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The industrial croissant line for highest performance

IMPRESSA croissant

The high-performance line for coiled products - the IMPRESSA croissant. Cutting and turning in one step for high shape, position and weight accuracy. For the fully automatic and reliable production of croissants in a wide variety of shapes.

The IMPRESSA croissant is “high-tech made in Germany”, which ensures a safe and permanently reproducible baking process. It not only produces outstanding croissants in every shape but also the entire range of coiled products fully automatically and in large quantities and premium quality.

Extremely gentle dough handling from the dough sheet to lamination and sheeting lays the foundation for the outstanding quality of the final products. The well-proven LAMINATOR is the centerpiece within the IMPRESSA croissant system to ensure this.

The IMPRESSA croissant cuts and turns the triangular dough pieces in a single fluent step. This guarantees consistent shapes, accurate weight and position, therefore creating the best pre-conditions for continuous high-speed processing and top-quality products.

The CSV vacuum coiler provides extremely accurate coiling. A suction device underneath the table holds the dough pieces in place so that they can be coiled precisely. The products are bent fully automatically offering many different types of bending including closed rings exactly according to the customer’s request and ensuring exact positioning.

  • Accurate shape, weight and position due to its innovative punching and turning process
  • Huge product range: from 10 g to more than 150 g per piece
  • Precise coiling by vacuum technology
  • High precision bending exactly according to customer’s request

Like all FRITSCH industrial lines, the IMPRESSA croissant is pre-equipped for the use of our Smart Services as standard. The FRITSCH Smart Services help to monitor the key performance data of the IMPRESSA croissant in real time. The aim is to achieve maximum transparency in production and the current status of the line by collecting data and to provide recommendations for predictive maintenance.

Our product variety

“The IMPRESSA croissant stands for precision and efficiency. Punching and turning in a single work step ensures maximum shape accuracy, which is then further perfected by the bending robot CBS.”

Gunther Preu | Dough Technologist

The IMPRESSA croissant in detail

Every dough has its own rules, which is why the production of first-class baked goods of consistent quality is an art in itself. By its very nature, dough reacts very sensitively to incorrect tempering or rough mechanical processes. That is why we at FRITSCH emphasise the importance of processing the dough as gently as possible. Our laminating technology enhances the quality of your dough instead of impairing it. The FRITSCH LAMINATOR, which is at the start of every IMPRESSA croissant, follows the characteristic SoftProcessing technology like all our systems.

When it comes to punching and turning, our core competency in croissant production goes by the name of “CCT” – Croissant Cutting and Turning. A spreading table spaces the dough strips beforehand into the right distances. Then, the integrated centering device guides the strips perfectly into the CCT. Next, the incredibly compact CCT gets your products reliably into uniform shape. That way, we achieve outstanding position and weight accuracy: the optimal prerequisites for flawless processing and therefore highest process reliability. And that even at maximum throughput. The CCT namely achieves 150 strokes per minute in continuous operation for constant high production performance.

No matter what size of products you wish to make – be it bite-size mini-croissants at ten grams each or bigger products weighing up to 150 grams – the CCT copes with all typical sizes with a base of 40 to 200 millimeters. Its innovative and patented knife design ensures precise cutting at all times. And the spring-mounting of the knives prevents wear on the conveyor belt. Naturally, because performance also depends on rapid availability after a product change, the CCT has a quick tool change mechanism that permits easy changeovers without special assembly tools. Convenient accessibility of all components that come into contact with dough guarantees quick and easy cleaning. All conveyor belts are of course continuously cleaned by scrapers.

  • Outstanding accuracy in shape, position and weight
  • Precise cutting thanks to an innovative, patented knife design
  • High flexibility for different product sizes

Our filling unit MULTIFILLER is designed for the greatest variety of fillings and for high performance. It effortlessly processes even the most difficult, chunky, or viscous fillings. And thanks to its synchronized movement, it always applies the fillings with pinpoint accuracy. Up to ten rows can be individually controlled. The MULTIFILLER ensures precise application of the filling – whether operating in spot, stripe, or continuous mode. Retraction control at the filling nozzle guarantees clean separation of the filling from the nozzle. A separating wall in the hopper furthermore allows different fillings to be applied simultaneously. The hopper is of course refillable during ongoing operation. Because production demands both speed and hygiene, the entire machine and all parts that come into contact with filling can be very easily cleaned without special tools. That makes them very quick to get ready for a new filling.

  • Precise dispensing of the filling
  • High output
  • Quick and easy cleaning

With our Vacuum Coiler (CSV), we offer a universal solution that reliably accomplishes all kinds of coiling tasks for filled and unfilled croissants. The CSV fastens the dough pieces from beneath using a vacuum, which allows it to work very accurately and thus ensures the coiling process runs precisely and yields perfect coiling results at all times.

The Vacuum Coiler (CSV) is already impressive for its very high accuracy in positioning the closure. This is achieved mainly by a one-time adjustment to the post-rolling unit, which only very gently touches the croissants and cannot squash them. Next, the croissant is turned in the alignment unit until its closure is in the proper position. Then, the closure pressing unit gently pushes down to secure the croissant in its final position.

  • Precise coiling result thanks to vacuum
  • Flexible application for filled and unfilled products
  • Precise final position of the croissants

With its servomotor-controlled gripper arm, the bending robot CBS replicates the manual production process and thus allows a huge diversity of different product shapes up to the fully bent and pinched version. If so desired, the grippers neatly overlap the ends of the dough pieces and press them together. The grippers themselves have only minimal contact surfaces with the dough. At the same time, the system ensures utmost positioning accuracy of the products, since the gripper arms align themselves individually to the true position of each dough piece on the belt using scanners. And that at an output of up to 150 cycles per minute.

  • Wide variety of products up to pinched croissants
  • Outstanding precision thanks to integrated camera
  • High performance 

Intuitive use of our lines is important to you as you need to be able to react quickly to changes in the market. Therefore, it is a must for us. The IMPRESSA croissant is controlled based on output. This means that only the required hourly output needs to be entered on the display. The system then calculates all the parameters required to achieve this result. The software checks whether the desired performance change is even feasible. The drives coordinate with each other according to output and, if necessary, automatically regulate themselves to the capacity of the smallest drive.

For greater clarity and user-friendliness, the entire line is displayed on the control panel. This facilitates orientation on the line and enables the user to quickly access the required operating level.

  • Simple and intuitive operation of the line
  • Excellent overview of the running process
  • High process reliability


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