Many different pastries EASY to produce

EASY – the name reflects the aim. On our EASYLINE you can produce your desired pastry products in an uncomplicated way during daily routine. This is our compact high-performance solution when it comes to produce highly economically on limited space. The products available range from cut or folded bakery products to filled or punched-out pastries. It is a modular system that can be easily extended in a few quick steps enabling small and medium-sized artisan bakeries to produce a wide range in a flexible way. The numerous special attachments allow for many different products and a simple configuration meeting your individual production requirements. The EASYLINE design aims at maximum operator convenience: it is simple, flexible due to different table lengths and designed for a long service life thanks to the robust stainless steel execution. 

The latest generation is still more efficient due to the fact that it has been further developed in details consequently in line with our customers’ requirements. Tool change-over has been made even quicker and easier as no more mechanical adjustments are necessary. As easy as plug and play. The new intuitive control concept also significantly facilitates your work. The user surface on the big 10-inch touch screen is based on icons.

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Galactic fantasy

Baked buttermilk donuts with an icing made of milk, icing sugar and fruit syrup


The products displayed in the bakery shop windows become more and more colorful and there is no product suited better to carry fancy colors than donuts, in particular when they are made of healthy butter milk.

Small fruity delight

Folded Danish pastry with cherry and acai berry filling


High-quality fillings are the trend. Just like small and handy snacks. Combining both promises a real treat.

Tradition meets modern elements

Mini Danish whirl with curd cheese and vanilla filling, almonds and hemp seeds


Small changes with a great effect: curd cheese instead of cream filling and crunchy hemp seeds offer a lovely change in taste.

Inspiring with creative snack ideas

Filled snacks, colorful and healthy ingredients meet actual demands and trends. In order to offer interesting taste sensations to your consumers you do not have to re-invent the wheel. Using a bit of creativity and the flexible EASYLINE you can integrate many trendy ingredients into you classic recipes in no time.

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