Cutting table AMT: Cutting machine for all dough types

For highest flexibility

Would you like to produce top-quality pastry products which look handmade and don't cost the earth? It doesn't matter whether they are apple turnovers, croissants, different types of Danish pastries, Stutenkerle (yeast pastry figures), pizzas or other superb products – the FRITSCH AMT cutting table will quickly become an indispensable part of your bakery.

They make it possible to produce a wide range of pastry products efficiently and economically, all the while saving you time and minimising scrap dough. Precise cutting rollers made of stainless steel from FRITSCH's comprehensive product range will help to expand or modify your pastry range and guarantee that every dough type is cut precisely. The consistent and precise dimensions of the cut dough pieces result in efficient production, constant baking times and reduce waste.

The CCH coiler can be positioned quickly and easily on the cutting table if you intend to produce croissants. This accessory coils triangular croissant shapes gently into consistent, unfilled croissants.

  • Large product variety
  • High shape and weight accuracy
  • Minimal scrap dough
  • Efficient production

Information on the cutting tables AMT 250/350

Technical data, advantages and options

Total lenght2,630 mm3,630 mm
Total width890 mm890 mm
Conveyor belt width650 mm650 mm
Working height900 mm 900 mm
Dough sheet width600 mm600 mm
Conveyor belt speed3.1 m/min31 m/min
Engine 0.18 kW0.18 kW
  • Efficient, economical production of a range of pastry products
  • Considerable time-savings
  • Minimises scrap dough
  • Possibility to extend the product range
  • Precise cutting of all dough types guaranteed
  • Roller suspension device on the tabletop console (only for 250)
  • Removable worktop made of stainless steel
  • On/off pedal switch
  • Variable speed control
  • Additional support for baking tray support
  • Right or left running direction
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Extremely user-friendly


  • Ein / Aus-Schalter an der Einspeisung
  • Ein / Aus-Schalter in der Mitte des Tisches
  • Abnehmbarer Schneidrahmen
  • Optimale Druckeinstellung
  • Genaues Schneiden des Teigblatts garantiert
FRITSCH bakery machines Cutting table pastries

CCH-Coiling unit


  • Zur Herstellung von ungefüllten Croissants
  • Schnell und einfach zu installieren
  • Schonendes Aufwickeln des Teigs
  • Genaue Produktform und Gewicht
FRITSCH bakery machines Cutting table pastries CCH-Coiling unit

Integrated roller drawer


  • Sichere Lagerung von 4 (250) Schneidwalzen
  • Sichere Lagerung von 8 (350) Schneidwalzen
FRITSCH bakery machines Cutting table pastries roller drawer

Integrated tray support


  • Arbeitet effizient auf engstem Raum
FRITSCH bakery machines Cutting table pastires tray support