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"A healthy child cannot be taken for granted." This is how the KIWI e. V. association introduces itself. The association has been supporting children and young people and their relatives as well as the staff in intensive care units at the University Hospital in Würzburg on a voluntary basis since 1990. The association's support is multifaceted. For example, a chaplain has been employed and the equipment in the paediatric intensive care unit has been expanded, from the preparation of breast milk to special beds. In addition, a parents' room was set up and equipped and two flats close to the hospital were furnished. KIWI also looks after the families after they have been discharged.

FRITSCH has now been able to support this important work of the organisation with a donation of 1,500 euros. The money came from the sale of raffle tickets at the Christmas party. On Tuesday, Sina Wolf and Cindy Schwenk presented a cheque to 1st Chairwoman Ina Schmolke and 2nd Chairwoman Monika Wohlfahrt and took a look at the association's work on site.

The organisation will invest the donation in setting up a farewell room, which is currently being planned.

FRITSCH World of Bakery

With the purchase of around 7.6 hectares of land on the new Industrial Park in the town of Iphofen, the MULTIVAC Group is sealing its plans for the relocation of the FRITSCH company. The aim with the new company headquarters is to combine on one site all the business operations of the dough machinery manufacturer, which have been spread up to now over five locations in Kitzingen and Markt Einersheim. The start of building is scheduled for the end of 2025, and the relocation to the new site planned for the third quarter of 2027.

The new building complex with a total area of approx. 20,000 square metres will accommodate production halls and assembly facilities, which will be equipped with the latest technology. The World of Bakery, FRITSCH's Technology Center, will also be relocated to the new site. Here customers can conduct practical tests on FRITSCH equipment in all its many combinations, and they can develop new products or recipes in conjunction with the experts from FRITSCH. In addition to this, modern offices and social facilities, covering around 5,000 square metres, will be created for the approx. 480 staff members currently employed.


“As part of a sustainable infrastructure for the MULTIVAC Group's new building, there are also several measures planned for the new company site to reduce greenhouse gas emissions We want to use groundwater to heat and cool the building complex. We also want to use as much self-generated energy as possible for the energy supply with a photovoltaic system and a combined heat and power unit,” explains Christian Traumann, Group President (CEO) of the MULTIVAC Group. “FRITSCH is for us a strategically important Business Unit. We are posting a very positive order situation in the Bakery section of the Group's business, and we see a lot of potential within our subsidiaries for the entire machinery range from FRITSCH. Thanks to the new company headquarters, which will combine all of FRITSCH's business activities on one site, we will be able in future to carry out our manufacturing processes even more efficiently.”

Lots of fun, fascinating machines, and plenty of fine pastries were on the programme last Friday at the bakery machine manufacturer FrRITSCH. All employees and their families were invited to spend an exciting afternoon at the “World of Bakery” technology centre in Kitzingen.

“As a company, we feel it is very important to give our employees the opportunity to show their families where they spend so many hours, and to combine this with a festive get-together where we’ve got the chance to talk and simply to say thank you,” FRITSCH Managing Directors Andreas Eyd and Frank Gabriel emphasized in their welcoming speech. “We are very pleased that so many have come today.”

In addition to tours of the technology centre, the 400 or so visitors eagerly watched demonstrations of how the machines work. On the MULTITWIST machine, experts presented the fully automatic looping of braided lye breads, which were then baked and eaten hot and fresh. The kids’ programme was also all about baking. The young guests got to decorate heart-shaped gingerbread.

At the triennial general meeting the companies of the VDMA Food Processing and Packaging Machinery Association elected on June the new board of directors for the individual divisions.

FRITSCH CEO Andreas Fyd was elected as a new member to the board for the bakery machinery division.

The MULTIVAC Group is a winner of the Best Managed Companies Award for 2023. Supported by the Federal Association for German Industry (BDI), the award is given by Deloitte Private and the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung to medium-sized companies in Germany, which are outstandingly well managed. Christian Traumann, Group President of the MULTIVAC Group, received the award in Düsseldorf.

Medium-sized companies are central to the German economy. The Best Managed Companies Award pays tribute to those family companies and medium-sized enterprises, which are based in Germany and are outstandingly well managed - and it is intended to act as a spur and an example for other companies to shape their own future with the same strategic vision, strength of innovation, sustainable culture and good management practice. During the application process the participating companies were judged for excellence in the following four core areas: Strategy, Productivity & Innovation, Culture & Commitment, as well as Finances & Governance. The precondition for the award is a high level of performance in all four areas. The prize winners were then selected by a jury, consisting of well-known representatives from commerce, science and the media.

“The features of a Best Managed Company, such as the MULTIVAC Group, are a forward-looking strategy, a high level of productivity, a distinctive culture of innovation, and a company management that is focused on values,” explains Dr Christine Wolter, Partner and Head of Deloitte Private. “Thanks to the combination of their appeal as an employer and  established commercial success, these Best Managed Companies have an important "beacon" function in their particular region.”

“We are highly delighted with the new Award, which recognizes our company strategy and the efforts of all our staff members,” says Christian Traumann, Group President of the MULTIVAC Group. “Suc-cess is not a one-way street, but rather it is based on responsible and trusting dialogue and cooperation with staff members, customers and suppliers. We are constantly striving to adapt our range of products and services to the changing requirements of our customers and the market. A significant factor in this success is certainly our wide product range.”

Another reason for the success of the company is its international fo-cus. More than 80 subsidiaries throughout the world are a testament to the company's closeness to its customers. “We are very conscious of the fact, that the world in which we live is facing great challenges. This is why as a leading company we want to make a major contribu-tion in our sector, as well as living our common values and leading the way in the conflicting priorities, which sometimes arise between the demands of the market and the responsibilities of companies for the environment and society,” says Christian Traumann in summary.

Proteins have succeeded in making the leap from niche products to the mainstream. But the entry into this growth market is challenging. What are the trends in products and the market? How do I produce a tasty and healthy product? And how can I design my production to be efficient, sustainable and safe? These and many other questions were addressed in the "Future Proteins" conference, which MULTIVAC and Handtmann held from 1 - 3 February 2023 in Wolfertschwenden.

More than 240 visitors from around the world convened on Wednesday at MULTIVAC headquarters to take part in the "Future Proteins" conference. They were all united in their interest in food products from alternative protein sources - for example Camembert alternatives made from cashew milk, shrimps made from soya, and cutlets made from chickpeas. Food products, which are often particularly delicate, and which consequently have to be processed and packaged in a very gentle way. “The event was a unique opportunity for the participants to learn not only about the current trends in alternative proteins, but also about the latest sustainable and efficient solutions for processing and packaging these products,”says Dr Tobias Richter, Director and CSO of the MULTIVAC Group. “I was very impressed to see the wealth of ideas, which inspire this forward-looking sector, as well as the range of products that arise from these alternative protein sources, and also how great the demand is for sustainable processing and packaging. In short: The "Future Proteins" conference has shown, that we are on the right path.”

Talks, podium discussions, networking - The participants developed solutions for the pressing questions of the future

Over three days the organisers, MULTIVAC and Handtmann, offered the visitors a full program, which was supported by the Industry Association of Alternative Protein Sources (BALPro). This included presentations by outside speakers from the spheres of science, research and industry, which were then followed by podium discussions - on subjects such as product trends, opportunities for market positioning, and ways of reducing the CO2 footprint of packaging over the entire life cycle. Between the talks the conference visitors exchanged views over finger food and refreshments, while also making visits to the Market Place. There the organisers, together with various players - from ingredient suppliers to film manufacturers - along the entire added value chain, presented a wide range of solutions for the manufacture, processing and packaging of alternative proteins. Events in the evening provided opportunities for networking over communal meals, and these rounded off the daily program of sessions. “The feedback from the conference participants was outstanding,” said Harald Suchanka, CEO of Handtmann. “The visitors appreciated the opportunity to expand their horizons, to network with experts and like-minded people, as well as to develop solutions together for the pressing questions of the future in a relatively new growth market.” Also highly popular was the "Meet the Experts" format. Here more than 60 experts were available for half an hour of individual discussion with the conference participants.

Deep dive sessions: Demonstrations of real machine solutions for processing and packaging alternative solutions

It was the highly practical aspect above all, which made the conference unique. Deep dive sessions in MULTIVAC's Innovation Center offered the more than 240 visitors the opportunity to observe machines and lines at work. The demonstrations ranged from semi-automatic individual machines right up to fully automatic, industrial-scale line solutions from MULTIVAC and Handtmann, all of which featured the processing and packaging of sliced, minced and formed products, as well as other items such as convenience foods and spreads. “We have now completed more than 100 projects in the alternative proteins sector,” says Klaus Deniffel, Project Manager for Alternative Proteins at MULTIVAC. Experienced project managers accompany customers at every stage - from the first idea and design of the concept right up to the final efficiency adjustments by the digital MULTIVAC Smart Services. “Each individual solution is configured independently, so that every manufacturer is supported during the challenges in their transformation of proteins.”

World of Bakery, MULTIVAC KanadaWorld of Bakery, MULTIVAC KanadaFRITSCH World of BakeryFRITSCH World of Bakery

Opening of the first local FRITSCH World of Bakery in Canada


May 20th, 2022. FRITSCH Bakery Technologies GmbH & Co. KG, a member of the MULTIVAC Group for just under three years, has a worldwide sales and service network of over 85 MULTIVAC subsidiaries. This ensures constant proximity to customers as well as broad market coverage from artisan bakers to globally active industrial bakers.


The next step has now followed as part of the internationalization process. In April 2022, MULTIVAC Canada opened the first local FRITSCH World of Bakery in Brampton, Ontario, after a year of construction. This serves in particular as a technology and test centre for customers from the North and South American markets. The World of Bakery at the FRITSCH headquarters in Germany, which offers customers optimal practical conditions for testing FRITSCH lines, served as a model for this.


A ROLLFIX plus and a PROGRESSA prime (consisting of a DOUGHLINER 700 and a MULTIFLEX L 700) are located in a completely newly built space of 320 m² in Canada. In order to be able to demonstrate the FRITSCH machines in their versatility and the complete value-added process of a bakery under real production conditions, ovens, proofing cabinets as well as professional cooling facilities are available in addition to the FRITSCH machines.


FRITSCH presents the 3rd generation of ROLLFIX

May 2nd, 2022. FRITSCH Bakery Technologies GmbH & Co. KG, a subsidiary of the MULTIVAC Group, relaunches the centrepiece processing line of its extensive portfolio, the ROLLFIX, now in its third generation. The engineers of FRITSCH have made the dough sheeter even easier to control and more user friendly than ever. The machine design has been updated to make the flour duster easier to remove and the line quicker to clean. “This is our response to the increasing quality requirements of bakers and what they expect from our machines,” says Fred Dorner, Head of Research & Development at FRITSCH.

Because customers’ performance requirements are very different in the artisanal and mid-sized sectors, FRITSCH offers the ROLLFIX in three models. The ROLLFIX basic is a manual dough sheeter that leaves most of the control to the operator. It can process dough portions of up to about 15 kilograms. The computer-controlled ROLLFIX plus offers numerous predefined programs with special rolling factors. This allows extremely gentle sheeting of the dough. The ROLLFIX prime, thanks to its powerful drive system, handles dough portions of up to about 20 kilograms. It gives the operator many intuitive control options, for example for producing thin dough. The dough sheets produced on a ROLLFIX can then be processed further into final products on the VARIOCUT, VARIOFLEX and MULTIFLEX.

FRITSCH presented its first ROLLFIX in 1956 – and thus helped significantly to make the traditionally strenuous trade easier for bakers. The dough sheeter enabled them to easily produce a uniform dough sheet, ready for further processing either manually or by machine. “The outstanding sales success of the ROLLFIX at the time laid the foundation for the company’s advancement, which is still characterised by numerous innovations today,” says Managing Director Andreas Eyd.

Anuga FoodTec, Köln

19.03.2024 - 22.03.2024
Halle 8.1, Stand C010 sowie Freigelände Halle 8 Nord A001


Auf der Anuga FoodTec werden die neusten Konzepte und Entwicklungen in der internationalen Lebensmittel- und Getränkeindustrie vorgestellt. 
Auch wir möchten Ihnen auf unserem Stand gerne unsere neusten Maschinen und Technologien vorstellen.

Auch FRITSCH wird sich auf dem Stand von MULTIVAC präsentieren. 


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