Bakery equipment made by FRITSCH

Machines for every size of company

Extraordinary things are created where masters of their trade put their heart and soul into their work. This applies just as much for the bakery as it does for bakery equipment manufacturing. Those who have more passion for their work achieve the best results and products.

We share your passion for dough and bakery products. For many decades, FRITSCH's focus has been on dough forming and processing. And naturally also on how we can help you produce top-class bakery products with our bakery equipment.

From the sheeting machine to the industrial line: our bakery equipment has the entire dough sheet production process and dough processing covered, and is what has made us one of the leading bakery machine manufacturers in our field.

Do you want to expand your company or are you looking for a flexible and at the same time economical line? Then, use our filter function and let it find the right bakery equipment for you. You can filter the machines based on application, company size or type of bakery product. If you cannot find your machine of choice, please send us a personal enquiry in this regard. We will develop a tailor-made solution together with you to meet your requirements.

Bakery machines for dough processing

Filter our products according to different criteria


The high-performance line for bread products


The universal solution for dough sheet production


The high-performance professional for pastry products


The all-rounder for punched products


Dough sheeters for every company size


Das Multitalent für Feingebäcke, Brot, Brötchen und gewickelte Produkte


Das Multitalent für Feingebäcke, Brot, Brötchen und gewickelte Produkte


The dough sheeting line for automated dough sheet production


The compact pastry make-up line

IMPRESSA croissant

The high-performance line for coiled products


The laminating line for industrial dough sheet production

Cutting tables

Cutting machines for all dough types

IMPRESSA croissant

Die Hochleistungslinie für alle gewickelten Gebäcke


The specialist for a variety of coiled products


The industrial pizza und flat bread line


The all-rounder for products made from dough-strands