DOUGHLINER 700: The universal solution for dough sheet production

For gentle and accurate sheeting of dough

The FRITSCH DOUGHLINER 700 is the line of choice if you wish to produce continuous dough sheets in top quality and safely but an industrial laminating line is not yet economical for your bakery. Due to its compact dimensions, the DOUGHLINER 700 can be installed even in small bakeries with limited space.

In technical terms the DOUGHLINER 700 does not fall short of its industrial counterpart: in both cases the sheeting unit consists of a satellite head, a cross roller and a calibrating head. This combination treats the dough gently and preserves the desired pore structure under a homogenous surface even when processing soft dough. Moreover, it achieves very accurate weights across the total dough sheet width.

The DOUGHLINER is extremely flexible from the very beginning: the line can be fed with dough blocks, as well as from bins or dough sheets from a FRITSCH dough sheeter – typical batches of between 100 and 800 kg per hour.

The MULTILINE is an all-rounder for dough processing. It can handle yeast dough, short dough, croissant dough, Danish and puff pastry, as well as wheat and mixed rye dough equally perfectly. Infrared sensors and an intelligent dough loop control make sure that the dough sheet is transported without tension or stress.

  • Continuous dough sheet production
  • Accurate weights during and after sheeting
  • High variety and flexibility
  • Gentle dough processing
  • Hygienic design

Information on the DOUGHLINER 700

Technical data, advantages and options

Table width700 mm
Conveyor belt width650 mm
Dough sheet width netmax. 600 mm
Dough sheet thickness2 - 40 mm
Capacity range100 - 800 kg/h
Noise levelLeq ≤ 75 dB


  • Continuous dough sheet production on highest level
  • Accurate weights during and after sheeting
  • High variety and flexibility thanks to processing of different dough types
  • Gentle dough processing according to the FRITSCH SoftProcessing technology
  • Intelligent control due to automatic regulation of belt speeds
  • High reliability of the production process
  • Space-saving
  • Easy handling due to a user-friendly, fully graphical operating panel
  • Easy data backup option on USB flash drive
  • Long service life thanks to robust stainless steel design
  • Easy cleaning thanks to hygienic design and good accessibility
  • Second calibrating head
  • Driven, one-part cutting roller frame on the exit table
  • Various strewing unit hoppers for seeds


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Dough feeding


  • Flexible dough infeed
  • Infeed from dough bin (soft dough)
  • Overlapping blocks (laminated dough)
  • Dough sheeter with or without portioner

Satellite head


  • Gentle reduction of the dough sheet
  • Coated rollers
  • Infeed side with pressing roller
  • Roller cleaning with brush and scraper

Cross roller


  • Generates the required dough sheet width
  • Eliminates potential tension in the dough
  • Hygienic toothed belt drive working silently

Calibrating head


  • Uniform and structure-preserving reduction to the desired final dough thickness
  • Reduction degree for puff pastry and Danish pastry at 1:2
  • A second calibrating head can be integrated, if required

Longitudinal cutting


  • Cutting is possible directly on the MULTILINE
  • No cutting frame needed in the following line

Transfer rollers


  • Little dough stress
  • Dough transfer is levelled (low dropping heights)
  • Height-adjustable swivelling exit table

Digital control


  • User-friendly touch screen
  • Comfortable electronic control
  • Individually adjustable belt speeds
  • Individually adjustable roller gaps