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FRITSCH Smart Services

FRITSCH Smart Services - Digital solutions for maximum productivity, simple operation, and direct support for your FRITSCH machines and line components.

FRITSCH Smart Services can do this for you

Availability and efficiency 

Thanks to its groundbreaking digital solutions, FRITSCH offers a wide range of tools for increasing machine availability, performance, quality, and efficiency. In addition, transparent processes and real-time data contribute to the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of machines and lines.

Networked and convenient

With FRITSCH's digital products and services, we offer you innovative solutions for monitoring, controlling, and optimizing production. Available across all locations from anywhere in the world. Straightforward setup via the control cabinet, immediate use to go live for new equipment, and retrofitting to existing machines.

Easy to set up and constantly evolving

The use of FRITSCH Smart Services does not require a significant start-up investment. The well-established standard range of digital solutions is constantly improved and developed further - central to the customer's needs.

Smart Services

Your benefits

The aim of the Smart Services is to achieve maximum transparency in production and the respective status of the machine by collecting data and making recommendations for action in advance, before a component has the chance to fail.

  • Reduction up to the avoidance of breakdowns
  • Increasing effectiveness of an entire line by permanent optimisation (downtime)
  • Transparent processes at every stage by providing live data

  • Supporting operational efficiency via data comparison (e.g. shift comparison)
  • Services can be provided in a more targeted way

Smart Production Insights

This Smart Service gives production and shift managers real-time insights into the most important performance data of the line via a clear dashboard. Even downtimes caused by minor malfunctions are clearly recorded, so that measures to prevent them can be initiated quickly and easily. By continuously collecting data and visualising key performance indicators in real time, significant improvements in overall line efficiency can be achieved.

  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness
  • System status over the last 24 hours
  • Production overview (target vs. actual)
  • Shift Comparison
  • Warnings and maintenance


The Watchdog monitors all of the drives on the entire line by measuring and continuously analysing the motor current and temperature of each drive. Instead, as soon as the value calculated by algorithms reaches a specified deviation from the defined target value, a warning is sent to a defined group of people, who can react accordingly before the drive unit becomes damaged or even destroyed. So unplanned downtimes can be avoided with predictive maintenance. For example, spare parts that customers usually do not keep in stock can then be ordered in good time and built in during scheduled maintenance and repair jobs. 


  1. Measuring and analysing data from all drives of the line
  2. Identification of components that are potentially at risk of failure
  3. Information to defined person(s) by email that limit value is exceeded


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We can't wait to develop a solution that works best for you. Contact us and together we'll find your best solution. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Your product

The bakery world is versatile and encompasses an almost endless number of products. The FRITSCH technology makes it possible to produce every bakery product that is produced on a dough sheet basis. And, with very few exceptions, this entails almost every bakery product in the world.

Added value

As part of the MULTIVAC Group, FRITSCH operates within a strong network. The global presence guarantees that we are close to our customers.

Our company

FRITSCH has been one of the leading manufacturers of bakery machines for almost 100 years. The company is located in Markt Einersheim, Franconia.