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The Canadian World of Bakery

Where bakers' dreams come true

Imagine a world where every baker’s needs are met, with lines that support small-scale bakers as well as industrial-sized bakeries. A place where you can produce delicious products efficiently and in perfect quality. Sounds like a dream, right?
Well, it’s not a dream anymore. We made it come true, with our World of Bakery!

And the great news is: You can visit it all over the world!

For this article, we met with the team at MULTIVAC Canada to get a close insight into their recently opened North American World of Bakery, where they regularly welcome customers with their own, individual recipes or just their imagination and ideas.

The North American World of Bakery at MULTIVAC Canada is located in Brampton, an area of Toronto, and was initially opened in late 2021, with the official opening ceremony, delayed due to COVID restrictions, still to come. Phil Crozier, Market Development Manager for MULTIVAC Canada, talked to us about daily business in their Product Development Centre.

The MULTIVAC Canada team run the customer’s own dough through the machines to show them how their products can be produced efficiently with the FRITSCH machines and lines. Plus, they can explain the purpose of every machine and line that MULTIVAC, through the FRITSCH dough processing portfolio, has to offer.

Visitors get to experience a FRITSCH ROLLFIX plus as well as a PROGRESSA prime, consisting of a DOUGHLINER and a MULTIFLEX L 700, in a newly built space of 320 m².  They can even learn more about the packaging solutions MULTIVAC has to offer too, as they have access to the MULTIVAC range of equipment in the MULTIVAC Canada innovation centre.

„We assist customers with the development of the best possible production processes that lead to an ideal product result. We take the customer through the entire value chain of a bakery from A to Z, with mixers, a full dough processing line, proofer, and two different types of ovens. Our aim is to have our customers baking up a storm in no time!“

, Phil Crozier says.

The great advantages of the World of Bakery

The North American World of Bakery is a huge benefit for the Canadian as well as the US market, as customers can see the equipment running in person and experience their own dough actually processing on the machinery. It is perfect for generating excitement in the customer! It’s great to show them how the equipment works and also how it benefits their business.

Not only is the facility unique, so are the bakery products that customers manufacture in the North American World of Bakery on a regular basis. Phil and his team are happy to regularly fulfill customers’ needs, such as the production of delicious naan bread, pizza bases, or Arabic flatbreads. Even when there is no customer visiting the centre, the employees creatively experiment with baked goods such as pumpkin loaves or star breads. The opportunity to produce such a wide variety of products in this facility engages the customer and is a huge help in the decision-making process when it comes to choosing a line for their business.

„Our World of Bakery is a massive advantage for both us and our customers because none of our competitors have anything similar to offer in Canada“

, Phil emphasized.

Quick construction despite the pandemic

The COVID pandemic made the building of the centre more challenging as they could not get materials supply as quickly as they would have without the associated restrictions. The team wanted to actually see the equipment they planned to buy in action, however this wasn’t always possible. Also, getting permits for the construction was more difficult, causing even more delays. But still, they managed to finish the building quite quickly:

They started the construction in December 2020 and finished the centre in March 2021. The whole process of designing & building the facility took about 12 months in total, an amazing achievement given the circumstances. The delivery and installation of all the equipment was finalised in the summer of 2021 and was followed by commissioning and testing. With the pandemic still raging in Canada, they couldn’t welcome their first customers’ visit until the end of 2021. Unfortunately, this delayed the official launch too.

What does the future hold?

Firstly, the MULTIVAC Canada team wants to have an official launch party as soon as possible. Also, they are building on the capabilities and the tooling for the PROGRESSA prime. Right now, they are happy that they can produce d-shapes, croissants, pizza, turnovers, etc. but still, they want to upgrade their bakery equipment in general and are even looking to see if they have room for the new FRITSCH PROGRESSA bread. For now, their focus is to welcome as many customers as possible and run as many products as they can.

„The FRITSCH customers see that MULTIVAC and FRITSCH are one single company and they can also see what else MULTIVAC offers, too. Having a local, well-equipped World of Bakery in the greater Toronto area is such a great advantage, as small bakeries, including those from the USA, can come here quickly and easily without the need to fly out to Germany. It’s also a totally confidential development environment, including a separate, screened meeting room, that customers can use“

, Phil underlined.

World of Bakery

Would you like to develop a new product or convince yourself of the performance and flexibility of FRITSCH machines? Then arrange a visit to our ‘World of Bakery’ technology centre. Our dough technologists will provide you with comprehensive advice.

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