Review iba 2018

6 days full of unforgettable moments

Right from the beginning of the year, FRITSCH already knew that 2018 would be an exciting and exceptional year. iba 2018 confirmed this in every way.

Each day, a huge number of interested visitors came to FRITSCH’s stand to see what’s up. Everyone reveled in the congenial atmosphere where they could share their enthusiasm for baked goods. FRITSCH put on 10 live product demonstrations a day on two industrial lines – the IMPRESSA croissant and the IMPRESSA bread – and on two semiautomatic lines – the EASYLINE and the MULTICUT. On top of that, FRITCH presented different performance classes of its ROLLFIX dough sheeting machine, complemented by a versatile cutting table for all dough types.


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Smart Services

In close cooperation with our customers, FRITSCH has developed the first services that offer an active added value through the use of digitization possibilities. Smart Services are based on a highly flexible technical architecture that ensures smooth communication between the FRITSCH machine, the customer and our customer service.

The first 3 Smart Services offered to our customers are:

  1. Condition Monitoring
  2. Data Cockpit and
  3. Remote Maintenance Support

Condition Monitoring & Data Cockpit

Condition Monitoring monitors important components such as motors, frequency converters and sensors on an ongoing basis. As a result, impending plant downtimes can be detected early and the maintenance staff can avoid downtimes by means of plannable countermeasures.

The Data Cockpit enables real-time calculation and visualization of KPIs. Individualized reports can be provided that represent an important instrument for controlling and optimizing production.

Winning the iba award

The iba Award jury especially valueed the development of Remote Mainance Support. The data glasses serve as a simple communication medium between the customer and his FRITSCH service expert. The support of mixed-reality applications and mutual image transmissions with voice function enables FRITSCH customers to quickly diagnose problems and thus remedy complex malfunctions in a timely manner in order to quickly resume safe operation.

Happy winners of the iba award

Stefan Schmitt and Anna-Maria Fritsch received the iba Award 2018 for the innovation "Smart Services".

Soft Dough Sheeter

The greatest technological innovation of 2018 is the new dough sheeting system for IMPRESSA bread, the Soft Dough Sheeter (SDS). It was developed specifically for processing especially natural, soft doughs.

All around the world, people are increasingly conscious about maintaining a healthy diet, which means bakers are increasingly having to use softer and more developed doughs that classical bakery machines can only process with difficulty. 

Benefits of the SDS

Thanks to precisely harmonized components and working principles, the SDS can precisely portion and create a continuous sheet of dough from even the softest of doughs.

The high weight accuracy of dough blocks, the elimination of long drops, and the fine, uniform dusting on all sides with flour ensure smooth and precise production.

New operating concept 19'' panel

At iba 2018, FRITSCH presented the first stage of its new operating concept on two industrial lines. With the introduction of the new Siemens 19-inch panel as a default feature of its industrial lines, FRITSCH sets new standards in user friendliness.

The new size makes for extremely intuitive operation and user guidance. At the same time, the user interface has also been optimized to group related functions logically together onto one page. This makes navigating the line considerably easier – especially for inexperienced operators.

Intuitive 15'' touch panel

FRITSCH felt it was important to present new developments for each of its customer groups at iba, including fascinating solutions for handcrafting.

For one, we invested in an even more intuitive user interface. The new 15-inch touch display allows users to keep an eye on all components of the line and thus to make any adaptations extremely quickly.

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10 exciting live demos per day

Visitors experienced #PassionForDough live on FRITSCH machines and tried creative baked goods like 2-coloured croissants and savoury filled snacks.

Gentle dough processing

with our developed SoftProcessing Technology that avoids unnecessary tension and compression in all process steps. This ensures that spongy dough remains soft. 


9 gram snack rolls

Filling Unit

The filling unit consists of up to ten individually controlled rows.

Different styles of pattern

Different decoration systems allow to manufacture a broad spectrum of first-class pastries with creative patterns in large quantities.

MULTICUT - universal line

Filled savoury snacks

EASYLINE - pastry line

Cinnamon buns belong to the typical retro-classic products because everybody loves them.

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Live demos

Numerous visitors admired our live demos.

The booth with the 360° projection

Over 900m² #PassionforDough.

Top-quality rustic bakery products

One of the many possible products on our IMPRESSA bread. 


The Cutting Turning Unit punches and turns in just one single working step - for big as well as mini croissants.

Glass cabinets with bakery products

Not only a culinary delight, but also a real eye-catcher.


Our sales team is also having fun at the iba.

Team Spirit

65 employees take care of the wishes of our visitors and customers directly at the stand.

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Great anticipation...

...of an enjoyable evening.

Having dinner with Johann Lafer

Preparing a delicious 3-course dinner by our star guest.

Celebrating with customers and partners

Celebrating and sharing our customers' passion for dough and baking technology together.

The World Baker of the Year 2018

Jochen Baier has been voted World Baker of the Year 2018 by the International Union of Bakers and Confectioners UIBC. Thus, he was not only one of our guests of honour but also he is a FRITSCH customer for decades. At iba his wish came true. He bought a ROLLFIX 700 within the framework of FRITSCH's iba promotion.

Good vibes at the Bar

Enjoying cold drinks and good music after the trade show day.

Eat & Meet with Johann Lafer

Experiencing first hand the TV chef star. #ENJOY

FRITSCH & Friends

Partnership for us means that we can share success in the long term. Let's have a toast to that.

Interview with Johann Lafer

TV and star chef bakes with the FRITSCH ROLLFIX


As one of Germany's most famous television chefs, Johann Lafer never ceases to amaze us with a seemingly infinite variety of top-quality creative compositions. His meticulous standards in cuisine can only be met by tools of equally high precision and performance.

Find out in this video why Johann Lafer works his dough on a FRITSCH ROLLFIX and what the ROLLFIX has to be capable of to help produce his exquisite creations.



Technical highlights at the FRITSCH booth?

A wide range of new technology

FRITSCH were presenting and demonstrating several innovations live at the iba booth. If you see our machines at work, you will recognise instantly the benefits of them.

The new fair concept

Innovative thinking prevails at FRITSCH in all areas. At the iba 2018, FRITSCH impressed its customers with a new fair concept. The two-storey booth was revitalized with the introduction of the Infinityconst exhibition system, a wavy ceiling suspension, and set visual accents with the biomorphic forms to the otherwise cubic design.

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The industrial croissant line IMPRESSA croissant

With the IMPRESSA croissant we optimized a well-established technology. The punching and turning unit CCT with a capacity of up to 150 strokes per minute ensures highest accuracy in shape, position and weight, representing the centerpiece of the line.

Furthermore the IMPRESSA croissant is equipped with a 19-inch touch screen offering highest operating convenience. Smart Services for increasing the line availability round off the IMPRESSA croissant as a whole.

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The industrial bread line IMPRESSA bread

Natural artisan baked product are very trendy. There is an increasing consumer demand for bread and bread rolls without additives, with long shelf-life and delicious taste. We offer the solution how to fulfill your customers’ wishes. And above that you can produce these products in an industrial process with high output and flexibility at the same time: by using the IMPRESSA bread with the new dough sheet forming system, the Soft Dough Sheeter.

For your convenience this technological masterpiece has been equipped with an optimized operating concept on a 19-inch touch screen and Smart Services for a higher line availability.

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Our all-round talent MULTICUT

Our MULTICUT has always been fascinating due to the almost unlimited possibilities for the production of pastries, bread and coiled bakery products. But we will certainly not rest on laurels and always find a way to optimize the seemingly perfect machine.

Among others we improved the product change-over by simplifying and optimizing the tool holder as well as maximizing the operating comfort offering a new 15 inch screen with an updated control concept. Also developing new products is made faster by a MULTICUT testing tool which has been designed for exactly that use.

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Pastry make-up line EASYLINE

It is EASY to add many different new products to your range of pastries with this line. However many different products mean frequent changing of tools – and frequent tool changes do mean a high rate of possible mistakes.

Therefore we made sure that you can change tools very easily and simply on your EASYLINE – without any mechanical adjustments: simply hinge the tool in and select the new product on the user-friendly 10-inch display.

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The CSV compact – Precision and dedication with every single coiled product

Using vaccuum technology our CSV compact will turn your filled and unfilled croissants into one-row coiled miracles. We do not want to deprive our customers at the iba of this component ensuring an extremely safe process for the production of high-quality products. Industrial know-how perfectly adapted to the use in artisan bakeries. Come and see for yourself!

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The ROLLFIX 700 – your trustive companion

Exceeding your expectations regarding the production of a uniform and gently produced dough sheet as well as high-quality baked products the ROLLFIX 700 offers the perfect pre-conditions. For many years this machine has been continuously improved and optimized combining perfectly matching reduction degrees with robust design. It stands for highest quality in the production of dough sheets at a maximum throughput and continuous use.

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