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Compact, hygienic and flexible

The new IMPRESSA bread

The new IMPRESSA bread is much more compact. Thanks to the open design, it also runs more hygienically and is easier to clean. The line can produce a wide variety of rustic baked goods of the highest quality – and that is the measure of all things for FRITSCH.
Hygienic design and fast cleaning

With its open design and removable modules, the IMPRESSA bread is readily accessible, making it quick and easy to clean. Important components such as the conveyor belt table of the Soft Dough Sheeter (SDS) and the Soft Dough Roller (SDR) can be removed from the line in a few simple steps and taken to the washing area for thorough cleaning. The hygienic design of individual components includes consistent use of smooth surfaces, watertight covers on threaded connections, and rounded corners where no dirt can accumulate. Fold-up knife edges, like those on the feed table of the calibrating head for example, ensure good accessibility even in relatively tight spaces. The drives on the line are also new. On the so-called “omega drives”, the belt can be completely relaxed in a matter of seconds, which makes cleaning under belts a quick and easy process as well.

Another factor in its hygienic design is the extremely sparing use of separating agents for producing the dough sheet. The use of oil is a known problem, since it not only increases the effort of cleaning but also creates longer downtimes when changing products. More importantly, oil worsens the baking results and therefore degrades the final product quality. All of the improvements made allow the various modules of the line to be washed down quicker and with less cleaning products than before, so that each time the IMPRESSA bread will be up and ready again for production much faster.

Compact and flexible

Space is a limiting factor in any production hall. Therefore, a compact design was a priority from the outset in the development of the new IMPRESSA bread. The line appearing at iba is now about 20 percent shorter than before, for the same output as before. This is accomplished in part by new sheeting technology, which has already proven itself in the PROGRESSA bread and has now been adapted to the industrial processing lines. An important part of this is the FRITSCH Soft Dough Sheeter (SDS). It uses fold-up conveyor belts to flour the dough sheet from all sides, thereby eliminating the need to use any oil when rolling out the dough. A sensor monitors how much dough is in the hopper. If it falls below a certain amount, new dough is brought in on another conveyor belt. This allows for greater precision and more even weight distribution when producing the dough sheet.

Next, the dough is rolled out gently by the Soft Dough Roller. The new technology produces a highly uniform dough sheet with extremely well-defined edges and without shearing forces or the use of separating agents. This reduces scrap dough to a minimum throughout the rest of the process.

Thanks to the modular design of the IMPRESSA bread, a huge variety of different products can be produced by simply swapping out individual components, without having to prolong the line. A baguette coiler, for example, could be quickly and easily swapped out for the newly developed DTU twist module, which produces twisted breads reliably and in industrial quantities. Before this module existed, such products could only be produced by hand.

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