LAMINATOR 300: The sheeting line for automated dough sheet production

For a uniform and continuous dough sheet

The LAMINATOR 300 is a true master at laminating puff pastry, croissant, short and Danish dough types in perfect and consistent quality. However, it can do far more. The universal version (Section 3) can also handle soft dough types required for rustic baked goods with ease.

For laminated dough types fine and uniform layers are essential; for other dough types the most important thing is to maintain the delicate pore structure. The LAMINATOR 300 guarantees a continuous, uniform high-quality dough sheet. The gentle dough handling in accordance with the FRITSCH SoftProcessing principle guarantees products of outstanding quality. We also paid particular attention to high availability and easy handling.

All the important components of the LAMINATOR 300 can be easily removed without special tools. This ensures swift and easy (re)fitting and quick product changeover. The line can be operated by one person thanks to the central control of all units by touchscreen panel. Every section can be controlled individually and in combination with others. Customised production programmes which can be selected ensure a high degree of automation. 

  • Uniform, continuous dough sheet
  • Wide range of applications
  • Gentle dough processing
  • Easy handling
  • Hygienic design

Information on the LAMINATOR 300

Technical data, advantages and options

Table width700 mm
Net dough sheet widthmax. 600 mm, infinitely adjustable
Belt speed0.6 - 6 m/min on exit belt section 3
Dough capacity300 - 1,200 kg/h (incl. fat and scrap dough)
Dough block productionup to 1,500 kg/h
Layers16 - 144 fat layers
  • Continuous dough sheet production at the highest levels of quality
  • Gentle working method to maintain the dough structure
  • Wide range of applications due to the possibility to process very different types of dough
  • Short retooling times and quick product changeovers
  • High automation comfort by customised production programmes which can be selected as required
  • Quick and easy operation
  • Comfortable data backup by USB interface
  • Long service life due to robust stainless steel design
  • Easy to clean due to hygienic design and good accessibility
  • Dough infeed belt to the dough sheeter
  • Dough pre-portioner for automatic feeding of the dough sheeter
  • Infeed table for fat blocks
  • Thinner final dough sheet using a second calibrating head
  • TBP and dough portioner for automatic feeding in section 3
  • Switch cabinet: stainless steel finish
  • Block production with guillotine
Slider Image

Dough sheeter


  • Very gentle working method
  • Very uniform dough sheet
  • Coated guiding sheets


Sandwich folding system


  • Centred further processing of the dough sheet
  • Centred closure of the dough sheet
  • Coated guiding sheets
  • Requires only  little space

Satellite head


  • Gentle reduction of the dough-fat-dough sandwich
  • Coated rollers
  • Infeed side with pressing roller
  • Roller cleaning with brush and scraper




Cross roller


  • Generates the required dough sheet width       
  • Eliminates potential tension in the dough
  • Hygienic toothed belt drive working silently 

Calibraiting head


  • Uniform and structure-preserving reduction to the desired final dough thickness
  • Reduction degree for puff pastry and Danish pastry at 1:2
  • Optional integration of a second calibrating head for very thin premium quality


Folding station


  • Perfectly uniform layering
  • Non-stick coating of the folding channel
  • Adjustable folding speed, width and position
  • Folding channel can be opened for easy cleaning