Bakery equipment for artisan and industrial bakeries

Ranging from table-top machines to industrial lines

FRITSCH offers the right solution for every size of company, from the small corner bakery through to the large industrial bakery. Its product portfolio ranges from sheeting machines to semi-automatic lines, up to industrial monolines. We have a clear goal: to help you achieve greater success on the market with even better products. As we are only successful when you are.

Our lines are specifically tailored to our customers' individual requirements and configured accordingly. In the process, we draw on our many decades of experience in the project business. Since the company was founded, our customers have benefited from our passion for dough, which has driven us to do our utmost to implement your ideas. As a result of this passion, the name FRITSCH has become synonymous in the world of baking technology with top-quality, high-performance bakery lines, along with pioneering innovations in dough sheeting and processing.

Baking technology for handicraft and semi-automatic production

From a sheeting machine to a compact pastry line, small bakeries can also benefit from automation and the reduced workload related to the installation of our machines. Due to their space-saving dimensions, these machines can also fit into the smallest of companies and offer a high level of flexibility for the production of a wide range of products as well.

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Lines for fully automatic production

When bakery goods are produced on an industrial scale, three things in particular are decisive: high throughput, consistently high product quality and high line availability. Therefore, we focused on these specific criteria during the development of our production lines for the baking industry.

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