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FRITSCH as one of the most innovative companies in its trade owns plenty of know-how and experience when it comes to the production of baked goods. From small handicraft companies to industrial large-scale bakeries, we offer each customer the desired facilities and services in order to be able to implement his goals and product concepts.

Since FRITSCH is a worldwide operating company and the producers faces different regional market conditions, we have knowledge of the customer demands worldwide. The needed know-how is steadily established by our engineers and technologists. Therefore, they are searching together with our customers for specific solutions in the FRITSCH Technology Centre.

As you can probably imagine, we have a lot to report, which is why we regularly share our knowledge in professional journals and other articles and inform you about developments and innovations.

We are gathering interesting stories and trade articles about our expertise from all over the world to get you an easy overview. Have fun reading.

The new Soft Dough Sheeter from FRITSCH

Soft dough, solid performer

Healthy and free from additives! That´s how baked goods should be nowadays! To meet the wishes of our customers, we have developed the Soft Dough Sheeter (SDS). The perfect solution! #ENJOY! Learn here more about its performance & fields of application!

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From the idea to success

The story of SABFATEK

An astonishing development history took place at the company SABFATEK confectionery and bakery producer in Uzbekistan. Together with FRITSCH the company achieved with unabted optimisn and hard work its goal. Learn more about this extraordinary story here.

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Fast, faster, MULTITWIST

The award winning prezel-twister

The production of prezels comes with several challenges, that even we mastered only after a long development period. With the MULTITWIST we are now in the position to produce various types of twisted products at a high rate with the best product quality. Recently we were able to further increase the capacity. Baking + biscuit writes about our latest developments in edition 05/2017.

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The art of producing tin bread

6-piece method for tin bread production

Producing tin bread using dough sheet technology offers many advantages. FRITSCH not only masters the well-proven 4-piece method. The production of tin bread using the 6-piece method has also been tested under real-life conditions successfully. You can find an article on our solutions for the production of tin bread in the trade journal Backtechnik Europe edition 03/2018.

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Contact cooling for quality

Top level dough sheet cooling

Cooling of laminated dough for the production of high quality croissants is a science of its own. FRITSCH relies on decades of experience and expertise and prefers a contact cooling system for the production of premium products. See and read for yourself the advantages and the operating principle of contact cooling in Baking + Biscuit 03/2018 edition.

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