FlammAroma turbo: The modular wood-fired oven

High flexibility due to modular design

The term "wood oven bread" is a real customer magnet in every bakery. Consumers associate the term with craftsmanship, tradition and a special flavour. The FRITSCH FlammAroma turbo is a modular wood-fired oven for these specific products and their unique flavour.

Modular means that it can be tailored to every customer’s specification. The FlammAroma turbo is based on the modular principle of single components. This results in a wood-fired oven which can be individually configured with up to six baking chambers. The components are either fully assembled as an entire line or delivered as individual components to be assembled on-site. This allows quick and economical assembly. Moreover, an existing FlammAroma turbo can be extended by one or more baking chambers.

The FlammAroma turbo guarantees a short heating-up phase, consistent baking results, as well as reduced production waste. Simulations during the development phase have already shown these effects. Eliminating thermal tension fields guarantees that the wood-fired oven will have a long service life despite high temperatures and high heating-up loads. 

Product sheet
  • High flexibility due to modular design
  • Later extension possible
  • High and consistent product quality
  • Short heating-up phase
  • Low emission values

Information on the FlammAroma turbo

Technical data, advantages and options

Number of hearths1 - 6
Hearth surface (gross surface)3.6 - 21.6 m2
Baking surface (net surface)3.5 - 20.8 m2
Hearth inner dimensions (L x W x H)2,000 x 1,800 x 220 mm
Insertion height above floor

1. Herd: 567 mm

2. Herd: 1,187 mm

3. Herd: 1,807 mm

4. Herd: 2,427 mm

5. Herd: 3,047 mm

6. Herd: 3,667 mm

Weight 7,100 - 26,100 kg
Outer dimensions (L x W)3,500 x 2,850 mm
  • High flexibility due to modular design
  • Customised design of the baking surface
  • Extension of the baking surface even after the machine has been put into operation
  • High, consistent product quality due to a specially controlled and optimised heating-up phase
  • Uniform baking results
  • Short heating-up times due to optimum use of the burner systems
  • Semi- or fully-automatic operation
  • Simple operation due to user-friendly control
  • Low emission values
  • Tastes great due to intense product aroma
  • Window in hearth door to facilitate monitoring of products during baking
  • Window lighting
  • Timer function for automatic switch-on and line heat-up
  • Simple addition of hearths up to the maximum size (6 hearths)
  • Automatic ash removal from the burners
  • Automatic wood feeding into the wood-fired oven
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  • Wood combustion for optimum flavour
  • Use of FRITSCH's own patented burners
  • Efficient due to short heating-up times
  • Fully automatic heating of hearth
  • Product-specific pre-selection of temperature
  • Automatic wood transport on request
  • Fully automatic ash removal on request

Steam generation


  • Heat recycling for steam generation
  • Product-specific steam input possible
  • Central steam extraction and discharge
  • Optimum steam distribution in baking chamber
  • Innovative nozzle concept
  • Optimum steam quality through vaporisation

Loading and unloading


  • Automatic or manual loading and unloading possible
  • Integrated rails for loader
  • Integrated edge for setter
  • Optimised hearth floor for small products

Optimum baking results


  • Hearth geometry optimised through simulation
  • Fans for homogeneous temperature distribution
  • Use of loader rails for air guiding

Product quality


  • Extremely homogeneous baking result
  • Consistent results at all times
  • Minimum production waste



  • Window in the hearth door
  • Monitoring of the products during baking
  • Window lighting