLFIX for your bakery


The manual dough sheeter with pedal control


The computer controlled dough sheeter


The high-performance dough sheeter also for filo dough


ROLLFIX – A classic sees the world

From Lower Franconia to the whole world

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