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The compact bread line


Scrap-free in the smallest of spaces: PROGRESSA bread - the specialist for the gentle and weight-accurate production of a wide range of bread products. Quick and easy cleaning thanks to outstanding hygiene properties and minimal use of oil.

The compact PROGRESSA bread allows mid-sized retail bakers to produce a large variety of products in high quality with extreme precision in weight. This is ensured by a guillotine with two precise weighing units.

The line can process up to 1.8 metric tons of dough per hour - and that in a processing quality and product variety only seen before in the category of industrial lines. Being only five metres in length, the PROGRESSA bread can be integrated effortlessly into almost any existing production hall. The space-saving solution combines a sophisticated hygiene concept with highest product quality in a very compact space.

To make cleaning as quick and easy as possible, the components are easily accessible and easy to remove. Because there are no motors or other electrical parts such as sensors in the drive compartment of the line, the machine can be dismantled rapidly and, for the most part, cleaned quickly and thoroughly with a steam jet.

Another big plus of the PROGRESSA bread is that the amount of oil needed for processing the dough sheet has been reduced to a minimum. Only in the hopper and the star roller of the dough sheeter SDS nano, the minutest spray with just enough oil keeps the dough flowing uniformly. There is no need to use any oil for rolling out the dough sheet, thanks to the special design of the SDS nano. A clever system of fold-up belts flours the dough sheet from all sides. This prevents oil inclusions in the dough, which in turn guarantees excellent baking results of the finished breads. On top of that, it lowers the cost of oil consumption and reduces the effort of cleaning.

  • High flexibility thanks to modular design
  • Gentle dough processing for high weight accuracy and product quality
  • Wide variety of products thanks to a large number of special components
  • Easy cleaning thanks to hygienic design and good accessibility


The PROGRESSA bread is pre-equipped for the use of our Smart Services as standard. The FRITSCH Smart Services help to monitor the key performance data of the PROGRESSA bread in real time. The aim is to achieve maximum transparency in production and the current status of the line by collecting data and to provide recommendations for predictive maintenance.

Our product variety

“With the PROGRESSA bread, bakers can process pre-proofed doughs and doughs with a high rye or water content with the same quality as on an industrial line.“

Matthias Engel | Dough Technologist

The PROGRESSA bread in detail

The dough sheeter SDS nano is specially designed for processing soft doughs. It uses fold-up conveyor belts to flour the dough sheet from all sides, thereby eliminating the need to use any oil when rolling out the dough. A sensor monitors how much dough is in the hopper. If it falls below a certain amount, new dough is brought. This allows for greater precision and more even weight distribution when producing the dough sheet.

Next, the dough is rolled out gently by the Soft Dough Roller. The new technology produces a highly uniform dough sheet with extremely well-defined edges and without shearing forces or the use of separating agents. This reduces scrap dough to a minimum throughout the rest of the process.

The conveyor belt table of the Soft Dough Sheeter (SDS) and the Soft Dough Roller (SDR) can be removed from the line in a few simple steps and taken to the washing area for thorough cleaning.

  • Extremely gentle on the dough
  • Fast and easy cleaning
  • Reduction of scrap dough

Thanks to its open design and removable modules, the PROGRESSA bread is easily accessible and therefore quick and easy to clean. Important components such as the conveyor belt table of the dough sheeter SDS nano and the Soft Dough Roller (SDR) can be removed from the line in a few simple steps and taken to the washing area thorough cleaning. 

  • Good accessibility
  • Quick, easy, and thorough cleaning

The compact weighing system of the PROGRESSA bread features two weighing units. The first weighs the dough sheet immediately before cross cutting. As soon as the desired weight is reached, the guillotine is released, and the dough sheet is cut into individual pieces for further processing. The second weighs them immediately after this. If the weight of the dough pieces deviates from the target weight, the cutting process is corrected accordingly. This ensures that the end products are extremely accurate in terms of weight. The guillotine cuts at a maximum speed of 60 strokes per minute. The weighing tables and belts can be easily removed for quick cleaning.

  • High weight accuracy
  • High performance
  • Quick and easy cleaning

Intuitive use of our lines is important to you as you need to be able to react quickly to changes in the market. Therefore, it is a must for us. The PROGRESSA bread is controlled based on output. This means that only the required hourly output needs to be entered on the display. The system then calculates all the parameters required to achieve this result. The software checks whether the desired performance change is even feasible. The drives coordinate with each other according to output and, if necessary, automatically regulate themselves to the capacity of the smallest drive.

For greater clarity and user-friendliness, the entire line is displayed on the control panel. This facilitates orientation on the line and enables the user to quickly access the required operating level.

  • Simple and intuitive operation of the line
  • Excellent overview of the running process
  • High process reliability

Depending on customer requirements, manual processing with a worktable is just as possible as the use of a baguette coiler or a belt round moulder to produce round loaves.  Furthermore, FRITSCH offers a lifting tipper tuned precisely to the line as a feed option. Customers can use it for refilling up to 250 litres of dough to guarantee a continuous production process.

  • High flexibility
  • Quick changeover


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PROGRESSA bread Trailer

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