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How a small pizzeria became an industrial producer

From the ROLLFIX to the industrial line

Dermaris is a company based in Rietberg, Germany, that successfully produces industrial style refrigerated finger food and convenience products. Learn how the company, started with 2 ROLLFIX models, became an industrial producer with an IMPRESSA pizza line and how Dermaris developed their innovative products. For this, we interviewed purchasing manager Heike Krause and CEO Engelbert Harrenkamp.

How did the idea come about and how successful were you in pushing it through?

It all started in a small pizzeria in Lippstadt. The pizzeria started producing frozen fresh dough pizzas on customer request in 2008. These were then distributed regionally in food markets and produced in the pizzeria. Talking to customers, we found out that there was a high demand for pizza rolls as convenience products, which had not yet been met. Due to demand, the first production facility was built in 2010. In 2012, we switched from fresh dough pizzas to finger food convenience products. In 2013, we acquired our production facility in Rietberg and produced in parallel with two production sites until 2023. This year, we moved into the new building and dissolved the production in Lippstadt.

„The claim was and is to produce and distribute them fresh like from the pizzeria. We were the first company to distribute this type of product nationwide.“

says CEO Engelbert Harrenkamp.

What is special about your convenience products?

The soft, fluffy dough, the fresh, self-developed and manufactured fillings and toppings.

Which products are among your bestsellers?

Our most popular products are the pizza rolls, mini rolls, pizza buns and occasion-related products such as poinsettias or Easter bunny rolls.

You started about 10 years ago with 2 ROLLFIX models and today you produce on an industrial level. How did you manage that in such a short time?

A decisive factor was certainly that in 2012 we developed the pizza rolls as a novelty in the convenience market.I would like to quote our Managing Director Mr. Harrenkamp on this:  "Pizza rolls were available up to that time almost exclusively in pizzerias and not in retail.This is the reason for the development of the following years. Other products such as pizza buns, mini rolls, promotional items such as star rolls for Advent, Easter bunny rolls, etc. have further influenced the development of the company positively."

Among other things, you make focaccia. What is the challenge in making a good focaccia?

The difficult part of making a delicious focaccia is the oily, soft dough, combined with a topping that reflects freshness like in a restaurant

What types of focaccia do you offer?

Our offer includes large-sized focaccia weighing about 300 grams and mini focaccine weighing about 20 grams each. These are baked in a stone oven.

Vegane Asia Sticks Dermaris - 1

You have expanded your product range to include products such as "Vegani Sticks" and brioche buns. How important is the development of new trend products to you?

The development of such products is very important to us, as we will be diversifying our focus more in the future. We continue to see convenience, finger food, items for the refrigerated and MAP sectors as our focus.

What are Dermaris' plans for the future?

This year we merged our two production facilities in Lippstadt and Rietberg into one large production plant in Rietberg. We built this factory only recently and opened it just a few months ago. We are very pleased that this has allowed us not only to bundle our capacities in Rietberg, but even to triple them! We also attach great importance to the integration of our employees from 20 different nations and have set ourselves the goal of training future managers from our own ranks.

„We are investing in the Rietberg location and sending a clear signal to our customers and employees for the future. The new building in Rietberg was constructed according to the highest energy standards, and the photovoltaic system for the roof is to be delivered shortly.“

Purchasing Manager Heike Krause reports.

The IMPRESSA pizza

Processing large quantities of dough is no problem thanks to the IMPRESSA pizza. Thanks to SoftProcessing technology, the dough bands are gently rolled out and then punched or cut into the desired shape. This process is not only gentle on the dough, but also ensures high shape and weight accuracy.

The IMPRESSA pizza is thus the perfect line for industrial producers who value high quality and efficiency.

Dermaris GmbH

Started in a small pizzeria in Lippstadt about 15 years ago, the company "Dermaris" developed in a very short time into one of the largest manufacturers of convenience products. The pizza buns and snails are the biggest innovation and at the same time the most popular product of the manufacturer. Since the company has a high demand on quality, they use FRITSCH equipment to guarantee this quality demand at high production volumes.

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