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Our World of experience for bakers

There are at least two things that baked goods everywhere in the world have in common. One is the raw materials that the dough-based delicacies are made from, and the other is the bakers, who love their craft with such a strong passion. 

At our FRITSCH World of Bakery (WoB), that is exactly the starting point from which we start the journey with our customers. Together, we combine enthusiasm for the handcraft of baking with the origins of the doughs, until the final product is perfect. 

This was also the idea behind renaming the FRITSCH Technology Centre to the World of Bakery. The new name reflects the baking “theme park” we have set up at the WoB to represent the entire value chain of a bakery from A to Z. From the ROLLFIX to the industrial production lines assembled from the FRITSCH IMPRESSA range, visitors get to experience the entire programme of lines and machines that FRITSCH has to offer. This is rounded off by professional bakery equipment for use in every size of business.

Under optimal real-world conditions, we unite new product trends with the technical feasibility of our lines, develop new products and convert ideas into tasty baked goods that indulge all senses. The mission of the World of Bakery is to provide its visitors with professional and creative assistance in product development and process optimisation. Hand in hand, our customers and the FRITSCH specialists develop the best possible production processes that lead to ideal product results.

Our dough technologists are always by your side. All of them are qualified master bakers or food technologists who have deepened their knowledge through vocational training or academic study. But the best education is their many years of practical experience, their daily contact with national and international products and their contact with customers from all over the world. The team at the World of Bakery is led by Michael Gier. The master baker and food technologist has been with FRITSCH since 2006, and is known among many customers as a valuable advisor.

What also makes the World of Bakery special is that it is a place where different fields of specialisation come together. Dough technologists, research and development teams, the FRITSCH Academy and the FRITSCH marketing department are all represented here. This makes it a strong driver of inter- and multidisciplinary cooperation. In the World of Bakery, customers experience new, attractive and profitable solutions for their product portfolio every day. 

#SaveOurBakers - a campaign that gives artisanal bakers a voice  

FRITSCH values its bakers worldwide as a source of inspiration, but also much more than that. They are the most important partners in the area of technological development. The coronavirus pandemic continues to influence our daily lives. Small and medium-sized bakeries are among those going through a challenging situation. In March, FRITSCH launched the social media campaign #SaveOurBakers, an initiative that focuses attention on the personal experiences of bakers.  

Under #SaveOurBakers, we share the stories of our bakers worldwide and keep up a report on the ingenuity and commitment that they are showing in the action they are taking and new business models they are introducing to tackle the challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic. In addition to complying with the new regulations, they have brought out many highly creative solutions in a very short time: amazing things like pop-up bakeries, bread mobiles, special delivery services or the opening of online shops and pick-up stations. Many bakers are also supporting local producers and aid organisations through their ingredient orders and donations. At FRITSCH, we are very proud of the dignity and the many original ideas our bakers are showing in overcoming the difficult situation. Sharing these stories fills us with great joy.  More than 50,000 impressions have been made on social media channels so far. Customers from Germany, USA, Bosnia Herzegovina and Australia have taken part in the campaign.

Young Classics - the new division of FRITSCH

Young Classics? - Isn’t that a term used for cars? Is FRITSCH branching out into a new industry? You can be forgiven for asking these questions. Young and old, classics radiate that feeling of nostalgia. But the fact is, cars are not the only unforgettable classics out there – we have them in the baking industry, too. After all, FRITSCH’s heart beats stronger for bakery machines than for automobiles.

What does FRITSCH mean by Young Classics?

Young Classics refers to used machines from the FRITSCH portfolio that are returned by bakeries when they make new acquisitions or discontinue this line of business. Demonstration machines from trade fairs or from the World of Bakery also qualify as Young Classics.

What happens to used machines when they are returned?

We have three service tiers for the used machines we repurchase:


  1. Machines that are less than 10 years old undergo a general overhaul to prepare them for resale. This involves inspection, necessary repairs, replacement of wearing parts and a safety test in accordance with European standards. Then, they are once again ready for use in another bakery, anywhere in the world.

  2. Machines that are more than 10 years old and have spare parts that are hard to come by but are overall still in working order also undergo a general overhaul but with an additional retrofit. This means that discontinued components are replaced by new, currently available parts. After this, they are once again ready for another long term of service.

  3. Only those machines whose parts are too difficult to replace due to their age, or have malfunctions that do not appear to be reparable, are recycled.

Bakers can purchase the reconditioned FRITSCH machines at attractive prices.

Where can I find out which used FRITSCH machines are on the market?

As for all other sales and services, the individual MULTIVAC branches handle the returns and sales of used machines, making them the right place to go.

The 1,000 square-metre Young Classic hall located in Kitzingen mainly presents classics from the A and B segments. There, the experienced workshop manager Dominik Segritz checks and repairs them before refreshing them with a fine tuning. The division is managed by Stefan Schmitt, who is proud of his Young Classics and is available as a contact person for MULTIVAC subsidiaries:


Cleverly networked through knowledge transfer

We are never done with learning. In this spirit, the FRITSCH Academy was launched on 1 July 2020. The FRITSCH Academy provides training both in the classroom and online for employees and customers.

FRITSCH has been part of the MULTIVAC Group for one year now. With over 80 subsidiaries, our customers always have a contact person right in their area. Our aim is to offer fast and competent service from professionally trained employees. To ensure this, we continuously hold modular training courses at all of our subsidiaries.

A systematic training programme constantly drives growth in knowledge and experience, thus ensuring a uniform standard within the network worldwide. This allows customer concerns to be answered with a comprehensive, solution-oriented response.

The training concept is geared to three target groups. In application-specific courses, MULTIVAC service technicians receive simulated enquiries from first and second level support. In sales training courses, the trainers focus on content relating to the FRITSCH portfolio, the market and the competition. The customer training programme focuses primarily on the technical handling of the machines and systems, such as operation, maintenance and cleaning.

Training courses can be held effectively in any location: as onsite training at our customers’ premises, at the FRITSCH World of Bakery, or online. The FRITSCH Academy hosts live events for interactively teaching the course content as well as for answering customers’ specific enquiries.

The FRITSCH Academy is directed by Stefan Schmitt. He has been with the company for over 30 years. Due to his longstanding experience in assembly, commissioning and customer service, he has deep knowledge of the FRITSCH portfolio and the industry as a whole. He is supported by Elke Döpfner, who draws from the wealth of experience she has gained from her sales activities in the Germany/Austria/Switzerland region.

If you have any questions about the FRITSCH Academy or the training courses offered, please feel free to contact us by e-mail -

#saveourbakers – An initiative to support local bakers

We are on an important mission. Bakers all around the world are our daily source of inspiration to further develop our bakery machines and lines. They are our trendsetters. They are our superheroes.

If there is one thing that we’ve all learned from several movies starring superheroes, it is that in times of crisis they are also sometimes struggling. The Corona crisis is currently determining our entire lives and is also putting our superheroes in a critical situation.

It is our mission to support our bakers during this tough time. Because our heroes don‘t give up. They are creating new campaigns in the shortest possible time and expanding their business models to still be there for their customers. The focus is clearly on the health safety of their employees and customers. In addition to the legal regulations, they have implemented a variety of measures, such as contactless and cashless payment, delivery services, online shops and pick-up stations and much more.

During the upcoming weeks, we will use our platform to share their stories with the world on behalf of our campaign #saveourbakers. Besides all the local and regional producers, bakers also deserve the sustainable support of their customers and partners. That is where we want to help with our network.

Do you want to be a part of our mission?
Please send us your story that you want to share with the world including pictures or videos via our social media accounts or via Or show your support by using the #saveourbakers whilst sharing your story.

Sales and service structure

The integration of FRITSCH into the MULTIVAC Group opens up great potential for FRITSCH customers. The associated connection to MULTIVAC’s sales and service network enables, among other things, close cooperation in the areas of sales and customer service. With the MULTIVAC Group’s 87 subsidiaries, the company is represented on all continents. Way more than 1,000 consultants and service technicians around the world place their know-how and experience at the service of the customer. This brings FRITSCH even closer to the customer and into a position to respond more quickly and flexibly to inquiries.

The employees of the respective MULTIVAC branches are now available as contact partners for FRITSCH customers. They are the first point of contact that our customers can approach for all matters. A systematic training program constantly drives growth in knowledge and experience so that customer concerns can be answered with a fast, solution-oriented response. The subsidiaries work closely together with FRITSCH employees. FRITSCH supports them with its experience and expertise. Our common goal is the highest standard of quality, supported by excellent advice and comprehensive service.

FRITSCH customers benefit not only from the large number of sales employees and service technicians available for flexible on-site deployment, but also from their quick response time and fast support. Eliminating language barriers or major time differences, MULTIVAC employees strive to find target-oriented solutions for the wishes and needs of the individual customer.

Das gesamte Team der letzten SchulungTourieren auf der ROLLFIXSchulung an der MULTICUTKennenlernen der Besonderheiten von der EASYLINE

5-day service and technical training for MULTIVAC service technicians

“One of our first courses of action is to focus on expanding our sales and distribution network. We are doing this by distributing FRITSCH products through MULTIVAC’s 87 subsidiaries. Customer proximity and real-time support for customer concerns will always be very important to MULTIVAC, so our future FRITSCH customers will also benefit from this,” explains Andreas Eyd, a Managing Director of FRITSCH.

This change has been driven forward in a highly focused manner since MULTIVAC acquired FRITSCH. A systematic and detailed training program has been developed for MULTIVAC Sales and Customer Service, which began last year in November
The training program includes intensive product and service training for MULTIVAC employees working worldwide, and is structured in multiple stages.

The second comprehensive service technician training was held in January 2020. Currently, the courses concentrate on the machine portfolio for handcraft and mid-sized businesses. During a one-week training course, service technicians from the MULTIVAC subsidiaries worldwide will acquire knowledge and skills about:

- The FRITSCH portfolio – an overview of the A and B programs
- The purpose and function of the machines and their components
- Fundamentals of technical documentation, e.g. identification of spare parts and reading of schematic diagrams
- Identification and rectification of errors, working from technical documentation
- Operation and handling of the machines
- The touchscreen – its menu structure and handling

Working in small groups, service requests from first-level support are simulated on the machines. The service technicians carry out problem analyses directly on the machines and rectify faults.
True to the FRITSCH philosophy “Passion for Dough”, working with the dough plays a major role. The participants get hands on when it comes to folding dough (booking), for example, or when setting up the tools on the machine. The goal is to instill passion for the baking trade in each participant, and familiarize them with the diversity of the FRITSCH portfolio.

“It is an exciting experience to get to know the FRITSCH machines and lines in such an intensive way. Especially experiencing first-hand how dough is processed on the machine and how the interaction between machine and dough works. My desire to learn even more about dough has definitely grown. I think such knowledge is important in order to provide the best possible solutions for customer inquiries,” says Radoslav Rapčan, a service technician from MULTIVAC Slovakia.

With this systematically structured training program, service technicians are being optimally prepared for field work for FRITSCH customers so that they can operate the machines, order and change spare parts, and carry out maintenance, inspections, and repairs directly onsite. FRITSCH service technicians will continue to provide back-end support.

Transitioning from MULTIVAC to FRITSCH machines requires a change in tactics, as Jan Schleelein, FRITSCH customer service technician for electrical engineering, points out: “Foil is a very resilient material compared to dough. For the FRITSCH machines, the technicians must become acquainted with optimizing the settings specifically for gentleness on the dough and precision of the processing.”

In addition to the mechanical, electrical, and dough technology training content, the service technicians get to know the FRITSCH Service Team and their contact partners. Currently, more than 1,000 service technicians are working for MULTIVAC and FRITSCH worldwide.

“We, the trainers of the FRITSCH Training Team, are impressed with the keen interest shown by the participants. The service technicians are already highly technically qualified, and that makes the trainings an incredible success. We are very much looking forward to the next trainings. They book out in a matter of days. The next service technician training is in April,” says Stefan Schmitt, FRITSCH Head of Customer Service Sales.

Unser Messestand auf der EUROPAIN 2020

#Packaging meets #Baking at Europain 2020 in Paris

In 2019, we had our first successful trade fairs together with the MULTIVAC Group at IBIE in Las Vegas, südback in Stuttgart, and Gulfood in Dubai. We were able to continue our wave of success at this year’s Europain show, which took place from January 11 to 14. The show unites its multitude of visitors with the French baking culture. Interested visitors were able to experience FRITSCH and MULTIVAC at a 45 square-meter stand. The visitors all shared an enthusiasm for baked goods, baking techniques, and trends. The modern design of the stand boosted the cordial atmosphere by remaining true to the familiar FRITSCH concept:

“Given our passion for dough, everything we do revolves around perfect baked goods. That is why we teach our technology to handcraft.”

The highlight of the stand was the classic dough sheeting machine: the ROLLFIX 700, a powerful machine that never fails to impress with its functionality. It is the ideal solution for the gentle production of delicate puff pastries such as French apple turnovers.

We look forward to yet another special experience with MULTIVAC France from March 10 to 12. On these three exhibition days, we will once again be informing visitors to the CFIA in Rennes, France, about our range of machines and providing competent advice. You are welcome to visit us in Hall 6, Stand A41.

At MULTIVAC France, daily business now focuses not only on packaging but also on baked goods. It makes us especially proud that they are one of the first MULTIVAC subsidiaries to display FRITSCH machines in their showroom “Espace InovPack”. As a true technological showcase of MULTIVAC expertise, InovPack is above all a place for users of MULTIVAC and FRITSCH machines to meet and exchange ideas. InovPack has an operative showroom, a center for testing under real conditions, an application kitchen, and a complete documentation center. InovPack is accredited for providing continuing professional training, and the training center is open to employees for internal and inter-company meetings. The first FRITSCH machine at InovPack is the ROLLFIX 700 dough sheeter that was exhibited at Europain. Take the opportunity to visit MULTIVAC France to learn more about the functionality and handling of the ROLLFIX.
If you want to experience FRITSCH machines live and  to convince yourself of the ROLLFIX’s rolling quality first-hand, you’re more than welcome to visit us at our FRITSCH Technology Center in Kitzingen, Germany. The FRITSCH Technology Center offers a fully-equipped, 4,600 m² baking center to our customers.

ROLLFIX 300: Die manuelle Teigausrollmaschine mit Fußschaltung || ROLLFIX 300: The manual dough sheeter with pedal controlSchneidetische FT 250/ 350: Die Schneidemaschinen für alle Teigarten || Cutting Tables FT 250/ 350: Cutting machines for all types of doug

FRITSCH has been training the trade for over 20 years

The Handwerkskammer Niederbayern-Oberpfalz (Chamber of Crafts for Lower Bavaria/Upper Palatinate) has been using FRITSCH machines to train masters and apprentices in the bakery and confectionery trade for over 20 years. More than 230 students are trained at the Chamber of Crafts in Straubing every year.

The craft represents the highest standards in quality, training and innovation.

Students use the ROLLFIX 300 manual dough sheeter to take control of the dough rolling process themselves. The practical foot control mechanism allows one hand to be kept free at all times. The robust stainless steel design of the machine ensures a long service life. The dough sheeter is supplemented by the FRITSCH cutting table. This ensures a precise cut for all dough types while simultaneously minimizing scrap dough. The consistent and precise dimensions of the cut dough pieces result in efficient production, constant baking times and reduced waste.

Why FRITSCH machines are particularly suited for training is explained by instructor Eckbert Huber: "FRITSCH is a traditional company and the name has always stood for solid and technically advanced baking machines. We use FRITSCH machines to teach our students traditional working methods and the steps required to produce croissant dough, brioche dough and puff pastries. We use the FRITSCH cutting table, for example, to demonstrate how to produce doughs and pastries in an efficient and cost-effective manner."

(v.l.n.r.) Geschäftsführung: Frank Gabriel und Andreas Eyd || (f.l.t.r.) Managing Directors: Frank Gabriel & Andreas Eyd

Andreas Eyd & Frank Gabriel share a fascination for the bakery trade

 "Welcome to the world of bakery products" is now also the motto for our managing directors Andreas Eyd and Frank Gabriel. From the very beginning, both were impressed by the pastries and bread specialties that are produced with our machines and equipment, as well as the technical and technological know-how of our employees when it comes to dough. "I am fascinated by what FRITSCH systems make possible and the delicious and high-quality bakery products we are able to hold at the end of the process", states Eyd enthusiastically.

With many years of experience in business and corporate management, MULTIVAC sees Eyd and Gabriel as the right people for the restructuring process and further development of FRITSCH. Mr. Eyd has been entrusted with the management of sales for FRITSCH, while Mr. Gabriel is responsible for its technical leadership.

Since 2017, Mr. Eyd has occupied the position of Vice President of Sales & Operations for MULTIVAC subsidiaries in Central Europe, Africa and the Middle East, as well as in Australia and New Zealand. Mr. Gabriel has been at MULTIVAC since 2011 and, after managing MULTIVAC's international production facilities, he took over the role of CEO of the company's production plant in Spain.

Prior to MULTIVAC, Mr. Eyd worked as a managing director for companies in the Lake Constance region and in Upper Swabia. These companies were also in restructuring processes. He was tasked with developing and implementing new strategies to ensure positive business growth. A special milestone in Gabriel's career was his position as Head of International Production Sites for MULTIVAC. During this period he significantly expanded his wealth of knowledge in terms of change management. "We can only tackle a process of change by working together. Above all, this position taught me how to get employees on board, how to build a team over a distance and how to explain the added value that these changes have for them personally", explains Gabriel.


"Thanks to the high quality of its machines, FRITSCH enjoys an excellent reputation throughout the industry, meaning that there is still a great potential for growth in the future", states Eyd. Eyd and Gabriel actively want to promote the optimization of the internal infrastructure and process structure. This includes the engineering, procurement and production sectors. Likewise, the focus is also on accelerating the order processing cycle and integrating with MULTIVAC's subsidiaries. "One of our first steps is focused on expanding the sales and service network. We achieve this by marrying up FRITSCH with MULTIVAC's 87 subsidiaries. The close proximity to customers and the ability to provide timely support for customer concerns have always been very important to MULTIVAC; FRITSCH customers will now also be able to benefit from this as well", states Eyd. 

Together with MULTIVAC, Andreas Eyd and Frank Gabriel firmly believe in the internal competence, the portfolio and the brand name of FRITSCH. "Although the end products produced by MULTIVAC and FRITSCH are completely different, there are numerous parallels in terms of technology from which we can benefit in the long term", comments Gabriel. 

"Our daily bread" will continue to be the development of innovative and technical solutions that enable craft and industrial bakers to produce their premium bakery products. Furthermore, we remain true to our philosophy in that the machines adapt to the dough and not vice versa.

ROLLFIX 700: Die leistungsstarke Teigausrollmaschine || ROLLFIX 700: The high-performance dough sheeterStanz-Dreh-Einheit: Stanzen und Drehen in einem Arbeitsschritt || Cutting & Turning Unit: Cutting & Turning in one stepWickelsysteme: Spezialisierte Wickelsysteme für unterschiedliche Anforderungen || Coiling Systems: Specialised coiling units for different requirements

Craftsmanship in its most beautiful form

FRITSCH will be exhibiting at the südback trade fair in Stuttgart between 21 and 24 September 2019.Come and visit us at stand B31 in hall 7 and experience the advantages offered by the various machines and systems for yourself. Our product demonstrations allow you to see the machines working up close and you can also sample what is produced. FRITSCH will be using the trade fair to showcase its classic ROLLFIX machines for craft bakers.

These machines will be present in a wide variety of designs - from the ROLLFIX 300 W manual dough sheeter, to the computer-controlled ROLLFIX 600 and the high-performance ROLLFIX 700 series. The various ROLLFIX models enable efficient production in the smallest of spaces, while guaranteeing fast and efficient working practices. The machines' greatest strength is their ability to gently roll out different types of dough in an even thickness. The FT250 cutting table, which is an ideal addition to the dough sheeters, will also be available on the stand for inspection. This ensures a precise cut for all dough types while simultaneously minimizing scrap dough. The consistent and precise dimensions of the cut dough pieces result in efficient production, constant baking times and reduced waste.


And the baking machine for maximum variety, namely the FRITSCH MULTICUT, will of course also be presented at the südback trade fair in Stuttgart. This system can be viewed during various live demonstrations. Thanks to its flexibility with regard to conversion, loading and throughput, as well as its coverage of a wide range of products, the MULTICUT model is currently unique on the market. The heart of the MULTICUT is the reliably working punching and turning unit, only manufactured by FRITSCH in this form. Punching and turning of the dough triangles is performed in one working step. This reduces the number of usual transfer points that stress the dough and make cleaning difficult. The result is precisely aligned and uniform products without compressing and stretching effects. For products that are only cut across, the servo-driven guillotine from FRITSCH is used. It even cuts taller products such as poppy seed snails and rolls in a safe and powerful manner.

The entire cutting system moves synchronously with the dough sheet - thus guaranteeing uniform, minimally stressed and uncompressed products, even at maximum output. The MULTICUT is easily operated via a 15-inch touch display. The intuitive control system ensures a smooth production process. A variety of specialized additional devices allows the MULTICUT to be optimally configured for individual production requirements and the desired product range. The various tools can be changed easily in a few simple steps without an assembly tool, which significantly speeds up the conversion process when changing products.


As a new member of a strong group of companies, we will also be providing our customers with a live demonstration of a compatible solution from MULTIVAC, namely its L 300 model. The conveyor belt labeler applies labels from above, below or over an edge and is an economical solution for standard labeling tasks. It is equipped with its own control system and is characterized by a small footprint. The L 300 can be subsequently used on a packaging machine or as a stand-alone unit.


To see all of this for yourself, come and visit us at the FRITSCH stand (B31 in hall 7) at the südback trade fair. We look forward to your visit!

ROLLFIX 700: Die leistungsstarke Teigausrollmaschine || ROLLFIX 700: The high-performance dough sheeter Stanz-Dreh-Einheit: Stanzen und Drehen in einem Arbeitsschritt || Cutting & Turning Unit: Cutting & Turning in one step

Experience our machines up close 

Immerse yourself in the world of bakery products and discover the latest trends between 8 and 11 September at the IBIE trade fair in Las Vegas.

Tried and tested treasures such as the classic ROLLFIX 600 and ROLLFIX 700 dough sheeters will be presented at the FRITSCH stand.

The computer-controlled ROLLFIX 600 stands for gentle and uniform dough sheeting, easy operation and easily reproducible results. The complete sheeting process with the reduction of the roller gap runs automatically and is always the same, which has a very positive effect on the uniformity of the dough and thus also on the quality of the products. In addition to the ROLLFIX 600, the ROLLFIX 700 also features the most powerful dough sheeter from FRITSCH on the stand. It is designed for the highest demands and manages also perfectly the sheeting of thin dough.

Even the bakery machine for maximum variety - the FRITSCH MULTICUT with the particularly gentle punching and turning process - will be presented at the IBIE in Las Vegas. The MULTICUT is currently unique in the market with its flexibility in terms of component change, dough feeding and throughput as well as coverage of a wide range of products. Whether rustic bread products, pastries or croissants, the MULTICUT makes all this possible on one line. The heart of the MULTICUT is the reliably working punching and turning unit, only manufactured by FRITSCH in this form. Punching and turning of the dough triangles is done in one working step. This reduces the number of usual transfer points which stress the dough and make cleaning difficult. The result is precisely aligned and uniform products without compressing and stretching effects. For products that are only cut across, the servo-driven guillotine from FRITSCH is used. It cuts safely and powerfully even high products such as poppy seed whirls. The entire cutting system moves synchronously with the dough sheet - thus guaranteeing uniform, minimally stressed and uncompressed products, even at maximum output. The MULTICUT is easily operated via a 15-inch touch display. The intuitive control ensures a smooth production process. A variety of specialized additional devices allows the MULTICUT to be optimally configured for individual production requirements and the desired product range. The various tools can be changed easily in a few simple steps without an assembly tool, which significantly speeds up the conversion process when changing products.


As part of the MULTIVAC Group, we will also be showing our customers packaging solutions at the fair in Las Vegas for the very first time. The R 126 from MULTIVAC provides visitors with first-hand experience of a pre-configured thermoforming packaging machine in a medium power range. The machine is supplemented by the L 300 conveyor belt labeler. This applies labels from above, below or over an edge and is an economical solution for standard labeling tasks. It is equipped with its own control system and is characterized by a small footprint. The L 300 can be subsequently used on a packaging machine or as a stand-alone unit.

You can convince yourself of all this at the IBIE at the FRITSCH booth no. 5480. We are looking forward to your visit!

Green light from the Federal Cartel Office: on 1 August 2019, FRITSCH launches under the umbrella of MULTIVAC

One month after the announcement that MULTIVAC will be overtaking the FRITSCH Group, the Federal Cartel Office completed its examination and gave its approval. As of 1 August 2019, the newly founded FRITSCH Bakery Technologies GmbH & Co. KG is officially under the umbrella of the MULTIVAC Group. Andreas Eyd and Frank Gabriel become Managing Directors. Both are from MULTIVAC and have longstanding management experience. “With the takeover, FRITSCH remains an independent company and, at the same time, becomes a part of a strong group of companies. That means FRITSCH will continue to operate in a spirit of partnership with its customers and suppliers, very close to the customer and with the accustomed reliability,” says MULTIVAC’s Vice President Sales & Operations Andreas Eyd who, since 2017, has been responsible for Central Europe, the Middle East, India, Africa, and Oceania. “The FRITSCH brand name is highly respected throughout the industry for its high quality machines and lines, and holds great potential for the future. We want to realize that potential with the right internal processes,” Eyd explains.

For its performance and successes in over 90 years, the name FRITSCH has stood worldwide for Excellence Made in Germany in the bakery technology industry. By creating new future-ready developments and custom solutions, FRITSCH offers everything that the artisanal and industrial baker needs to produce first-rate baked goods. FRITSCH was founded in 1926 and, over the decades, has developed into an innovative manufacturer in the dough sheeting and dough processing sector. For handcraft and industrial production, FRITSCH offers economical and technologically sophisticated solutions ranging from sheeting machines and individual components to complete lines in all segments. Despite this, FRITSCH ran into economic difficulties and had to file for insolvency in mid-April 2019.

Thanks to the takeover by MULTIVAC and current restructuring, the company is optimally set for the future. “As a specialist for dough processing lines, FRITSCH has outstanding engineering competence and makes use of this and its great technical and technological know-how for developing tailor-made custom solutions,” says Frank Gabriel, who has worked at MULTIVAC for eight years and became Managing Director of MULTIVAC Production in Spain in 2017. “We want to apply this knowledge in a targeted manner, and combine it with the worldwide sales and service network of MULTIVAC,” Gabriel emphasizes.

The sale and service of FRITSCH products will in future be handled by MULTIVAC’s 87 subsidiaries, who are present on all five continents. That is one of the most important changes in the restructuring of the company. FRITSCH will thus increase its customer proximity considerably with much faster response to service calls with technicians on-site. The subsidiaries are investing in expanding sales and service teams specialized in the bakery industry. This will enable them to offer customers end-to-end solutions for producing and packaging baked goods over the entire life cycle. “Together, MULTIVAC and FRITSCH can offer integrated solutions in this exciting industry and be extraordinarily successful in the future,” Gabriel is confident.

New products will continue to be developed and manufactured under the well-known name of FRITSCH in the original location of Markt Einersheim. At the FRITSCH Technology Center, the company offers its customers outstanding conditions for developing new recipes and testing new products and processes. There, the FRITSCH lines can be tested in almost any combination in a practically real-world setting. With the innovations developed there, FRITSCH Bakery Technologies GmbH & Co. KG aims to continue to play a leading role in the bakery industry into the future.

Wolfertschwenden, 02 July 2019 - MULTIVAC takes over the FRITSCH Group and further expands its range of solutions for the bakery industry.

FRITSCH is a leading manufacturer of bakery equipment with its headquarters in the town of Markt Einersheim in Lower Franconia. The product range consists of high-performance equipment and groundbreaking technology for dough forming and processing. FRITSCH offers the right solution for every size of company - from tabletop units to industrial-scale equipment. Premium bakery products are produced with FRITSCH machines throughout the world.

With the takeover of the FRITSCH Group, MULTIVAC is complementing its range of solutions, so that in future it will also be able to offer complete production lines from one source to the bakery industry as well. “The takeover of FRITSCH is another important step for MULTIVAC in expanding our range of integrated solutions for processing and packaging food products. Thanks to the processing solutions from FRITSCH, we will continue to extend our presence in the bakery industry, where we have already been able in recent years to implement some very challenging projects for automated packaging solutions,” explained Christian Traumann, Director and Group CFO of MULTIVAC.

FRITSCH was founded in 1926 and is currently under the ownership of the fourth generation of the Fritsch family. The company, which is based in Markt Einersheim, has developed over many decades into a very innovative manufacturer of bakery equipment. In 2018 FRITSCH generated a turnover of around 80 million euros and currently employs approx. 600 staff. In mid April of this year FRITSCH filed for insolvency. FRITSCH is represented by its own subsidiaries in Russia, Poland, Great Britain and the USA, and it also has a worldwide network of sales and service partners, who ensure that it remains close to its customers. As a result of the takeover, FRITSCH will become part of a strong Group, enabling it to continue its business operations for the benefit of its stakeholders and customers.

The integration of the company into the MULTIVAC Group will begin immediately. The manufacture and development of FRITSCH products will continue at its site in Markt Einersheim. FRITSCH also has a Technology Center there, in which customer trials are carried out and customized products and recipes are developed. The company's products will be sold via MULTIVAC's worldwide sales and service network. Investment will be made at MULTIVAC's subsidiaries in creating specialised sales teams for the bakery industry, so that in future it will be possible to offer customers integrated solutions for manufacturing and packaging bakery products.

In addition to the management in place, a MULTIVAC management team will be appointed to run the company, and this will direct and develop the FRITSCH Group as a stand-alone business. “We are very pleased at the successful takeover of the FRITSCH Group, and we are also convinced that our management will make an important contribution to the recovery of the company. FRITSCH is an industry leader in bakery equipment and has an excellent reputation in the market. Thanks primarily to the integration of FRITSCH products in MULTIVAC's line solutions, we see great synergy potential, which will make a major contribution to the healthy development of FRITSCH in future,” says Guido Spix, Director and Group CTO/COO of MULTIVAC.

Subject to approval under cartel legislation, the takeover of the FRITSCH Group will take effect on 01 August 2019.


MULTIVAC is one of the leading providers worldwide of packaging solutions for food products of all types, life science and healthcare products, as well as industrial items. The MULTIVAC portfolio covers virtually all requirements of processors and producers in terms of pack design, output and resource efficiency. It comprises a wide range of packaging technologies as well as automation solutions, labellers and quality control systems. The product range is rounded off with portioning and processing solutions upstream of the packaging process. Thanks to extensive expertise in packaging lines, all modules can be integrated into complete solutions. This means that MULTIVAC solutions guarantee a high level of operational and process reliability as well as efficiency. The MULTIVAC Group has approximately 5,900 employees worldwide, with some 2,200 based at its headquarters in Wolfertschwenden. With over 80 subsidiaries, the Group is represented on all continents. More than 1,000 sales advisors and service technicians throughout the world use their know-how and experience to the benefit of customers, and they ensure that all installed MULTIVAC machines are utilised to their maximum. Further information can be found at:

Bakery China 2019


The year already started with many exciting fairs. The focus was primarily on Asian countries, such as Mobac in Japan, Modern Bakery in Russia or Uz Food in Uszbekistan. In the Asian markets, the trend continues towards sweet pastries and bread products such as ciabatta and baguette. Yeast dough products are often combined with fruit fillings such as pineapple, sweet beans or cranberry.


On 9 May 2019, four eventful days at the Bakery China in Shanghai ended. Bakery China is one of the most important fairs for our industry in the Asian market. It is a very good opportunity for us to stay in personal contact with our existing customers, meet new ones and present our solutions for the Asian market. Numerous fair contacts enable us to increasingly perceive and respond to the handicraft and industrial requirements of our visitors. FRITSCH not only offers efficient solutions for dough sheeting processing, but also guarantees local service in China.


For us, China is a strategically important market in which we see further growth in the future. China along with other countries offer promising prospects. That is why we will be taking part in other fairs in Asia this year, such as the Propak fair in Thailand from 12 to 15 June.

Die "La Panadeía" Brüder José und David Cáceres mit Jochen Baier, Anna-Maria Fritsch und Alexander Beuschlein.Das Frühstücksbuffet bei La Panadería ist gedeckt. :-)Frisches Brot von Tartine BakeryJochen Baier mit Belinda Leong und Michel Suas von b.patisserieFeine Süßspeisen kreiert von Belinda Leong, die Chef-Konditorin von b.patisserieLeckere Snacks von Semifreddis für unterwegs.

#FRITSCHnFriends on Tour


In April 2019 we went on an exciting journey with Jochen Baier. He earned the highest award in the bakery trade: The World Baker of the Year 2018.


Together with him, Anna-Maria Fritsch (President FRITSCH USA) and Alexander Beuschlein (Area Sales Manager North America) visited five extraordinary bakeries in the cities of San Antonio (Texas), San Francisco (California) and Oakland (California). The aim of this trip was to get to know bakers who, through their uniqueness, shape and further develop our industry sustainably.


The trip started in San Antonio, Texas, at the bakery „La Panadeíra". In keeping with their special mission of combining baked goods with their Mexican roots, the La Pandería brothers love testing traditional recipes from European countries for instance. One product that combines these two worlds in a delicious way is „Tequila Tres Leches" croissant.


In San Francisco they visited a total of three bakeries with Tartine Bakery + Tartine Manufactory", Jane the Bakery" and „b. patisserie".


„Tartine Bakery + Tartine Manufactory" provided insights through a particularly exciting concept, the Open-bakery. This means that customers can experience how the products are baked live while consuming or waiting to purchase their baked products.

In the „b.patisserie" we met Michael Suas, a a well known person in US baking business. His unique mentality and passion for baked goods made him known to almost everyone today. He also achieved great things for our industry in the USA through his investment in the founding of the „San Francisco Baking Institute“.

We were also welcomed with open arms at „Jane the Bakery". With her passion for baked goods and the great creativity of her team, she brings delicious product ideas to life such as brioche with honey mandarin cream or Danish pastry with a filling of blood oranges and pistachios. The combination of different ingredients gives her products uniqueness.


The next step our journey took us to Oakland, at „Semifreddi's". Jochen Baier met a long-time friend from the bakery industry. „Semifreddi's“ has created a special social concept. Refugees from a total of 26 different countries in the world are employed there. They can contribute traditions from their homeland to new bakery creations.


On this journey we not only came across numerous creative and inspiring baked goods. Rather, we met exceptional bakers with great teams who, in addition to unique product diversity and impressive concepts, also showed us a new side of our industry.

Talking to these bakers, they told about how they rediscover their closeness to the world of bakery products and their every day enthusiasm. They conviction and love make them a very special ambassador for the entire handicraft bakery industry.

In addition to the numerous impressions behind the scenes and the delicious scent there was a large portion of #PassionforDough in the air.


Get inspired by more impressions:

  • The German companies of the manufacturer of production equipment for bakeries filed for insolvency due to imminent illiquidity.
  • The aim is to position the company in line with the market through insolvency proceedings and to secure as many of the 500 jobs in Germany as possible.
  • The Local Court will promptly appoint a provisional insolvency administrator, with whom business operations are to be continued in full.
  • Today FRITSCH GmbH has filed an application for the opening of insolvency proceedings for itself and the companies FRITSCH Holding AG, FRITSCH Vertriebsgesellschaft GmbH, FRITSCH Bakery Systems GmbH, all from Markt Einersheim, and FRITSCH Service GmbH from Heilbad Heiligenstadt - with the district court in Würzburg in charge due to imminent insolvency.

    The Local Court will now appoint a provisional insolvency administrator who will,  together with the Management Board examine restructuring options and the restructuring measures already initiated, with the aim of continuing the business operations of the companies.

    With today's application, the group of companies wants to preserve the best possible opportunity to sustainably restructure itself through insolvency proceedings. Alexander Schmitz, who has been CEO of FRITSCH Holding AG for three months, sees a good chance that this can be successful: "FRITSCH has a very good reputation in the market, the products are of high quality and in demand,  despite intensified competition and structural changes in the baking industry," says Schmitz. 

    The application had become necessary because financing could not be secured over the next few months.

Interpack, Düsseldorf 

07. - 13. Mai 2020

Halle 3 Stand E28



Europain, Paris / Frankreich

11. - 14. Januar 2020

Stand 1G71


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