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Even better performance for the same price: the FRITSCH Flour Duster

The Fritsch Group, one of the leading German manufacturers of bakery machines and lines, has made new advancements to its flour dusters. The FRITSCH roller duster comes in two types: one with a removable hopper and one with an auger conveyor. Also, each type is available as either a permanently installed or mobile version. Common to all four models is their maximum flexibility and precision in adjusting the flour quantities. Therefore, with the FRITSCH flour dusters, artisanal bakers and industrial producers can achieve perfect results in producing their dough sheets. 

As one model, the roller duster consists of a drive unit and a removable hopper, connected to each other by a claw coupling. The exposed drive motor requires no additional cooling, and is extremely hygienic in operation thanks to its smooth surfaces. “The strewing roller, scraper and cover guard are integrated into the hopper. They can be removed together and thus more easily and thoroughly cleaned,” explains Fritz Barth, Head of Engineering at FRITSCH. By constructing the hopper without screws, reducing the number of brush rows and installing a fanless motor, the designers have made even more improvements in the hygiene characteristics of the duster. As with all FRITSCH components, there is absolutely no need for oil or lubricants.

A second model comprises a permanently running auger conveyor filling the strewing roller with extreme uniformity and thus guaranteeing utmost regularity in the strewing pattern. The lean design of the flour output section also allows for a more compact design with a shorter bend area. This avoids unwanted deposits in the flour feed and ensures excellent hygiene conditions. “This ultimately leads to a smooth production process while helping to save on personnel and raw material costs,” says Fritz Barth. Despite these improvements, FRITSCH continues to offer its flour dusters at the same price, with variation only between different models.

On top of the basic configuration, artisanal bakers and industrial customers can upgrade the equipment to optimize their machines further still. For FRITSCH roller duster models with the removable hopper, an advanced hopper is optionally available. This version features a digital potentiometer for continuous control of the output quantity of flour. An optional extra for auger conveyor models is automatic filling of the duster.

What is more, a light barrier control function can be integrated for switching individual roller dusters in the line on and off automatically. This increases the user-friendliness yet again and reduces the flour consumption even further.

19/11/2018 – New Head of Fritsch Bakery Systems GmbH 

FRITSCH Bakery Systems GmbH has a new head and his name is Ulrich Hirsch. The affiliate of FRITSCH GmbH provides tailored solutions for baked goods production – complete and turnkey. Ulrich’s task is to win such turnkey projects worldwide and to see them through. “Head of FRITSCH Bakery Systems is not just a job for me; it’s a calling. I grew up with flour on my nose, and I have never once left the branch. So, I understand bakers and know how to engage with them,” says Ulrich.

His career path has prepared him perfectly for the challenging duties at FRITSCH, starting with his apprenticeship as a baker while studying economics in Augsburg. Next, he trained at his father’s bakery to become a master. A few years after that, he accepted a position at a bakery machine manufacturer, for whom he worked for 15 years – first as Area Sales Manager and later as Head of Exports and Head of Project Planning. “Every final product, given its special composition of ingredients, demands its own technological solution,” Ulrich explains the challenge. Through this understanding, he and his team ensure that each customer can produce his baked goods at the desired quality and right on time. Their choice of machines and components is governed solely by the product in question and the customer’s specifications.

Ulrich shares FRITSCH’s “Passion for Dough and Technology” wholeheartedly. “For me, everything revolves around the quality of the customer’s product. The complete solution that FRITSCH Bakery Systems offers must live up to that quality. So, it is important to me to fully understand the customer’s enthusiasm for his products and to transfer that enthusiasm on to my team,” Ulrich explains his approach. “Together, we want to exceed the customer’s expectations in quality and quantity. From the complete solutions we create, the customer should sense that we truly do share his passion for dough.”

And what would the new head say is the most exciting thing about the baking industry? “It thrills me how the world is growing forever closer together, and how baked goods producers are working together with other globally operating companies. Because of that, each local baking culture is becoming more and more widespread and being shared with other countries. And so customers around the world are getting to discover traditional baked goods,” says Ulrich. “I am discovering fascinating national product creations all the time. It’s a source of constant excitement to keep offering and developing automated solutions and processes for all kinds of baked goods producers around the world.”

At the iba 2018 in Munich, Michael Wippler, President of the Central Association of the German Bakery Trade, handed out the iba Awards.

The iba Award, presented by the trade journal Backtechnik europe, honours innovations in the industrial or line-oriented production of baked goods that were exhibited for the first time at the world's leading trade fair.

After an inspection visit to the fair, the award winners were nominated by an honorary, independent jury.

FRITSCH has also won this iba Award again. This year for the SMART SERVICES:

Digitalisation and "Industry 4. 0" are key topics in the baking industry. FRITSCH has taken this into account with its "Intelligent Services". In addition to standard functions, such as real-time condition monitoring and the provision of operating data in the cloud, the approach to simplifying and accelerating maintenance by the use of data glasses is very innovative and therefore worth the money. This means that the in-house fitter can promptly send pictures and videos of the affected system components to the manufacturer and thus enable very fast fault analysis in the future.

Picture: Anna-Maria Fritsch, Stefan Schmitt and the jury of the iba Award 2018 with Michael Wippler, President of the Central Association of the German Bakery Trade (Photo: Backtechnik Europe / Christin Krämer 2018)

FRITSCH is excited to welcome the newest member to the team Brian Inglis. Brian will be head of sales at FRITSCH UK. His responsibilities will be to improve current business relationships in the region and to make FRITSCH more accessible and relatable to new customers.

Brian is a father of three children and has been working in the baking industry since 1985. He is coming to FRITSCH from an industrial food equipment supplier.

When it comes to the FRITSCH mission of passion for dough and technology, Brian’s interests and expertise fit right in. “I have a real obsession with innovation,” he said. “FRITSCH is clearly the most innovative equipment manufacturer in the baking industry, I think together we can make a real difference in the daily life of the baker.”

Brian is excited about his new role and is ready to hit the ground running to continue bringing innovation to FRITSCH.

“There is still a lot of opportunity for development of processes and equipment within the baking industry,” he said. “Currently the driver seems to be bread (particularly flatbread) and croissant. In the future I expect to see more variety in ethnic products and ingredients in the more developed markets. People are always looking for something new.”

FRITSCH mourns the passing of its senior partner Adolf Fritsch.

The co-founder and long-standing managing partner of the family-run business in Markt Einersheim passed away in Prague on August 2, 2018, at the age of 89. Adolf Fritsch was born in 1929 in Wiese, former Sudetenland, now the Czech Republic. After the Second World War, he and his family settled in the region of Kitzingen. There, his father Alois Fritsch continued the business he had started in 1926 in Sudetenland and, in 1948, established the FRITSCH company in Markt Einersheim. Even in his youth, Adolf Fritsch participated in his father’s business, helping him to build up the company. All the while, he completed his mechanical engineering studies in Würzburg and, starting from 1961, ran the company as the sole managing director.

Under his leadership, the company doubled in size. Adolf Fritsch succeeded in broadening the distribution network out to an international scale and in establishing longlasting, stable customer relationships. He also considerably expanded the ROLLFIX range of machines with new innovative developments such as the TEILFIX dough divider for rye-based bread doughs. With this move, he set the course for the company’s current world market position. Adolf Fritsch pursued his entrepreneurial activities with heart and soul and was a man of extraordinary pragmatism. The outstanding reputation the company enjoys today arises, if nothing else, from the fact that Adolf Fritsch was always ready to pick up a wrench and help his customers, in person, on site. He always placed importance on good, trusting relationships with his employees and customers.

In 1996, Adolf Fritsch handed the reins of the family business to the third generation, his son Klaus Fritsch, who continued to expand the company with success. Since 2016, Klaus’ children Anna-Maria, Elisa, and Jan have also been fellow partners of the company.

Aside from being an entrepreneur, Adolf Fritsch took an active role in the Municipal Council of Markt Einersheim and in the County Council of Kitzingen. For his service, Adolf Fritsch was awarded the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany in 2002.

FRITSCH is excited to announce and congratulate the new president of FRITSCH USA, Anna-Maria Fritsch. Anna-Maria studied international business and worked several years at management consultancies before joining the FRITSCH team in 2013. Since joining the company, Anna-Maria has expanded her technical and technological knowledge and experience. Prior to becoming the new president, Anna-Maria spent the last 2 of years serving as the head of marketing and process management. In this role, she focused on the implementation of strategic marketing processes and forming partnerships with customers. 

In line with FRITSCH’s dedication to their customers, Anna-Maria will be relocating to New Jersey in 2019 to be closer to the company’s North American market and customers. Her mission is to strengthen the company’s reach to capture the key markets of the region and its promising future. Anna-Maria is very excited for this new position, noting she loves the American work ethic and is proud of the strides FRITSCH USA has already made.  She aims to further strengthen the USA team to better support the FRITSCH USA customers in the future.

At the beginning of the second half of the year, FRITSCH Holding AG announces a change in the position of the CEO: Kirsten Lange takes over the management of the company.

She is already familiar with the FRITSCH Group from her work on the Supervisory Board and is looking forward to taking over the responsibility for the family-owned company temporarily until a suitable long-term CEO can be appointed. She is well known for her passion and extremely high standards in every aspect of her work. 

Kirsten Lange worked as a member of the Management Board at Voith Hydro Holding GmbH & Co. KG where she was responsible for the divisions service, automation and digitalization. Before that she has been working for the Boston Consulting Group in Germany, the USA and China for 22 years and has been working as an advisor for more than 20 mechanical engineering companies. She is currently member of the Supervisory Boards of Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG and ATS Automation. She studied journalism, politics and philosophy in Munich and holds the MBA from INSEAD in France. 

The shareholders and the Supervisory Board of the FRITSCH Group thank Kirsten Lange for her work as a member of the Supervisory Board so far and are grateful that she is now prepared to strategically develop and advance the family-owned company as CEO leading it into a secure future of the 4th generation.

In May, we celebrated the grand opening of our FUSA Showroom in Cranbury, NJ. The Technology Center of FRITSCH USA gives handicraft bakers a chance to observe some of our best technology at work. Our goal with the FRITSCH USA showroom is to develop and test products with our customers while showing our expertise and passion. We’ll showcase product trends via live demonstrations and work closely with our customers to develop the best product for their business. Our FRITSCH USA showroom will include the following machines: ROLLFIX mini, ROLLFIX 600, ROLLFIX 700, Cutting Table, EASYLINE.

FRITSCH is excited to announce the new sales manager for the French market, Eric Tellier. With 14 years in the industry, Eric brings plenty of expertise and innovation to the position. 

“I will bring my knowledge of the French market, my network, and my personality to develop sales and increase the FRITSCH brand image,” Tellier said.  “France is the home country of the baguette and croissant, and FRITSCH offers solutions to industrialize production without deteriorating the bakers’ know-how.”

His responsibility is to work on a coherent and ambitious strategy. Thus, his main motivation is to develop the Fritsch’s brand image in France and to offer new solutions to artisan bakers, medium sized bakeries and food industry producer.

He is looking forward to his new position and focuses on prioritizing the needs of the independent artisan bakers.

“Bakery chains have considerably changed the French market,” he said. “Their number is growing fast and independent artisan bakers have no choice but to optimize their merchandising, innovate constantly, and aim for the best quality possible. FRITSCH has solutions to accompany all actors of the French market to ensure success.”

Our wood-fired ovens FlammAroma have been installed by COOP in Switzerland and ensure the required baked product Quality and a new Business area for the bakery.

See the whole article from baking+biscuit (f2m Food multimedia) here:

25.-28. May 2017
Versailles, France

FRITSCH has been sponsoring the AIBI Congress (International Association of Plant Bakers) for many years. This year, the 35th congress took place in Versailles/France under the motto "Bread and bake-off: Anticipation of consumer's[S1] expectations". The promoters were delighted with the record numbers of participants and sponsors. Thanks to the top-quality lecture programme, which included renowned industry experts such as Aline Clavellina - Vice President of Grupo Bimbo - and an entertaining and interesting framework programme, the more than 200 participants from 19 countries spent 4 entertaining and rewarding days in Versailles.

 Joseph Street (UK) has been elected the new AIBI president for the next 2 years. We congratulate him on his appointment and will be pleased to support him in our capacity as sponsor in arranging the AIBI Congress 2019 in Manchester. [S1]Das ist zwar der Originaltext von der AIBI-Website, aber hier sollte "the consumer's" stehen. Das überlasse ich Ihnen, ob Sie es ändern wollen oder so lassen wollen.

INTERPACK, an internationally renowned trade fair for the packaging and confectionery industries, took place from 4 to 10 May in Düsseldorf this year and achieved record attendance with approximately 2,865 registered exhibitors. There was also an unprecedented number of visitors: 170,500 prospective customers visited the exhibition halls. 74% of the visitors were from other countries.

The increasingly international face of INTERPACK was also reflected in the visitors to the FRITSCH stand. 96% of the conversations were with foreign customers.

In addition to interesting and constructive talks with established customers, FRITSCH also had the opportunity to talk to large numbers of prospective new customers. Investors in particular who were looking for complete solutions showed great interest in FRITSCH's portfolio.

Focusing on the interests of the INTERPACK visitors, FRITSCH presented itself this year under the motto "From the FRITSCH line to the tailor-made turnkey project" on an approximately 150-square-metre stand as an international company offering complete solutions to its customers, along with specialised machine manufacturing and support from their initial enquiry to the production of perfect products.

The MULTITWIST- the all-rounder for all strand-based products - was presented at the FRITSCH trade fair stand. It is not only suitable for the production of classic twisted products such as pretzels, rings, knots and plaited products but also for the production of sweet pretzels, doughnuts, yeast dough butter rounds and long-life pretzels.

Moreover, an already realised turnkey installation was presented using a 3D model. All in all, the trade fair presentation was very successful for FRITSCH and generated excellent feedback from the stand visitors.

Visit FRITSCH at INTERPACK in Düsseldorf in hall 3, stand 3E28 and let us impress you with our high-quality bakery machines and lines. Experienced sales managers and dough technologists will be pleased to advise you on the latest technologies of the FRITSCH Group.

At INTERPACK we will show the FRITSCH MULTITWIST - the all-rounder for all products made from a dough strand. Due to its continuously developed range of tool sets and innovative extensions, the FRITSCH MULTITWIST shows time and again how highest performance and product variety can be perfectly combined within one line. The MULTITWIST is also ideal for the production of sweet pretzels, rings and knots made of yeast or donut dough. Thanks to this versatility, the sky is the limit when it comes to the development of new products.

You will be able to see for yourself at INTERPACK just how skilled we are at worldwide planning and realization of turn-key projects. With more than 25 years of experience within the sector of turn-key solutions, FRITSCH Bakery Systems is the right partner to give you an extensive overview of the capacities and possibilities within the scope of the implementation of big projects.

Moreover, visitors will naturally be able to gain in-depth information about FRITSCH's complete range of machinery, from artisan machines to semi-automatic machines for medium-sized companies and industrial high-capacity machines.

We look forward to welcoming you to our stand.

Uwe Benz has been the director of the FRITSCH Technology Centre since January 2017, and supplements its team of approximately 20 expert consultants consisting of experienced master bakers, food and dough technologists.

The 49-year-old master baker and food technologist has been working in the baking industry for many years. He initially built up his comprehensive knowledge of the market and the technology at a renowned manufacturer of baking ingredients before moving on to work as a technology director at an international baking technology manufacturer. Before he joined FRITSCH, Mr Benz was a consultant for industrial producers of bakery products worldwide.

Mr Benz is tasked with helping FRITSCH to further expand its technology sector so it has the capacity to offer firstclass advice and support to its customers throughout the whole process. FRITSCH - for decades, this name has been synonymous in the world of baking technology with high-quality, efficient lines and pioneering innovation within the sector of dough sheeting and processing. FRITSCH offers its customers the opportunity to comprehensively test all the parameters, methods and processes for the production of a wide variety of bakery products, and to get to know all the FRITSCH machines in practice in its 4,600 square metre Technology Centre, which was recently enlarged in September 2016.

The new Croissant coiling unit CSV compact ideally is deployed following a FRITSCH CTR or a MULTICUT and is especially customised to fulfill the needs of craft and medium sized bakeries. The user is in the position to produce filled and unfilled products with only one coiling system. Thus lengthy component changes and possible space problems do no longer occur. Due to the compact design the unit is very space-saving.

The CSV compact holds the products from below with a vacuum and therefore works very accurately, so that a precise coiling process and thereby a perfect coiling result is guaranteed at any time. Moreover this procedure is extremely gentle to the dough and flexible to use for various product forms. The changeable coiling cassettes give a high flexibility for different products.

GastroPan Arad, Romania

28. - 30. March 2019

Modern Bakery Moscow, Russia

12. - 15. March 2019

Hall: Pav. Forum Stand: FB50

Mobac Tokyo, Japan

20. - 23. February 2019

HOGA, Nuremberg, Germany

13. - 15. January 2019


FOOD & DRINKS, Chisinau

10. - 13. May 2018



09. - 12. May 2018

Hall W3 / Booth A12


19. - 22. April 2018

Hall 1, booth B 11


18. - 19. April 2018

booth: 41n

IBATECH, Istanbul

12. - 15. April 2018

German Pavillion


09. - 12. April 2018

German Pavillion


12. - 15. March 2018

Pavillion Forum / FB 50


27. February - 02. March 2018


03. - 06. February 2018

Hall 6 / Booth D66

Südback 2017

23 - 26 September 2017
Stuttgart, Germany

Product variety with FRITSCH lines --> even better than before

FRITSCH machines are synonymous with high-quality, cost-effectiveness and stability; however, they stand out primarily due to their flexibility in production. This is because FRITSCH's lines offer customers almost unlimited possibilities to process different types of dough and to produce a huge variety of individual products in many different shapes and sizes.

See for yourself at SÜDBACK in Stuttgart from 23 to 26 September 2017. Customers from all over the world can get information and comprehensive advice at the FRITSCH stand about the high-quality lines and services of the family-owned company at one of the most important German trade fairs for the bakery and confectionery trade.

Visitors can experience first-hand how the machines work by watching the versatile product demonstrations on the ROLLFIX 700, EASYLINE and MULTICUT and then tasting the results on the spot.

 FRITSCH will also be showing the classic for the artisan baker: the ROLLFIX 300 combined with the FT 250 cutting table. The MULTICUT is a multifunctional line for pastries, croissants and bread/bread rolls with a unique punching and turning process in one single working step. This punching and turning unit is only available at FRITSCH. It ensures perfectly uniform and aligned products.

The MULTICUT control panel has been equipped with state-of-the-art technology to guarantee a forward-looking solution. A bigger display with higher resolution offers improved handling due to its revised interactive surface. A remote assistance router guarantees easy servicing. This direct access makes it easier to detect possible errors and solve them more quickly. The new safety Bus system also sends information to the control. The MULTICUT is the first machine in the FRITSCH standard range to contain this new technology, and provides comprehensive error analysis.

The EASYLINE offers the ultimate in flexibility for bakers who produce pastries in the smallest of premises. The ROLLFIX 300 and 700 are the perfect choice for the artisan production of a dough sheet, and the FT250 cutting table allows the efficient production of a variety of pastry products in best artisan quality.

You may be surprised by the completely new trade fair stand at SÜDBACK 2017, where the FRITSCH team will greet you with their usual hospitality. Look forward to 360 square metres devoted entirely to FRITSCH with a new concept and an innovative design.

Gulfood 2017

31 October - 02 November 2017
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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