MULTICUT: The bakery machine for a variety of products

With gentle punching and turning process

Irrespective of the type of dough that you would like to process, the FRITSCH MULTICUT combines the advantages of a gentle punching and turning process with the variety of shapes available with intelligent punching and cutting technology in a single production line. A number of specialised accessories allows the MULTICUT to be configured for almost every product, range and operating process.

This machine has a special feature: the entire cutting system moves synchronously while cutting is taking place. This is how the pieces are neatly cut and keep their form. The dough sheet is treated gently and the maintenance budget is kept low. Separate tables prevent soft dough pieces from sticking together again.

The effort needed to clean the MULTICUT is reduced to a minimum by its coated surfaces of all components. This is additionally supported by easy access and covers that can be opened wide. Product changeover is just as efficient: all the components can be quickly replaced without any special tools thanks to the MULTICUT's modular construction.

State-of-the-art operation via a touchscreen colour display makes the MULTICUT extremely user-friendly. The multilingual system helps the user to control the 100 product memory locations.

Product sheet
  • High cutting, weight and position accuracy
  • Wide product range
  • Gentle dough processing
  • Quick and easy product changeover
  • Hygienic design

Product examples

Unfilled croissants
Filled croissants
Straight croissants
Bent croissants
Spanish croissants
Mini croissants
Two-coloured croissants
Filled crescents
Pretzel sticks
Salt sticks
Whole grain sticks
Danish whirls
Double danish whirls
Mini danish whirls
Pressed danish whirls
Pockets with strudel decoration
Pocktes with lattice decoration
Pockets with punched decoration
Pockets side seal with decoration
Plaited products
Pains au chocolat
Baguettes with pointed ends
Baguette rolls
Rectangular rolls
Triangular rolls

Information on the MULTICUT

Technical data, advantages and options

Installation area (L x W)ca. 7,100 x 1,815 mm
Conveyor belt table height900 mm
Conveyor belt table width700 mm
Conveyor belt width650 mm
Dough sheet width net600 mm
Conveyor infeed belt speedmax. 6 m/min
Conveyor exit belt speedmax. 20 m/min
Noise levelLPA ≤ 75 dB
  • Huge product variety (pastry, coiled products and bread specialities)
  • High shape, weight and position accuracy
  • High product throughput due to its efficient guillotine knife
  • Extremely gentle working method
  • Flexible installation due to its modular system
  • Easy and quick product changeover without the need for assembly tools
  • Quick and easy handling due to its intuitive operating concept and the option of storing 100 programmes
  • Comfortable data backup by USB interface
  • Long service life due to its robust stainless steel design
  • Easy to clean due to its hygienic design and good accessibility

  • CRH – the coiling unit for unfilled & rustic products
  • FRH – the coiling unit for filled products
  • CCH – the coiling unit for unfilled, contoured coils
  • CSH – the coiling unit for Mediterranean croissant specialities
  • CSV and CSV compact –  the coiling unit for filled and unfilled products
  • Baguette coiling unit
  • Paper cutting insert for guillotines
  • Various cutting and decorating rollers
  • Punching tools in many shapes and sizes
  • Various filling units
  • Folding ploughs in different sizes
  • Top sheet positioning belt with calibrating head
  • Moistening units
  • Strewing units for different materials
  • Automatic retracting unit with sliding tray support
  • Belt stop for the production of muffins and similar products
  • Cantilever lattice table for the production of top lattice dough sheet
  • Tray-cake table for the automated production of tray-cake
  • Table extensions
  • Sheeting lines for upstream interface – e.g. LAMINATOR 300 or MULTILINE
Slider Image

Calibrating head


  • Gentle reduction of the dough sheet thickness
  • Continuous dough sheet
  • High weight accuracy

Filling units


  • Flexible use of various filling units
  • Accurate dosing
  • Filling quantity compensation between the rows
  • Spot or strip filling as well as for continuous operation
  • Short changeover times

Cutting and turning unit


  • Cutting and turning in one step
  • Consistent and exact product alignment
  • Gentle dough processing
  • Synchronised servo guillotine with cross cutting function

Coiling system


  • Specialised coiling units for different requirements
  • Easy to integrate
  • Short changeover times
  • High flexibility

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