IMPRESSA pizza: The industrial flat bread and pizza line

Gentle dough processing for highest shape accuracy

Industrial pizza and flat bread lines have to fulfill high expectations: huge quantities of dough have to be processed quickly and efficiently. The IMPRESSA pizza reliably meets these expectations.

All FRITSCH flat bread and pizza lines work on the basis of a dough sheet which is gently sheeted according to the SoftProcessing principle. Afterwards the flat breads or pizza bases are cut or punched out of this dough sheet. This process not only treats the dough gently but also guarantees accurate weight and shape.

The lines are specifically adapted to the needs and requirements of our customers. But the technology used is always the same – and so are the numerous advantages.  The line technology has been designed for stable continuous operation avoiding downtimes. The line can be operated by only one person due to the high degree of automation. For example, flour dusters are filled automatically. Tomato sauce is applied fully automatically, too. The dosing heads can be individually controlled and dispense homogenous fillings ensuring highest weight accuracy.

All components can be cleaned easily and quickly thanks to good accessibility and smooth surfaces. The satellite head cleans its rollers during ongoing production using scrapers and brushes.

  • High capacity
  • Wide product range
  • Accurate shapes
  • Gentle dough processing
  • Hygienic design

Product examples

Information on the IMPRESSA pizza

Technical data and advantages

Table width:

  • 900 mm
  • 1,100 mm
  • 1,300 mm
  • 1,500 mm



  • 500 - 9,000 kg/h
  • High capacity of up to 9 tons of dough per hour
  • Gentle dough processing thanks to FRITSCH consistent SoftProcessing© technology
  • Extremely accurate shape of final products
  • Quick product changeovers due to short retooling times
  • Safe processing of soft dough thanks to specially coated components, guides and tools
  • Quick and easy handling due to the intuitive operating concept
  • Easy to clean due to hygienic design and good accessibility




Slider Image

Satellite head


  • Very gentle reduction
  • Anti-adhesive coated rollers


Proofing belts


  • Air conditioned room
  • Space saving installation above the line



Cutting roller


  • Precise cutting
  • Various tools
  • Flexible production





  • Servo electric pizza press
  • Optimised compression force in the centre
  • Optimum border shaping


Dosing heads


  • Precise quantities
  • Individual head control
  • Prevents dirty belts



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