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A strong group

As part of the MULTIVAC Group, FRITSCH operates within a strong network. The global presence guarantees that we are close to our customers.

As part of the MULTIVAC Group, FRITSCH operates within a strong network. This gives our customers numerous advantages. Our global presence guarantees that we are close to our customers. Through the connection and constant exchange between the companies, our pool of technologists, engineers and inventors has also grown significantly, offering our customers added value in the form of many new solutions, product ideas and cross-industry knowledge.

m means more

The close connection between FRITSCH and the MULTIVAC Group can be seen in our logo already. MULTIVAC and FRITSCH a strong union that offers our customers worldwide one thing above all: added value.

m means more … customer proximity

Over 80 subsidiaries of the MULTIVAC Group worldwide mean: FRITSCH is always close to you on every continent. With around 1,300 MULTIVAC consultants and service technicians, we are there for our customers worldwide. Our customers benefit from a fast and uncomplicated solution in all matters, without any language barriers or time differences.

m means more … solutions

Together with MULTIVAC, we offer our customers a wide range of different solutions - far beyond dough processing. MULTIVAC packaging technology is the ideal addition to the range of equipment for bakeries, when it comes to packing bakery products in such a way that their flavour, appearance and freshness are retained for a long time. These are complemented by labelling systems for marking the products. In addition to this, automation solutions with the appropriate robot technology from the MULTIVAC Group are also used on or after the FRITSCH lines.

m means more … innovation

Solutions that work with MULTIVAC machines can also be transferred to FRITSCH lines and vice versa. We utilise the knowledge and experience from different industries and develop new solutions together in a targeted manner. Such as our Smart Services, for example, to avoid unplanned machine downtime in the future. We also use the expertise of our experts within the Group for specific applications, such as the weighing system for the new PROGRESSA bread. In this way, we guarantee perfectly working solutions without compromises - and everything from a single source.

m means more … product ideas

Identifying trends before they arrive. Thanks to our global presence, we have our finger on the pulse of the times. Together with the experience of our dough technologists and our own product developments, we are always able to provide our customers with new product ideas.

The MULTIVAC group

SINCE 1961


MULTIVAC is a solution provider and technology partner. We support customers around the world with our comprehensive range of products and services. From smaller-scale, artisan producers to large global corporations. In virtually all sectors of activity. From food to medical and pharmaceutical products and all the way through to consumer and industrial goods of all types.

The very diverse range of products offered by the globally-operating MULTIVAC Group encompasses an extensive range of packaging technologies, handling and automation solutions, labelling and marking equipment, inspection systems and quality control systems, as well as, of course, packaging materials. Our vast product portfolio is ideally complemented by needs-based solutions, which meet the widest range of processing and packaging requirements - from slicing and portioning all the way through to bakery technology. 



For decades the FRITSCH name has stood for groundbreaking innovation in dough forming and processing as well as for top-quality, high-performance equipment in the world of bakery technology. Premium bakery products are produced with FRITSCH machines throughout the world.

Our passion for dough and technology is what drives FRITSCH - as reflected in our motto "Passion for Dough". The company, founded in 1926, offers its many customers exactly the right solution for a wide range of products in all output categories - from manual sheeting machines to highly efficient industrial-scale equipment.



TVI has always stood for innovations in meat processing and portioning. Since the company was founded in 2004, customers from around the world have been portioning with high-tech equipment from TVI. The product range extends from tempering of the raw product right through to the transfer of finished portions to the packaging machine.

The high-tech systems from TVI are the perfect complement to MULTIVAC's packaging machines. The intelligent linking of the various units can be digitally networked to meet Industry 4.0 requirements - controlled via one central operating unit. This enables customers to achieve a high level of efficiency and process reliability. With all line components perfectly coordinated with each other.


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The bakery world is versatile and encompasses an almost endless number of products. The FRITSCH technology makes it possible to produce every bakery product that is produced on a dough sheet basis. And, with very few exceptions, this entails almost every bakery product in the world.

Our company

FRITSCH has been one of the leading manufacturers of bakery machines for almost 100 years. The company is located in Markt Einersheim, Franconia.

World of Bakery

Would you like to develop a new product or convince yourself of the performance and flexibility of FRITSCH machines? Then arrange a visit to our ‘World of Bakery’ technology centre. Our dough technologists will provide you with comprehensive advice.