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World of Bakery, MULTIVAC KanadaWorld of Bakery, MULTIVAC KanadaFRITSCH World of BakeryFRITSCH World of Bakery

Opening of the first local FRITSCH World of Bakery in Canada


May 20th, 2022. FRITSCH Bakery Technologies GmbH & Co. KG, a member of the MULTIVAC Group for just under three years, has a worldwide sales and service network of over 85 MULTIVAC subsidiaries. This ensures constant proximity to customers as well as broad market coverage from artisan bakers to globally active industrial bakers.


The next step has now followed as part of the internationalization process. In April 2022, MULTIVAC Canada opened the first local FRITSCH World of Bakery in Brampton, Ontario, after a year of construction. This serves in particular as a technology and test centre for customers from the North and South American markets. The World of Bakery at the FRITSCH headquarters in Germany, which offers customers optimal practical conditions for testing FRITSCH lines, served as a model for this.


A ROLLFIX plus and a PROGRESSA prime (consisting of a DOUGHLINER 700 and a MULTIFLEX L 700) are located in a completely newly built space of 320 m² in Canada. In order to be able to demonstrate the FRITSCH machines in their versatility and the complete value-added process of a bakery under real production conditions, ovens, proofing cabinets as well as professional cooling facilities are available in addition to the FRITSCH machines.


FRITSCH presents the 3rd generation of ROLLFIX

May 2nd, 2022. FRITSCH Bakery Technologies GmbH & Co. KG, a subsidiary of the MULTIVAC Group, relaunches the centrepiece processing line of its extensive portfolio, the ROLLFIX, now in its third generation. The engineers of FRITSCH have made the dough sheeter even easier to control and more user friendly than ever. The machine design has been updated to make the flour duster easier to remove and the line quicker to clean. “This is our response to the increasing quality requirements of bakers and what they expect from our machines,” says Fred Dorner, Head of Research & Development at FRITSCH.

Because customers’ performance requirements are very different in the artisanal and mid-sized sectors, FRITSCH offers the ROLLFIX in three models. The ROLLFIX basic is a manual dough sheeter that leaves most of the control to the operator. It can process dough portions of up to about 15 kilograms. The computer-controlled ROLLFIX plus offers numerous predefined programs with special rolling factors. This allows extremely gentle sheeting of the dough. The ROLLFIX prime, thanks to its powerful drive system, handles dough portions of up to about 20 kilograms. It gives the operator many intuitive control options, for example for producing thin dough. The dough sheets produced on a ROLLFIX can then be processed further into final products on the VARIOCUT, VARIOFLEX and MULTIFLEX.

FRITSCH presented its first ROLLFIX in 1956 – and thus helped significantly to make the traditionally strenuous trade easier for bakers. The dough sheeter enabled them to easily produce a uniform dough sheet, ready for further processing either manually or by machine. “The outstanding sales success of the ROLLFIX at the time laid the foundation for the company’s advancement, which is still characterised by numerous innovations today,” says Managing Director Andreas Eyd.

FRITSCH & MULTIVAC_baking challengeThe baking challengeFRITSCH & MULTIVAC_PROGRESSA breadPROGRESSA bread LIVE demos

April 22nd, 2022. FRITSCH Bakery Technologies GmbH & Co. KG, which was taken over by the MULTIVAC Group nearly three years ago, accepted incoming orders amounting to more than 35 million euros in the first quarter of 2022. “That means we achieved the best quarterly result in the history of FRITSCH Bakery Technologies in terms of incoming orders,” says Managing Director Andreas Eyd. “This also came right on the heels of the extremely successful fourth quarter of 2021.”


One of the leading manufacturers of bakery machines and lines, the company from Markt Einersheim, Lower Franconia, owes the upswing to many factors. In addition to its broad market coverage, from small artisan bakers to globally operating industrial bakeries, it can rely on the extensive sales and service network of the parent group. “Thanks to the worldwide MULTIVAC network with more than 85 subsidiaries, we are always close to our customers,” explains Andreas Eyd. “This means we can provide quick help to each customer, individually.”


To strengthen this network, FRITSCH Bakery Technologies GmbH & Co. KG invited its international subsidiaries to a sales meeting at the World of Bakery (WoB) on 3 April 2022. Andreas Eyd first took the opportunity to thank the 76 participants from 48 countries and five continents for their commitment, without which the extremely positive upswing in business would not have been possible.


The meeting focused on the advantages of the newest lines from FRITSCH. This included the new bread line PROGRESSA bread, which was already sold to customers in and outside Europe immediately upon its market launch. A product demonstration on the MULTITWIST as well as training sessions about the FRITSCH brand and the market for bakery lines rounded off the programme. The knowledge transfer on the subject of dough was made especially entertaining, among other things, by a pretzel-twisting competition. The participants were challenged to twist as many delicious-looking pretzels as possible in one minute. A task that is easier said than done.

15th March 2022. FRITSCH Bakery Technologies GmbH & Co. KG, a subsidiary of the MULTIVAC Group, launches a new processing line: the PROGRESSA bread. Thanks to numerous innovations, it operates highly efficiently and allows great variability of products. It has been specially designed for the best possible processing of breads made from soft dough, a strong trend among consumers. “With this very compact machine, we close a gap in our portfolio and cater above all to artisanal and retail bakers,” says engineer Fred Dorner, Head of Research & Development at FRITSCH.


Depending on product size, the PROGRESSA bread can process between 800 kilograms and two tons of dough per hour – achieving a processing quality and product variety that was only seen before in the category of industrial systems. “With the PROGRESSA bread, you can produce a wide range of breads with extreme weight accuracy and gentleness on the dough. You can almost do without the use of separating agents like oil, which benefits the product quality and keeps the effort of cleaning the system low,” explains Dorner.


During the development of the PROGRESSA bread, the FRITSCH developers and dough technologists kept in close contact with their customers. This included working with those customers at the company’s technology centre, the FRITSCH World of Bakery in Kitzingen. Numerous lines are available at this centre for testing and experimenting with new recipes. “The design of a system decides how quickly and easily employees can remove or clean individual elements or parts,” says Michael Gier, Head of the FRITSCH World of Bakery. Great care was therefore taken to ensure the design would perform as many functions as possible with as few parts as possible, and that the parts can be easily accessed and removed.



“With the PROGRESSA bread, bakers can process pre-cooked doughs as well as doughs with a high rye or water content in the same quality as on a large-scale line,” Gier emphasises.  This makes the new system attractive not only for medium-sized businesses but also for industrial customers: being only five metres in length, it can be integrated effortlessly into almost any existing production hall.


February 9th, 2022

FRITSCH Bakery Technologies GmbH & Co. KG, which was taken over by the MULTIVAC Group two and a half years ago, was able to attract an inspiring increase in orders of approximately 40 percent in the previous fiscal year. One of the internationally leading manufacturers of bakery machines and lines, the company from Markt Einersheim, Lower Franconia, is profiting increasingly from the extensive sales and service network of the parent group, which has been working actively for FRITSCH since the takeover in 2019. Worldwide, MULTIVAC has more than 80 subsidiaries on all continents. “Thanks to the close cooperation based on partnership, we were able to gain a number of large orders despite the continued strain on the global economy following the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic,” says Managing Director Frank Gabriel.

The global span of MULTIVAC’s sales and service network is reflected in FRITSCH’s order intake. In addition to Germany, Switzerland, France, the Netherlands and other neighbouring European countries, large orders were also received from producers in Asia and North America. “We are confident that the global economy will continue to recover from the setbacks caused by the pandemic and that we will continue our growth course under the MULTIVAC Group umbrella in 2022,” explains Managing Director Andreas Eyd. 

“We are delighted to see this absolutely fantastic trend in FRITSCH’s sales. Local and regional experts are already mobile in over 80 countries around the world. This lays the foundation for establishing the bakery segment as another solid pillar in the MULTIVAC Group,” says Christian Traumann, Group President of MULTIVAC.

Given the excellent sales trend, FRITSCH is currently looking for a new location in Lower Franconia in order to position itself optimally for further growth in the long term. Up to now, the company has its headquarters in Markt Einersheim and additionally has assembly halls in Kitzingen. The new building will serve to merge the two locations and create additional capacity. “We definitely want to stay in the region because of our employees, some of whom are highly specialised,” says Eyd. For the new location, the two managing directors are reckoning with a space requirement of 100,000 square metres. The move should take place within the next 3 years.

September 1st, 2021

More than 2,000 FRITSCH machines perform a special task every day. While they pursue their supreme disciplines of dough sheet production and forming, they create the basis for the premium quality of baked goods that are characterized by an excellent taste. As of September 01st, 2021, some of them will now appear under new names.

The clustering of machine families according to end product groups as well as performance spectrum in the semi-automatic area creates a quick and easier overview of the FRITSCH portfolio. With the VARIOCUT, the VARIOFLEX and the MULTIFLEX, a total of three machine families are distinguished within the framework of dough processing. In addition, there is the new brand PROGRESSA. Analogous to the already known IMPRESSA lines in the industrial sector, this stand for a combination of dough sheet production and processing line. Depending on the combination and the corresponding output volume, the PROGRESSA lines bear the name suffix basic, plus or prime.

A detailed overview of the new machine names can be found on our website

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