IMPRESSA: FRITSCH industrial lines

Bakery products in industrial quantities

FRITSCH's IMPRESSA industrial lines are the first choice worldwide when bakers need to realise the entire production process of a bakery product from the dough to the final dough piece on a single, predominantly automated line.

The IMPRESSA lines have been designed to produce first-class bakery products in large quantities around the clock. It does not matter whether they are used as a monoline or as a flexible solution for various products – they are always the lines of choice due to their high availability, perfect hygiene and cutting-edge control technology. Our IMPRESSA lines naturally also benefit from the gentle dough processing, which follows the SoftProcessing principle to maintain the sensitive dough structure throughout the whole production process for optimum product quality.

The IMPRESSA lines include among other:

  • IMPRESSA bread
  • IMPRESSA pastry
  • IMPRESSA special cake
  • IMPRESSA croissant
  • IMPRESSA pizza 
  • IMPRESSA sub roll
  • IMPRESSA donut
  • IMPRESSA pretzel
  • IMPRESSA universal
  • IMPRESSA flatbread




Automatic lines for industrial bakeries

Find the suitable IMPRESSA line


The high-performance line for bread products

IMPRESSA croissant

The high-performance line for coiled products


The industrial pizza und flat bread line


An overview of production data in real time

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