Remote diagnosis

„Remote“ means wireless data transfer from installed lines to the manufacturer. This technology of remote diagnosis for error messages not only enables us to remedy problems fast and reduce downtimes but also to optimize lines by intelligent analyses exactly to the customer’s requirements. This means a real additional value for the operator of high-quality bakery machines and lines and guarantees a long service life over the whole life cycle of the product. 

What is included?

  • Available 24/7
  • Fault finding and trouble-shooting online by FRITSCH
  • Fast access onto control components
  • Support by experienced FRITSCH staff
  • Identification of the root of the problem
  • Fast fault analysis by direct access onto the respective component
  • Customer support via phone and e-mail in German and English

What is your benefit?

  • Reduced costs by minimizing service interventions
  • Safe access via VPN
  • Fast re-start of production
  • Reducing repair times by fault analysis
  • Minimizing downtimes
  • Easy input of software updates
  • Back-up for data and recipes possible
  • Optimizing production processes thanks to visual product recognition