Croissants and other coiled products

Various and popular delicacies

No matter whether they are filled or unfilled, straight, bent or in a round closed shape, you can produce the entire range of very different croissants and other coiled products using the FRITSCH lines. The sky is the limit when it comes to your creativity. Punching and turning of the dough pieces is always done in one single fluent working step. This process guarantees a constant and accurate shape, weight and position while treating the dough extremely gentle.

Excellent product quality

Very gentle dough processing according to the FRITSCH SoftProcessing© principle

High shape, position and weight accuracy

Punching and turning of the dough pieces in one single fluent working step

Large weight range

Safe production of croissants of very different weight classes – from micro to 150 g

High capacity

Outputs of up to 135,000 pieces per hour with our high-performance lines

Precise and reproducible coiling results

Different coiling systems specially designed for various requirements

Various bending shapes

Whether straight or in a round closed shape – all types of bending are possible


Machines and lines for the production of croissants



Dough sheeters for every company size

Cutting tables

Cutting machines for all dough types


The specialist for a variety of coiled products


The all-rounder for punched products


The universal solution for dough sheet production


The dough sheeting line for automated dough sheet production


The laminating line for industrial dough sheet production

IMPRESSA croissant

The high-performance line for coiled products

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