FRITSCH Young Classics: Your used machine 

Young and legendary classics with professional finishing touches

Young Classics are used machines from the FRITSCH portfolio that are returned by bakeries due to new acquisitions or plant closures. The Young Classics also include demonstration machines from trade fairs or from the World of Bakery, our Technology Center.

At the Kitzingen site, the 1,000 square meter "Young Classics" hall primarily presents the young classics from the A and B segments. There, they are inspected, repaired and given their refreshing finishing touches by experienced staff.

Starting from the sheeter for the artisan bakery to the pastry lines in the branch bakery sector to the industrial IMPRESSA equipment, the first-class Young Classics stock offers reliable, high-performance and tested machines and equipment.

Give our used machines a new home.

The reconditioned FRITSCH machines can be reacquired by bakeries at attractive prices.

  • High quality used machines from the FRITSCH portfolio
  • Upgrading by our FRITSCH qualified personnel
  • Reliable, powerful & inspected machines at attractive prices
  • Wide variety from the FRITSCH portfolio: from dough sheeting machines to pastry and industrial lines

Handicraft production

Handicraft production

Semi-automatic production

Semi-automatic production

Fully automatic production

Fully automatic production


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