What do croissants, bread rolls, pretzels and Danish pastries have in common? They are all most likely produced on a FRITSCH line! Solutions for high-quality baked goods - this is what FRITSCH Bakery Technologies GmbH & Co. KG is known for, for almost 100 years. As a manufacturer of bakery equipment for artisanal craftsmanship and industrial process reliability, our focus is always on the end product. It is FRITSCH’s philosophy that our machines adapt to the dough – and not the dough to the machine. It is our mission to produce the highest quality products as a result of our work.


We are always around the corner.

FRITSCH is a part of the MULTIVAC Group and utilises a global network of over 80 subsidiaries to guarantee proximity to all customers worldwide. MULTIVAC is one of the global leading providers of packaging and processing machines for food products of all types, life science and healthcare products. All FRITSCH customers can also utilise MULTIVAC's Technical Help Desk to quickly diagnose and rectify a fault.


The right solution for the most diverse requirements

Experience our passion for dough


With the dough sheet technology from FRITSCH you can produce almost all the bakery products in the world.

From rustic bread specialities to precisely wrapped croissants to automatically wrapped pretzels, FRITSCH offers comprehensive solutions in a wide range of performance classes. Crafted bakeries benefit from the industrial wealth of experience that flows into the compact and flexible systems. At the same time, FRITSCH integrates its in-depth technological knowledge and technical understanding into the development of fully automatic, highly efficient solutions. These fulfil almost every wish of industrial producers. Of course, new products and recipes are also developed together with the customer in the FRITSCH Bakery World - for bakery products with which craft bakers and industrial customers will continue to inspire their markets in the future.

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