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Much more than a pretzel machine


The multi-talent for products using dough cords. Ideal for the safe automated production of pretzels, ring-shaped products, one cord plaits, knots and many more. Designed for a high hourly output.

High capacity, high stroke-rate, top-quality products at a minimum noise level - these are just a few of the advantages of the MULTITWIST. Modern technology combined with many years of experience make it the ideal machine for twisted products and this concept has already won several awards.

Thanks to a variety of tools, the MULTITWIST is much more than a pretzel machine. It can produce many other twisted products such as plaits, knots, rings, sticks, loops and flat bread in different sizes and from different dough types. The tools can be simply and quickly changed without the need for additional assembly tools.

A single MULTITWIST can produce 2,000 pretzels per hour effortlessly. For industrial pretzel production up to 10 modules can be set up in parallel thus increasing the output to up to 20,000 pretzels per hour.

  • Huge product variety due to its large number of tools
  • Easy and quick product changeover without assembly tools
  • Reliable and reproducible process
  • High capacity of up to 2,000 pretzels per hour (per twisting unit)

Our product variety

"Innovative and versatile: The MULTITWIST offers more than just high performance; it provides a wide range of production possibilities. From pretzels to braids to rings - its flexibility and efficiency have already been honoured with several awards."

Maximilian Straub | Project Engineer

The MULTITIWST in detail

The dough balls from the dough divider and the intermediate proofer are firstly pressed flat with a flat pressing unit and then transported on to the pretzel strand machine, where they are centred, rolled out and coiled. The coiled dough strand is moulded counterworked in two steps with a moulding board and then rolled long. Different shapes are possible - from cylindrical to conical to bulged. At the transfer points, there are guiding sheets, which ensure, that the dough strand is always straight when it enters the moulding plates.

To sort out dough strands having an incorrect length or to align those which are not lying on the conveyor belt in a centred manner, the pretzel cord machine can be equipped with a centring and evacuation system (Centre Device) as an option. To do so, the dough strands are monitored by a camera and the shape and length of the strand are checked. If the parameters do not correspond to the adjusted values, the dough strand will be sorted out, if its length is not correct or will be centred if it has no symmetric position on the conveyor belt.

  • Precise strand production in various shapes
  • High process reliability thanks to centring and evacuation system

The FRITSCH MULTITWIST is a true all-rounder when it comes to the fully automated production of twisted products. The machine can twist more than just pretzels into all shapes and sizes. The MULTITWIST also twists bread sticks, rings, and labor-intensive products such as single strand plaits and knots with ease.

One twisting unit achieves an output of up to 2,000 pieces per hour in pretzel and ring production. Up to 1,500 pieces per hour are accomplished when twisting knots and single-strand braids.

The tools are monitored via RFID modules to prevent operating errors from occurring and to guarantee process reliability. In addition, a tool change, i.e. a change of twisting table and twisting head, is possible within a few minutes without the need for special tools.

  • High capacity
  • Process-reliable twisting of different products
  • Monitoring to avoid incorrect applications

The baking trays fed by the infeed belt of the baking tray conveyor are topped with products by the depositing unit. The baking trays which are completely occupied with products are transferred to the exit conveyor of the baking tray conveyor by the baking tray positioner. The exit conveyor is located under the infeed belt, so that a feeding with empty baking trays and the removal of the fully occupied baking trays is possible without having to change one's position. Another advantage of this compact design is less space needed for the baking tray conveyor.

  • Compact design
  • Operation from one side possible


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The bakery world is versatile and encompasses an almost endless number of products. The FRITSCH technology makes it possible to produce every bakery product that is produced on a dough sheet basis. And, with very few exceptions, this entails almost every bakery product in the world.

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