Application tips

Your application – awaken our interest in you

In general: a combination of the tried and trusted, and individuality. Whether you are only at the beginning of your career or are already experienced in your profession: here’s what an application should contain if you apply to FRITSCH:


Covering letter

This personal, individual letter is what makes your application documents stand out. There is no need to write a thesis. Nevertheless, you should briefly explain why you are applying for a position, why you are the ideal person for the job and why you are interested in becoming a part of the FRITSCH team.


Curriculum vitae

Your curriculum vitae should present a succinct, but relevant overview of your life and/or career path to date. Depending on your career level, we expect complete information about your schooling and academic education, and your career stages.


Certificates and qualifications

Besides documents which substantiate your school and academic performance, you can also attach further certificates or qualifications that are relevant for your new job, even if they relate to your private life (hobbies, volunteering, social commitment).


Callback number

Please provide us with a daytime phone number, preferably your cell phone number, so we can contact you quickly and easily in the further course of the application (e.g. to schedule an appointment).


Salary expectations

We await your application along with your salary expectations, unless you are applying for an apprenticeship/internship.


Period of notice

We would like you to start work at the earliest possible opportunity. Therefore, please let us know your notice period.


Voluntary/mandatory internship for school pupils

What should you keep in mind when you are making an application? We require a short covering letter indicating the profession that you would like to learn more about and the period during which the internship should take place. Furthermore, please enclose a curriculum vitae and your latest school report. We recommend that you send your enquiry for an internship at least three weeks in advance, so that the department can plan your assignment and guarantee that you will have a supervisor.


Practical semesters/final paper/work experience for students

When you apply for a longer period, you should enclose a covering letter indicating the field of application, the period of time, your reasons for applying, along with a curriculum vitae, references and information about your current marks. Please apply at least one or two months in advance.

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