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For highest demand on quality, output, and flexibility


More speed, more power, more variety: VARIOFLEX L 700 - the experienced high-performance player for the automated production of pastries. Extremely versatile due to a number of specialized attachments.

The VARIOFLEX L 700 offers the efficient solution for highest demands on quality, output, and flexibility. It combines various work steps - punching and cutting, pressing, moistening, filling, shaping, strewing and transfer - into a continuous and automized process. A line that convinces with high performance, robust design, and easy operation.

With up to 150 cutting strokes and as many as 80 punching strokes per minute, the VARIOFLEX L 700 realises high output numbers. Up to 9,000 Chelsea buns or 18,000 folded turnovers per hour are absolutely no problem. The synchronized guillotine with additional “pressing” function and numerous additional accessories which can be integrated easily into the system provide a wide variety of pastry products.

Additionally, the VARIOFLEX L 700 guarantees easy handling. The quick release units and the central control unit allow quick and easy changeovers. The large touchscreen display ensures a convenient user guidance and intuitive control of the line.

  • High performance with up to 150 cutting strokes and up to 80 punching strokes per minute
  • Huge product variety by specialised, easy-to-use accessories
  • Flexible design due to different table lengths
  • Easy to clean due to hygienic design and good accessibility

In the simplest case, the VARIOFLEX L 700 is fed using a ROLLFIX. However, dough feeding can of course also be automated. In this case, a continuous dough sheet is produced using a FRITSCH DOUGHLINER 700 or LAMINATOR 700. In the case of a combination of sheeting line and VARIOFLEX L 700, we speak of a PROGRESSA plus.

Our product variety

"The VARIOFLEX L 700 is the perfect choice for customers looking for outstanding product quality combined with high capacity. Thanks to the flexible guillotine and a wide range of additional options, a variety of pastry creations can be produced."

Manfred Weigand | Sales Director

The VARIOFLEX L 700 in detail

When feeding the line with a dough spool, the calibrating head homogenises the dough sheet (especially from one spool to the next) and provides exact weight distribution. The dough loop control ensures that the dough sheet passes through the calibrating head without tension or stretching (in the infeed with electromagnetic dough scale and at the outfeed with light sensor).

  • Continuous processing without interruption
  • Uniform dough sheet thickness (especially at the overlapping ends)
  • Tension and stretch-free processing thanks to the dough loop control system

Our filling units fill your products evenly and precisely, in the correct spot or continuously. Whether the fillings are liquid, creamy, chunky, or thready in nature, we have a suitable solution for you. We offer you a filling unit with intake rollers for filling masses with limited flowability. On the other hand, fillings containing fruit pieces are gently applied with an upstream solid particle application system. A large variety of filling nozzles and application systems satisfies every possible requirement. The number of filling rows can be flexibly adjusted to the number of product rows due to individually detachable pistons. Of course, all our filling units can also be washed down.

  • Precise dosing and positioning of the filling
  • Filling quantity infinitely adjustable
  • Quick and easy cleaning

The synchronized guillotine is very gentle on the dough and closes filled products extremely reliably with its press function. With up to 150 cutting and up to 80 punching strokes per minute, the VARIOFLEX L 700 stands out due to its capacity, which is perfectly tailored to the needs of medium-sized businesses. Tools can be changed quickly and easily using the quick-change system and the positioning aid.

  • High capacity
  • Extremely gentle on dough due to travelling movement
  • Quick product change without assembly tools 

Your bakery product of choice - our solution.

Coiling rollers:

Our coiling rollers enable automated, precise production of Danish whirls and similar products. They coil the dough sheet spread with the filling mass either one-sided (with one roller) or two-sided (with two rollers). At the same time, they are easy to mount and clean.

Punching tools:

Our punching tools will add a touch of variety to your range of products. In the process, you will benefit from the extremely precise cuts, a high level of reliability and an almost unlimited number of shapes. The tools can be changed in a few simple steps and without assembly tools.

Folding ploughs:

Reliable, individualized folding ploughs greatly facilitate the automated production of your pastry creations. Whether they are simple, manifold, or alternating folds - there is always a suitable solution irrespective of the features and dough characteristics of your products. Palmeras can also be produced very easily with FRITSCH's folding ploughs.

Intuitive use of our lines is important to you as you need to be able to react quickly to changes in the market. Therefore, it is a must for us. All production parameters (speed, cutting length, filling type and filling offset, operating mode, etc.) are entered once for every product. Afterwards, the complete production program is available to you at the touch of a button. A simple start-stop control ensures that the production programs start up and turn off perfectly. All belt drives can be continuously adjusted electronically. Therefore, their speed can be controlled evenly and uniformly with a central pilot control throughout the entire process. For clarity and user-friendliness, the entire line is displayed on the control panel, which makes it easier to orientate on the line.

  • Simple and intuitive operation of the line
  • Optimum overview of the running process
  • High process reliability


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VARIOFLEX L 700 Trailer

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Would you like to develop a new product or convince yourself of the performance and flexibility of FRITSCH machines? Then arrange a visit to our ‘World of Bakery’ technology centre. Our dough technologists will provide you with comprehensive advice.

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Starting from the dough sheeter for the artisan bakery to the pastry lines in the branch bakery sector to the industrial IMPRESSA equipment, the first-class Young Classics stock offers reliable, high-performance and tested machines and equipment.

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We support you throughout the entire life cycle of your FRITSCH machine. Our network of specialists from over 80 subsidiaries assists you worldwide. Our customized after-sales services are specifically designed to increase the output, availability, and productivity of your machines. With our local experts, we provide comprehensive advice and a fast and worldwide supply of spare parts.

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The bakery world is versatile and encompasses an almost endless number of products. The FRITSCH technology makes it possible to produce every bakery product that is produced on a dough sheet basis. And, with very few exceptions, this entails almost every bakery product in the world.

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