Trainees & students

Whether you want to get an initial insight as a pupil or do an internship alongside your studies or do work experience, FRITSCH offers you a wide range of opportunities to gain practical experience. Motivated students and pupils are in exactly the right place.


Voluntary internship for school pupils

You are older than 15 and want to get an insight into the working world at FRITSCH? We offer you the opportunity to get to know our technical/vocational professions or to gain an insight into the commercial departments.


Mandatory internship for school pupils

You can also do your mandatory school-organised internship at our place. There is no specific age limit. However, children under the age of 15 are only allowed to undertake easy and suitable activities in our company.


Practical semesters

You don't want to get swamped with theoretical knowledge alone during your studies, but also want to see how the theory is put into practice? Then you can apply for a mandatory internship at FRITSCH.


Final paper

Are you keen to work on a really exciting true-to-life topic and gain an insight into the business world at FRITSCH? All this is offered to you when you do your final paper at FRITSCH.


Student trainee

If your studies leave you enough time and you are keen to assist us with our daily tasks, we look forward to receiving your application as a student trainee.


FRITSCH as an employer

The benefits in detail

It is important to find a sound balance between work and leisure time. FRITSCH supports its employees in numerous ways so they are better able to harmonise their professional and private lives.

  • Flexible working hours:
    FRITSCH offers different working time models to its employees. Thus, individual part-time options can be agreed so its employees are able to better coordinate their professional and private commitments. The working time regulations range from flexitime models to traditional time recording through to trust-based working hours.
  • Paternity leave:
    Children are our future. FRITSCH supports its employees when they take parental leave. With the help of individualised measures, we also facilitate their return after parental leave by offering them flexible working time models.
  • Childcare support:
    We provide active assistance in finding a suitable nursery place to ensure that your children are in good hands while you’re working.
  • Apartment search:
    You are new to the region and know very little about our beautiful Franconian countryside yet? No problem. We are happy to help you find a new home. Whether you are looking for an interim solution (hotel, pension, holiday apartment) or a permanent home, we will provide you with the right contact partner for your search.

Fit for the future: the health of our employees is very important to us. We would like to create a working environment in which they are healthy and remain so. We also want to keep the risks of workplace-related illnesses and accidents at work – whether in the office or in manufacturing – as low as possible.

  • Occupational medical care:
    Our company doctor not only supports FRITSCH in all issues relating to occupational health and safety but also advises our employees on necessary vaccinations and pre-travel examinations.
  • Company integration management:
    Company integration management is a preventative task of the employer. We take timely action to prevent our employees’ jobs being endangered for health reasons.
  • Health courses:
    Free weekly health courses offered by FRITSCH to its employees range from yoga & pilates to back fitness and bums-tums-and-legs training in the company's own health room.
  • FRITSCH sports club:
    The FRITSCH sports club enhances fitness and team spirit, and welcomes everyone who joins in. Whether you want to relax while playing soccer or train intensively for a corporate run, there's something for everyone.
  • Collaboration with local fitness studios:
    Some collaborating fitness studios offer various discounts on membership fees for our employees.
  • Various activities in collaboration with health insurance providers:
    In Together with health insurance providers, FRITSCH promotes activities such as "Cycle to work" or special "health days" in which its employees can either participate actively or just get some advice on health-related matters.

Our employees are key to our success. Therefore, we make every effort to encourage their professional and personal development.

  • Training courses:
    FRITSCH offers a wide range of training and further education options. In agreement with their manager, all employees have the option of selecting a course that best suits their needs. We work with instructors who are experts in their respective field to make this a reality.
  • English courses:
    English skills are essential due to the international nature of FRITSCH’s business. This is the reason why we offer courses in "Business English" and "Technical English" for our employees. In addition to that, our apprentices from all departments participate in a weekly English course designed to prepare them for the requirements of their work in the international environment.
  • Financial support for training courses:
    FRITSCH pays for occupational training courses. In doing so, we provide our employees and managers with the opportunity to continually develop their skills and potential.
  • Performance review:
    Once a year, there is a dialogue between superior and employee at FRITSCH to come to a common understanding of the employee’s personal strengths and fields of development. An action plan is derived together to facilitate the employee’s further development based on the requirements of his/her position. The focus of the talks is constructive exchange as well as an open feedback culture.
  • Company pension plan on two pillars:
    FRITSCH supports you thoroughly with regard to your private retirement planning. The most important component is our company pension, which is fully financed by FRITSCH as an integral part of your salary. In addition to this operational measure, there is the option of gross pay conversion as a private complement to your retirement income. An individually determined amount is deducted from your monthly gross salary and saved for you by FRITSCH.
  • Anniversary bonuses:
    At more than thirteen years, the job tenure of our employees is above the national average. Therefore, we frequently have reason to celebrate. We arrange a small anniversary celebration for our company anniversaries and we also pay the employee in question an anniversary bonus.
  • Extra allowances/bonuses:
    Our employees not only receive holiday pay but also extra allowances on various occasions such as marriage or childbirth.
  • Special leave:
    In case of an especially long job tenure or in the event of familial occasions such as marriage, childbirth or relocation, our employees are granted special leave.
  • Free parking spaces:
    Free parking spaces are available for our employees at our sites and branches.
  • Company events:
    Whether it is the annual Christmas market or at our summer festival, which normally takes place every two years, we enjoy leaving the daily office routine behind and celebrating together. The word “We” is very important to us.
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