Lines for the baking industry

Top performance with maximum process reliability

Our IMPRESSA lines are used when bakery products need to be reliably produced in industrial quantities. With their optimum process safety and minimal downtimes, they are also the lines of choice for round-the-clock use. It goes without saying that product quality is also paramount, even when producing in industrial quantities. Therefore, we focus on developing machines that are adapted to the dough, rather than the other way around. The industrial lines maintain the sensitive structure of the dough throughout the whole production process as a basis for finest product quality due to their extremely gentle working method. In principle, the IMPRESSA lines can be designed both as a monoline and as a flexible solution for the production of different products, which offer our customers almost unlimited options for every field of application.


Passion for Puerto Rico

Partnership with Mi Pan

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Industrial dough sheet production

Gentle dough sheet production on an industrial scale


The laminating line for industrial dough sheet production

Industrial dough sheet processing

Optimised dough sheet processing for the quickest processes


The all-rounder for products made from dough-strands


The high-performance line for bread products

IMPRESSA croissant

The high-performance line for coiled products


The industrial pizza und flat bread line


Frozen Dough for the Future: Inspirations of Grand Duet

Grand Duet’s Research and Development Manager Henk Flinsenberg narrows down his process to one phrase: “back to the basics.”

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