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The „Marathon Machine“


The high-performance dough sheeter: ROLLFIX prime - for maximum performance in continuous operation. Its robust design allows very large batches of dough to be processed. The machine is also extremely reliable in the production of thin dough.

If you require a dough sheeter that provides optimum output while in continuous use, the ROLLFIX prime is the right choice. In comparison to its little sisters, the biggest of its kind has once again been greatly improved, especially in its interior. A larger roller gap (up to 50 mm) allows very sizeable dough Batches. The double spindle on the advance roller provides added strength and, together with the selectable infeed speed, enables higher degrees of reduction. As standard, the dough sheeter is also equipped to produce filo dough.

The ROLLFIX prime dough sheeter has also been designed to meet the very highest demands in engineering terms. Furthermore, the all-over stainless-steel structure not only strengthens this machine, thus extending its service life, but also to excellent hygiene properties.  In addition, the flour duster and brush can be removed quickly and easily for even faster and easier cleaning of the machine.

The modern and intuitive control concept makes operating the ROLLFIX prime child's play and ensures maximum comfort during the sheeting process. The sheeting programmes can be created quickly and easily and clearly stored with the corresponding product image and name.

  • Gentle and consistent dough sheeting of dough blocks up to 20 kg
  • Flexible dough thicknesses due to roller gap adjustment with millimetre precision
  • Easy to clean due to hygienic design and good accessibility (i.e. quick release mechanism. removable flour duster)
  • Intuitive operation thanks to modern control concept

"The ROLLFIX prime combines comfort, performance and hygiene for perfect results. From millimetre-precise roller gap adjustment to intuitive operation - it sets standards." 

Stefan Schmitt | Sales Director

The ROLLFIX prime in detail

The modern computer control of the FRITSCH ROLLFIX will add greater convenience and routine to your daily work. You put the dough on the infeed table and select the appropriate program - then the ROLLFIX does all the rest.

With large product images and self-explanatory icons, the dough sheeter is intuitive and easy to operate. Your individual rolling programmes can be easily created according to your requirements and saved under the corresponding product.

  • Easy operation
  • Intuitive user guidance
  • Reproducible results

The automatic spooling unit comes up shortly before the beginning of the spooling process. The dough sheet then is spooled up on its own both pressure and tension-free. This is how we build the foundation for high-quality products. For spooling up the dough, two different speeds can be selected. Thus, the sheeting of even the more difficult dough types like short dough is not a problem.

  • Automatic spooling of the dough sheet
  • Pressure- and tension-free spooling

The flour duster can be set to finest strewing, produce an extremely even strewing pattern and prevent the flour from bridging. The flour duster and the brush can be removed quickly and easily. This ensures good accessibility and easy cleaning.

  • Precise flouring of the dough sheet during the sheeting process
  • Quick and easy cleaning

The robust stainless-steel construction of the ROLLFIX basic ensures stability and a long service life. Plane surfaces guarantee the best hygienic properties. Quick-release mechanisms allow the belts to be released quickly and easily and the machine to be cleaned thoroughly.

  • High stability
  • Long service life
  • Quick and easy cleaning

Thin dough represents a special challenge for every dough sheeter. Therefore, the ROLLFIX prime has already been designed for especially gentle treatment of very thin dough.

  • Reliable and gentle production of filo dough
  • Preventing of possible accumulation of dough or rippled dough sheets 


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