EASYLINE: The compact pastry make-up line

For a large variety of pastry products

Due to its compact design, the EASYLINE is ideal for small and medium-sized bakeries. Nevertheless, a wide variety of bakery products can be produced. Cut, folded, coiled, filled or punched products – the possibilities are endless.

The standard calibrating head creates a continuous dough sheet with accurate and consistent thickness. The motor-driven guillotine provides high cycle rates and precise cutting accuracy. However, the EASYLINE always works silently. The cutting frame, which is part of the basic equipment, offers customers the option of using up to two cutting rollers and a punching tool at the same time. Therefore it is possible to produce various Danish pastries and other pastry products within a tight production schedule without unnecessary delays thanks to a quick changeover concept.

Controlling the EASYLINE is quite simple because of its implemented intuitive control concept via a touch screen display. Another advantage is its digital control. Up to 100 different production programmes can be stored and exported to external storage devices via a USB interface.

Product sheet
  • High weight accuracy
  • Compact design
  • Flexible construction
  • Easy handling
  • Hygienic design

Product examples

Danish whirls
Double danish whirls
Mini danish whirls
Pressed danish whirls
Pockets with strudel decoration
Pockets with lattice decoration
Pockets with punched decoration
Pockets side seal with decoration
Plaited products

Information on the EASYLINE

Technical data, advantages and options

Installation area (LxWxH)ca. 5,200 x 1,360 x 1,600 mm
Conveyor belt table height900 mm
Conveyor belt table width700 mm
Conveyor belt width650 mm
Dough sheet width net600 mm
Conveyor belt speed0.5 - 5 m/min
Capacity cross cutting100 strokes/min
Capacity punching30 strokes/min
Number of rows filled1-6
  • Easy and quick product changeover without the need for assembly tools
  • High product variety by specialised, easy-to-use accessories
  • High weight accuracy of the products due to exact control of the cutting length
  • Flexible design due to different table lengths
  • High output (high cutting frequency)
  • Quick and easy handling due to intuitive operating concept and the option of storing 100 programmes
  • Comfortable data backup by USB interface
  • Long service life due to robust stainless steel design
  • Low noise level due to motor-driven guillotine (≤75 dB)
  • Easy to clean due to hygienic design and good accessibility 
  • Various filling units
  • Various tools for cutting and decorating
  • A wide variety of punching tools and guillotine knives
  • Moistening units
  • Strewing units for different materials, such as sugar, seeds, spices, etc.
  • Coiling-in rollers for Danish whirls
  • Folding ploughs in different sizes, shapes and numbers of rows
  • Dough piece deposition

Slider Image

Calibrating head


  • Gentle dough sheeting
  • Continuous dough sheet
  • High weight accuracy
  • Optional feeding by a MULTILINE

Filling units


  • Various filling units can be flexibly used
  • Accurate dosing
  • Filling quantity compensation between the rows
  • Spot or strip filling as well as continuous operation
  • Short changeover times

Motoric-driven guillotine


  • High capacity
  • Precision cutting accuracy
  • Low noise level (≤75 dB)

Control and operation


  • Digital control
  • 10'' colour touch display
  • Intuitive user guidance
  • Storing of 100 production programmes

Hygienic design


  • Stainless steel construction
  • Good accessibility for easy cleaning (i.e. by belt quick release mechanism)

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