VARIOFLEX L 700: The high-performance pastry make-up line

For highest demands on quality, output and flexibility

The VARIOFLEX L 700 offers the efficient solution for highest demands on quality, output and flexibility. It combines various worksteps – punching and cutting, pressing, moistening, filling, shaping, strewing and transfer – into a single, continuous and automized process. A line that convinces with high performance, robust design and easy operation.

With up to 150 cutting strokes and as many as 80 punching strokes per minute, the VARIOFLEX L 700 realises high output numbers. Up to 9,000 Chelsea buns or 18,000 folded turnovers per hour are absolutely no problem. The synchronized guillotine with additional “pressing” function and numerous additional accessories which can be integrated easily into the system provide a wide variety of pastry products.

Additionally the VARIOFLEX L 700 guarantees easy handling. The quick release units and the central control unit allow quick and easy changeovers. The large touchscreen display ensures a convenient user guidance and intuitive control of the line.

We have packed the sum of our industrial line know-how into the new VARIOFLEX L 700 to ensure stable performance at a high level. It starts with using stainless steel as construction material and ranges to simple cleaning without dead corners and edges.

  • High performance
  • Large product variety
  • Flexible construction
  • Easy handling
  • Hygienic design

Product examples

Information on the VARIOFLEX L 700

Technical data, advantages and options

Installation Area (L x W)ca. 7,100 x 1,800 mm
Conveyor belt table height900 mm
Conveyor belt table width700 mm
Conveyor belt width650 mm
Dough sheet width net600 mm
Conveyor belt speed0.6-8 m/min
Noise level LPA ≤ 75 dB
  • High performance with up to 150 cutting strokes and up to 80 punching strokes per minute
  • Large variety of products due to specialized easy-to-use accessories
  • Easy and quick product changeover without the need for tools
  • Low noise level due to servo motor-driven guillotine
  • High flexibility due to different table lengths
  • Quick and easy handling due to intuitive control concept and the option of storing 100 programmes
  • Easy data backup option on USB flash drive
  • Long service life thanks to robust stainless steel design
  • Easy cleaning thanks to hygienic design and good accessibility
  • Paper cutting insert for guillotines
  • Various cutting and decorating rollers
  • Punching tools in many shapes and sizes
  • Various filling units
  • Folding plough units in different sizes, shapes and numbers of rows
  • Top sheet positioning belt with calibrating head for double dough sheets
  • Moistening units
  • Strewing units for different materials (sugar, seeds, spices, etc.)
  • Belt stop for the production of muffins and similar products
  • Lattice cake table for the production of dough lattices
  • Tray cake table for the automated production of tray cakes
  • Automatic dough piece deposition with baking tray drawer











Table widht700 mm700 mm700 mm
Hopper content (liter)32 l22 l50 l
Filling weight per stroke7 g - 30 g | 15 g - 60 g5 g - 40 g10 g - 100 g
Max. filling frequency45 strokes/min45 strokes/min

100 filling points/min. at 10 g
80 filling points/min. at 20 g
60 filling points/min. at 30 g

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Calibrating head


  • Gentle reduction of the dough sheet thickness
  • Continuous dough sheet
  • High weight accuracy

Filling units


  • Flexible use of filling units
  • Accurate dosing
  • Filling quantity compensation between the rows
  • Spot or strip filling as well as continuous operation
  • Short changeover times



  • Synchronised servo motor-driven guillotine with pressing function
  • Reliable sealing of filled and folded products
  • High performance

Control and operation


  • Digital control
  • 8.4'' touch display
  • Intuitive user guidance
  • Storing of 100 production programmes



Hygienic design


  • Stainless steel construction
  • Good accessibility for easy cleaning (i.e. by belt quick release mechanism)