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The laminating line for the automated dough sheet production


The ideal way to launch into automated laminating technology and dough sheet production. - with the LAMINATIR 700. A true master at laminating different dough types in perfect and consistent quality.

No matter if puff pastry, croissant, short or Danish dough, the LAMINATOR 700 produces an even and continuous dough sheet of the highest quality. However, it can do far more. With a dough sheeter in section 3, the line can also handle soft doughs for for rustic baked goods with ease.

For laminated dough types fine and uniform layers are essential. For other dough types the most important thing is to maintain the delicate pore structure. The LAMINATOR 700 guarantees an excellent and uniform dough sheet in a capacity range between 200 and 1,000 kg per hour. The gentle dough handling in accordance with the FRITSCH SoftProcessing principle guarantees products of outstanding quality. Alternatively, the line can also be used to produce dough blocks with a capacity of up to 1,500 kg of dough per hour.

The line can be operated by one person thanks to the central control of all units by touchscreen panel. Every section can be controlled individually and in combination with others. Customised production programmes which can be selected ensure a high degree of automation.

  • Continuous dough sheet production at the highest levels of quality
  • Gentle working method to maintain the dough structure
  • Wide range of applications due to the possibility to process very different types of dough
  • Quick and easy operation

The LAMINATOR 700 can be combined with the FRITSCH make-up lines VARIOFLEX M 700, VARIOFLEX L 700 and MULTIFLEX L 700 to one processing line, the so-called PROGRESSA.

"The LAMINATOR 700 from FRITSCH sets standards in terms of quality and efficiency thanks to its ability to laminate different types of dough with consistent perfection."

Tim Beyer | Dough Technologist

The LAMINATOR 700 in detail

The LAMINATOR 700 can be flexibly configured depending on the type of dough. The "Low-Stress" dough sheeter TBP in section 1 is ideally suited for the gentle sheeting of doughs with a hydration rate of 145 to 175. This system regularly reduces the dough in four steps and the pressure is minimised accordingly.

The combination of a LAMINATOR 700 with the dough sheet former DS with its three rollers is particularly recommended for firm doughs that don’t require any proofing times. A clean separation of the dough sheet from the rollers is guaranteed by scrapers. An infra-red sensor controls a flawless transfer of the dough sheet onto the conveyor table without stretch or accumulation.

  • Flexible dough sheeting options
  • “Low-Stress” system for soft doughs

Fat or butter is conveyed via the fat pump and applied to the dough sheet as a fat band. The FRITSCH fat pump ensures optimum flow properties of the fat and thus an extremely uniform fat band. The new nozzle makes it possible to individually adjust the desired thickness of the fat band quickly and easily. A water separator can also be installed as an option. The pipe system leading from the pump to the nozzle can be easily removed for cleaning.

  • Uniform fat band
  • Individual adjustment of the thickness of the fat band

The folding units of the LAMINATOR 700 are covered in a dough repellant coating and controlled electronically (fold position, folding speed, fold width). They lay the dough sheet down in uniformly folded layers. Each of the folding units can fold a maximum of 12 layers at 20 mm dough thickness, resulting in a combined maximum layer total of 144. After every folding operation, a satellite head reduces the dough sheet back to the desired thickness. The folding unit can be easily opened for quick and thorough cleaning.

  • Uniformly folded layers
  • Quick and easy cleaning

The heart and soul of our Soft-Processing technology is the FRITSCH satellite head. This forms the dough sheet quickly while going gentle on the dough texture and giving the sheet its desired thickness. Soft dough types are supported on the LAMINATOR 700 in section 3 at decisive points by electrically powered transfer rollers. If laminated doughs are next on the agenda, you can simply push these rollers to the side and out of the way. An integrated, driven pressing roller ensures that the dough is pressed down gently before it enters the satellite head. The roller gaps of the pressing roller and the satellite head are infinitely adjustable by motor. The satellite head achieves a reduction degree of max. 10:1. The rollers are continuously cleaned using scrapers or brushes. The dough removed by the scrapers is collected in stainless steel trays.

  • Quick but gentle reduction of the dough
  • Support for soft doughs

Gently but surely, the cross-roller unit spreads the dough to just the right width while simultaneously releasing it from whatever tension may be present. the toothed belt drive works hygienically - and quietly.

The calibrating head works the dough sheet into the desired uniform and structurally stable final thickness. For puff pastry and Danish dough types the reduction degree is around 2:1. If wafer-thin premium quality with perfect lift is the goal, simply add a second calibrating head. The so-called dough loop control with infra-red sensors ensures a tension- and accumulation-free dough sheet transport.

  • Uniform sheeting
  • Tension- and stress-free transport

To operate the LAMINATOR 700, it is only necessary to set the output and number of layers; all subsequent adjustments to the folding width or number of layers are calculated automatically. For greater clarity and user-friendliness, the entire line is displayed on the control panel. This facilitates orientation on the line and enables the user to quickly access the required operating level.

  • Simple and intuitive operation of the line
  • Excellent overview of the running process


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