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Wolfertschwenden, 02 July 2019 - MULTIVAC takes over the FRITSCH Group and further expands its range of solutions for the bakery industry.

FRITSCH is a leading manufacturer of bakery equipment with its headquarters in the town of Markt Einersheim in Lower Franconia. The product range consists of high-performance equipment and groundbreaking technology for dough forming and processing. FRITSCH offers the right solution for every size of company - from tabletop units to industrial-scale equipment. Premium bakery products are produced with FRITSCH machines throughout the world.

With the takeover of the FRITSCH Group, MULTIVAC is complementing its range of solutions, so that in future it will also be able to offer complete production lines from one source to the bakery industry as well. “The takeover of FRITSCH is another important step for MULTIVAC in expanding our range of integrated solutions for processing and packaging food products. Thanks to the processing solutions from FRITSCH, we will continue to extend our presence in the bakery industry, where we have already been able in recent years to implement some very challenging projects for automated packaging solutions,” explained Christian Traumann, Director and Group CFO of MULTIVAC.

FRITSCH was founded in 1926 and is currently under the ownership of the fourth generation of the Fritsch family. The company, which is based in Markt Einersheim, has developed over many decades into a very innovative manufacturer of bakery equipment. In 2018 FRITSCH generated a turnover of around 80 million euros and currently employs approx. 600 staff. In mid April of this year FRITSCH filed for insolvency. FRITSCH is represented by its own subsidiaries in Russia, Poland, Great Britain and the USA, and it also has a worldwide network of sales and service partners, who ensure that it remains close to its customers. As a result of the takeover, FRITSCH will become part of a strong Group, enabling it to continue its business operations for the benefit of its stakeholders and customers.

The integration of the company into the MULTIVAC Group will begin immediately. The manufacture and development of FRITSCH products will continue at its site in Markt Einersheim. FRITSCH also has a Technology Center there, in which customer trials are carried out and customized products and recipes are developed. The company's products will be sold via MULTIVAC's worldwide sales and service network. Investment will be made at MULTIVAC's subsidiaries in creating specialised sales teams for the bakery industry, so that in future it will be possible to offer customers integrated solutions for manufacturing and packaging bakery products.

In addition to the management in place, a MULTIVAC management team will be appointed to run the company, and this will direct and develop the FRITSCH Group as a stand-alone business. “We are very pleased at the successful takeover of the FRITSCH Group, and we are also convinced that our management will make an important contribution to the recovery of the company. FRITSCH is an industry leader in bakery equipment and has an excellent reputation in the market. Thanks primarily to the integration of FRITSCH products in MULTIVAC's line solutions, we see great synergy potential, which will make a major contribution to the healthy development of FRITSCH in future,” says Guido Spix, Director and Group CTO/COO of MULTIVAC.

Subject to approval under cartel legislation, the takeover of the FRITSCH Group will take effect on 01 August 2019.


MULTIVAC is one of the leading providers worldwide of packaging solutions for food products of all types, life science and healthcare products, as well as industrial items. The MULTIVAC portfolio covers virtually all requirements of processors and producers in terms of pack design, output and resource efficiency. It comprises a wide range of packaging technologies as well as automation solutions, labellers and quality control systems. The product range is rounded off with portioning and processing solutions upstream of the packaging process. Thanks to extensive expertise in packaging lines, all modules can be integrated into complete solutions. This means that MULTIVAC solutions guarantee a high level of operational and process reliability as well as efficiency. The MULTIVAC Group has approximately 5,900 employees worldwide, with some 2,200 based at its headquarters in Wolfertschwenden. With over 80 subsidiaries, the Group is represented on all continents. More than 1,000 sales advisors and service technicians throughout the world use their know-how and experience to the benefit of customers, and they ensure that all installed MULTIVAC machines are utilised to their maximum. Further information can be found at:

Bakery China 2019


The year already started with many exciting fairs. The focus was primarily on Asian countries, such as Mobac in Japan, Modern Bakery in Russia or Uz Food in Uszbekistan. In the Asian markets, the trend continues towards sweet pastries and bread products such as ciabatta and baguette. Yeast dough products are often combined with fruit fillings such as pineapple, sweet beans or cranberry.


On 9 May 2019, four eventful days at the Bakery China in Shanghai ended. Bakery China is one of the most important fairs for our industry in the Asian market. It is a very good opportunity for us to stay in personal contact with our existing customers, meet new ones and present our solutions for the Asian market. Numerous fair contacts enable us to increasingly perceive and respond to the handicraft and industrial requirements of our visitors. FRITSCH not only offers efficient solutions for dough sheeting processing, but also guarantees local service in China.


For us, China is a strategically important market in which we see further growth in the future. China along with other countries offer promising prospects. That is why we will be taking part in other fairs in Asia this year, such as the Propak fair in Thailand from 12 to 15 June.

Die "La Panadeía" Brüder José und David Cáceres mit Jochen Baier, Anna-Maria Fritsch und Alexander Beuschlein.Das Frühstücksbuffet bei La Panadería ist gedeckt. :-)Frisches Brot von Tartine BakeryJochen Baier mit Belinda Leong und Michel Suas von b.patisserieFeine Süßspeisen kreiert von Belinda Leong, die Chef-Konditorin von b.patisserieLeckere Snacks von Semifreddis für unterwegs.

#FRITSCHnFriends on Tour


In April 2019 we went on an exciting journey with Jochen Baier. He earned the highest award in the bakery trade: The World Baker of the Year 2018.


Together with him, Anna-Maria Fritsch (President FRITSCH USA) and Alexander Beuschlein (Area Sales Manager North America) visited five extraordinary bakeries in the cities of San Antonio (Texas), San Francisco (California) and Oakland (California). The aim of this trip was to get to know bakers who, through their uniqueness, shape and further develop our industry sustainably.


The trip started in San Antonio, Texas, at the bakery „La Panadeíra". In keeping with their special mission of combining baked goods with their Mexican roots, the La Pandería brothers love testing traditional recipes from European countries for instance. One product that combines these two worlds in a delicious way is „Tequila Tres Leches" croissant.


In San Francisco they visited a total of three bakeries with Tartine Bakery + Tartine Manufactory", Jane the Bakery" and „b. patisserie".


„Tartine Bakery + Tartine Manufactory" provided insights through a particularly exciting concept, the Open-bakery. This means that customers can experience how the products are baked live while consuming or waiting to purchase their baked products.

In the „b.patisserie" we met Michael Suas, a a well known person in US baking business. His unique mentality and passion for baked goods made him known to almost everyone today. He also achieved great things for our industry in the USA through his investment in the founding of the „San Francisco Baking Institute“.

We were also welcomed with open arms at „Jane the Bakery". With her passion for baked goods and the great creativity of her team, she brings delicious product ideas to life such as brioche with honey mandarin cream or Danish pastry with a filling of blood oranges and pistachios. The combination of different ingredients gives her products uniqueness.


The next step our journey took us to Oakland, at „Semifreddi's". Jochen Baier met a long-time friend from the bakery industry. „Semifreddi's“ has created a special social concept. Refugees from a total of 26 different countries in the world are employed there. They can contribute traditions from their homeland to new bakery creations.


On this journey we not only came across numerous creative and inspiring baked goods. Rather, we met exceptional bakers with great teams who, in addition to unique product diversity and impressive concepts, also showed us a new side of our industry.

Talking to these bakers, they told about how they rediscover their closeness to the world of bakery products and their every day enthusiasm. They conviction and love make them a very special ambassador for the entire handicraft bakery industry.

In addition to the numerous impressions behind the scenes and the delicious scent there was a large portion of #PassionforDough in the air.


Get inspired by more impressions:

  • The German companies of the manufacturer of production equipment for bakeries filed for insolvency due to imminent illiquidity.
  • The aim is to position the company in line with the market through insolvency proceedings and to secure as many of the 500 jobs in Germany as possible.
  • The Local Court will promptly appoint a provisional insolvency administrator, with whom business operations are to be continued in full.

Today FRITSCH GmbH has filed an application for the opening of insolvency proceedings for itself and the companies FRITSCH Holding AG, FRITSCH Vertriebsgesellschaft GmbH, FRITSCH Bakery Systems GmbH, all from Markt Einersheim, and FRITSCH Service GmbH from Heilbad Heiligenstadt - with the district court in Würzburg in charge due to imminent insolvency.

The Local Court will now appoint a provisional insolvency administrator who will,  together with the Management Board examine restructuring options and the restructuring measures already initiated, with the aim of continuing the business operations of the companies.

With today's application, the group of companies wants to preserve the best possible opportunity to sustainably restructure itself through insolvency proceedings. Alexander Schmitz, who has been CEO of FRITSCH Holding AG for three months, sees a good chance that this can be successful: "FRITSCH has a very good reputation in the market, the products are of high quality and in demand,  despite intensified competition and structural changes in the baking industry," says Schmitz. 

The application had become necessary because financing could not be secured over the next few months.

erste Reihe: (v.l.n.r.): Anna-Maria Fritsch, Klaus Scheerer (35 Jahre), Klaus Mauckner (40 Jahre), Alexander Schmitz (Geschäftsführer), Angelika Schäffel (Personalleiterin). zweite Reihe: (v.l.n.r.): Klaus Fritsch (Aufsichtsratsvorsitzender), Roland Nagel (35 Jahre), Raimund Pfannes (35 Jahre).

(Markt Einersheim) „Es ist nicht selbstverständlich, dass wir so viele langjährige Mitarbeiter haben“, begann Klaus Fritsch, Aufsichtsratsvorsitzender FRITSCH Holding, seine Ansprache anlässlich der Jubilarsfeier und hob hervor, dass ein Unternehmen auf die Erfahrung, Kompetenz und Engagement langjähriger Mitarbeiter angewiesen ist, um dauerhaft erfolgreich zu sein.

Auch Alexander Schmitz, Geschäftsführer der FRITSCH Holding sprach den Jubilaren seinen Dank aus. Anna-Maria Fritsch, Gesellschafterin der FRITSCH Holding übernahm die Ehrungen der Mitarbeiter und betonte in ihrer Ansprache, dass die Jubilarfeier ein fester Bestandteil der Unternehmenskultur sei.

Insgesamt wurden am vergangenen Donnerstag, in Markt Einersheim, 76 Mitarbeiter im Rahmen ihres Dienstjubiläums ausgezeichnet. Geehrt wurden Mitarbeiter ab 10 Jahre Betriebszugehörigkeit, darunter Klaus Mauckner mit 40 Jahren sowie Roland Nagel, Raimund Pfannes und Klaus Scheerer mit 35 Jahren. Frau Fritsch übergab die Urkunden mit viel Hingabe an ihre Mitarbeiter/innen und untermalte die Ehrungen mit netten Anekdoten und Erzählungen gemeinsamer Erlebnisse.

New FRITSCH CEO started on January 1, 2019


As of January 1, 2019, FRITSCH Holding AG, one of the leading German manufacturers of bakery machines and lines, is headed by Alexander Schmitz as the new CEO. He has been succeeding Kirsten Lange, who had been temporarily leading the group since July 2018. She will now resume her position on the Supervisory Board as planned.

In Alexander Schmitz, FRITSCH has hired a proven expert with more than 20 years of leadership experience in mechanical engineering. Since 1998, the mechanical engineer has been with Bosch. During that time, he held responsibilities in the areas of process and packaging technology and automotive. For the past four years Schmitz lived in the USA, where he headed Bosch Packaging Technology, Inc. in New Richmond, Wisconsin. Before that, the 50 year old has gained extensive international experience during further international assignments in Spain and Switzerland and he fluently speaks English, French, and Spanish. “We're delighted to have Mr. Schmitz on board the FRITSCH Group”, says Klaus Fritsch, principal shareholder & chairman of the Supervisory Board of the FRITSCH Group. “We also thank Kirsten Lange very much for having temporarily assumed the responsibility of leading the company until the end of 2018. She accomplished a lot in a short time,” K. Fritsch stresses.

Under Kirsten Lange’s leadership important investments in the company´s future have been made. Examples include the FRITSCH Technology Center and FRITSCH`s Research and Development. Operative difficulties during the implementation of a new ERP system have also been overcome, meaning, in 2019, FRITSCH will return to its former dependability and supply reliability. With a clear concept for the future, FRITSCH is positioned excellently for the years to come. “The targeted investment in key areas was a very important step for the owner family in order to sustainably improve the company´s performance. Even if it has resulted in lower earnings in 2018, the company will benefit strongly in the long term,” Klaus Fritsch explains.

For the beginning of next year, FRITSCH plans a targeted assessment of the ongoing improvement program in order to evaluate what progress has been made and what measures might still be necessary. Also, Alexander Schmitz can build upon an excellent order backlog right from the start of the year. In particular, the orders received in connection with the iba 2018 show in Munich exceeded all expectations by far. “Thus the prerequisites for a successful work of Alexander Schmitz are given, and we wish him success in our family business,” says Klaus Fritsch.

Even better performance for the same price: the FRITSCH Flour Duster

The FRITSCH Group, one of the leading German manufacturers of bakery machines and lines, has made new advancements to its flour dusters. The FRITSCH roller duster comes in two types: one with a removable hopper and one with an auger conveyor. Also, each type is available as either a permanently installed or mobile version. Common to all four models is their maximum flexibility and precision in adjusting the flour quantities. Therefore, with the FRITSCH flour dusters, artisanal bakers and industrial producers can achieve perfect results in producing their dough sheets. 

As one model, the roller duster consists of a drive unit and a removable hopper, connected to each other by a claw coupling. The exposed drive motor requires no additional cooling, and is extremely hygienic in operation thanks to its smooth surfaces. “The strewing roller, scraper and cover guard are integrated into the hopper. They can be removed together and thus more easily and thoroughly cleaned,” explains Fritz Barth, Head of Engineering at FRITSCH. By constructing the hopper without screws, reducing the number of brush rows and installing a fanless motor, the designers have made even more improvements in the hygiene characteristics of the duster. As with all FRITSCH components, there is absolutely no need for oil or lubricants.

A second model comprises a permanently running auger conveyor filling the strewing roller with extreme uniformity and thus guaranteeing utmost regularity in the strewing pattern. The lean design of the flour output section also allows for a more compact design with a shorter bend area. This avoids unwanted deposits in the flour feed and ensures excellent hygiene conditions. “This ultimately leads to a smooth production process while helping to save on personnel and raw material costs,” says Fritz Barth. Despite these improvements, FRITSCH continues to offer its flour dusters at the same price, with variation only between different models.

On top of the basic configuration, artisanal bakers and industrial customers can upgrade the equipment to optimize their machines further still. For FRITSCH roller duster models with the removable hopper, an advanced hopper is optionally available. This version features a digital potentiometer for continuous control of the output quantity of flour. An optional extra for auger conveyor models is automatic filling of the duster.

What is more, a light barrier control function can be integrated for switching individual roller dusters in the line on and off automatically. This increases the user-friendliness yet again and reduces the flour consumption even further.

19/11/2018 – New Head of Fritsch Bakery Systems GmbH 

FRITSCH Bakery Systems GmbH has a new head and his name is Ulrich Hirsch. The affiliate of FRITSCH GmbH provides tailored solutions for baked goods production – complete and turnkey. Ulrich’s task is to win such turnkey projects worldwide and to see them through. “Head of FRITSCH Bakery Systems is not just a job for me; it’s a calling. I grew up with flour on my nose, and I have never once left the branch. So, I understand bakers and know how to engage with them,” says Ulrich.

His career path has prepared him perfectly for the challenging duties at FRITSCH, starting with his apprenticeship as a baker while studying economics in Augsburg. Next, he trained at his father’s bakery to become a master. A few years after that, he accepted a position at a bakery machine manufacturer, for whom he worked for 15 years – first as Area Sales Manager and later as Head of Exports and Head of Project Planning. “Every final product, given its special composition of ingredients, demands its own technological solution,” Ulrich explains the challenge. Through this understanding, he and his team ensure that each customer can produce his baked goods at the desired quality and right on time. Their choice of machines and components is governed solely by the product in question and the customer’s specifications.

Ulrich shares FRITSCH’s “Passion for Dough and Technology” wholeheartedly. “For me, everything revolves around the quality of the customer’s product. The complete solution that FRITSCH Bakery Systems offers must live up to that quality. So, it is important to me to fully understand the customer’s enthusiasm for his products and to transfer that enthusiasm on to my team,” Ulrich explains his approach. “Together, we want to exceed the customer’s expectations in quality and quantity. From the complete solutions we create, the customer should sense that we truly do share his passion for dough.”

And what would the new head say is the most exciting thing about the baking industry? “It thrills me how the world is growing forever closer together, and how baked goods producers are working together with other globally operating companies. Because of that, each local baking culture is becoming more and more widespread and being shared with other countries. And so customers around the world are getting to discover traditional baked goods,” says Ulrich. “I am discovering fascinating national product creations all the time. It’s a source of constant excitement to keep offering and developing automated solutions and processes for all kinds of baked goods producers around the world.”

At the iba 2018 in Munich, Michael Wippler, President of the Central Association of the German Bakery Trade, handed out the iba Awards.

The iba Award, presented by the trade journal Backtechnik europe, honours innovations in the industrial or line-oriented production of baked goods that were exhibited for the first time at the world's leading trade fair.

After an inspection visit to the fair, the award winners were nominated by an honorary, independent jury.

FRITSCH has also won this iba Award again. This year for the SMART SERVICES:

Digitalisation and "Industry 4. 0" are key topics in the baking industry. FRITSCH has taken this into account with its "Intelligent Services". In addition to standard functions, such as real-time condition monitoring and the provision of operating data in the cloud, the approach to simplifying and accelerating maintenance by the use of data glasses is very innovative and therefore worth the money. This means that the in-house fitter can promptly send pictures and videos of the affected system components to the manufacturer and thus enable very fast fault analysis in the future.

Picture: Anna-Maria Fritsch, Stefan Schmitt and the jury of the iba Award 2018 with Michael Wippler, President of the Central Association of the German Bakery Trade (Photo: Backtechnik Europe / Christin Krämer 2018)

FRITSCH mourns the passing of its senior partner Adolf Fritsch.

The co-founder and long-standing managing partner of the family-run business in Markt Einersheim passed away in Prague on August 2, 2018, at the age of 89. Adolf Fritsch was born in 1929 in Wiese, former Sudetenland, now the Czech Republic. After the Second World War, he and his family settled in the region of Kitzingen. There, his father Alois Fritsch continued the business he had started in 1926 in Sudetenland and, in 1948, established the FRITSCH company in Markt Einersheim. Even in his youth, Adolf Fritsch participated in his father’s business, helping him to build up the company. All the while, he completed his mechanical engineering studies in Würzburg and, starting from 1961, ran the company as the sole managing director.

Under his leadership, the company doubled in size. Adolf Fritsch succeeded in broadening the distribution network out to an international scale and in establishing longlasting, stable customer relationships. He also considerably expanded the ROLLFIX range of machines with new innovative developments such as the TEILFIX dough divider for rye-based bread doughs. With this move, he set the course for the company’s current world market position. Adolf Fritsch pursued his entrepreneurial activities with heart and soul and was a man of extraordinary pragmatism. The outstanding reputation the company enjoys today arises, if nothing else, from the fact that Adolf Fritsch was always ready to pick up a wrench and help his customers, in person, on site. He always placed importance on good, trusting relationships with his employees and customers.

In 1996, Adolf Fritsch handed the reins of the family business to the third generation, his son Klaus Fritsch, who continued to expand the company with success. Since 2016, Klaus’ children Anna-Maria, Elisa, and Jan have also been fellow partners of the company.

Aside from being an entrepreneur, Adolf Fritsch took an active role in the Municipal Council of Markt Einersheim and in the County Council of Kitzingen. For his service, Adolf Fritsch was awarded the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany in 2002.

FRITSCH gratuliert der frisch gebackenen Geschäftsführerin der in den USA angesiedelten Tochtergesellschaft FRITSCH USA Inc., Frau Anna-Maria Fritsch und freut sich sehr, dass Sie diese wichtige Position angenommen hat. Frau Fritsch studierte „International Business“ und arbeitete mehrere Jahre bei Management Beratungsfirmen, bevor sie in das Familienunternehmen eintrat. Seit dieser Zeit hat sie ihr technisches und technologisches Wissen und ihre Erfahrung umfassend erweitert. In den letzten 2 Jahren verantwortete Frau Fritsch den Bereich Marketing und Prozess-Management. In dieser Funktion setzte sie den Schwerpunkt auf die Implementierung von strategischen Marketingprozessen und die Bildung von Partnerschaften mit Referenzkunden.

Im nächsten Jahr wird Frau Fritsch ihren Wohnsitz nach New Jersey verlegen, um möglichst nahe an den Kunden im nordamerikanischen Markt zu sein. Ihre Mission ist es, die Firma weiter zu stärken und für die Zukunft in den Schlüsselmärkten auszubauen und zu vergrößern. „Ich liebe die amerikanische Arbeits-Ethik und bin stolz auf die Fortschritte, die das Team FRITSCH USA in den letzten Jahren erzielt hat. Deshalb übernehme ich diese neue Aufgabe sehr gerne“, so Anna-Maria Fritsch. Im Einklang mit den Wachstumszielen wird sie somit das Team der FRITSCH USA weiter verstärken.

FRITSCH is excited to announce and congratulate the new president of FRITSCH USA, Anna-Maria Fritsch. Anna-Maria studied international business and worked several years at management consultancies before joining the FRITSCH team in 2013. Since joining the company, Anna-Maria has expanded her technical and technological knowledge and experience. Prior to becoming the new president, Anna-Maria spent the last 2 of years serving as the head of marketing and process management. In this role, she focused on the implementation of strategic marketing processes and forming partnerships with customers. 

In line with FRITSCH’s dedication to their customers, Anna-Maria will be relocating to New Jersey in 2019 to be closer to the company’s North American market and customers. Her mission is to strengthen the company’s reach to capture the key markets of the region and its promising future. Anna-Maria is very excited for this new position, noting she loves the American work ethic and is proud of the strides FRITSCH USA has already made.  She aims to further strengthen the USA team to better support the FRITSCH USA customers in the future.

In May, we celebrated the grand opening of our FUSA Showroom in Cranbury, NJ. The Technology Center of FRITSCH USA gives handicraft bakers a chance to observe some of our best technology at work. Our goal with the FRITSCH USA showroom is to develop and test products with our customers while showing our expertise and passion. We’ll showcase product trends via live demonstrations and work closely with our customers to develop the best product for their business. Our FRITSCH USA showroom will include the following machines: ROLLFIX mini, ROLLFIX 600, ROLLFIX 700, Cutting Table, EASYLINE.

Im Mai haben wir die Neueröffnung des FUSA Showrooms in Cranbury, New Jersey gefeiert. Das Technologie Center bietet Handwerksbäckern die Möglichkeit unsere Maschinen live in Aktion zu erleben. Unser Ziel mit dem FRITSCH USA Showroom ist es mit unseren Kunden gemeinsam neue Produkte zu testen und zu entwickeln und zugleich unser Wissen und unsere Leidenschaft zum Teig weiterzugeben. Wir zeigen durch unsere Vorführungen neue Produkttrends auf und arbeiten eng mit unseren Kunden zusammen, um das beste Produkt für Ihr Konzept zu kreieren.

Im FRITSCH USA Showroom werden folgende Maschinen gezeigt:

ROLLFIX mini, ROLLFIX 600, ROLLFIX 700, Schneidtisch, EASYLINE.

Eric Tellier ist der neue Area Sales Manager für den französischen Markt. Mit seinen 14 Jahren Erfahrung in der Branche, bringt er nicht nur Erfahrung sondern auch Innovationskraft mit in diese Position.

„Ich bringe vor allem Kenntnisse des französischen Marktes mit, mein Netzwerk und meine persönliche Motivation das FRITSCH Markenimage zu stärken und Verkäufe zu fördern,“ erzählt Tellier. „Frankreich ist das Heimatland von Baguette und Croissant und FRITSCH bietet Lösungen an, Produktionen zu industrialisieren ohne das Know-How der Bäcker zu beeinträchtigen.“ 

Seine Verantwortung liegt in dem Aufbau einer ganzheitlichen und wachstumsorientierten Strategie für den französischen Markt. Seine größte Motivation liegt darin das FRITSCH Markenimage in Frankreich auszubauen und neue Lösungen für Handwerksbäcker, für den Mittelstand und für industrielle Lebensmittelhersteller anzubieten. Er freut sich auf seine neue Position und legt auf die Priorisierung der Bedürfnisse von selbstständigen Handwerksbäckern hohen Wert. 

“Bäckereiketten verändern wesentlich den französischen Markt,” berichtet er. „Ihre Anzahl an Filialen wachsen schnell und selbstständige Handwerksbäcker haben keine andere Wahl als ihr Marketingkonzept zu optimieren, sich regelmäßig zu erneuern und das Ziel zu verfolgen, best-mögliche Qualität zu liefern. FRITSCH bietet Lösungen für alle Beteiligten auf dem französischen Markt an, die Erfolg versprechen.“

FRITSCH is excited to announce the new sales manager for the French market, Eric Tellier. With 14 years in the industry, Eric brings plenty of expertise and innovation to the position. 

“I will bring my knowledge of the French market, my network, and my personality to develop sales and increase the FRITSCH brand image,” Tellier said.  “France is the home country of the baguette and croissant, and FRITSCH offers solutions to industrialize production without deteriorating the bakers’ know-how.”

His responsibility is to work on a coherent and ambitious strategy. Thus, his main motivation is to develop the Fritsch’s brand image in France and to offer new solutions to artisan bakers, medium sized bakeries and food industry producer.

He is looking forward to his new position and focuses on prioritizing the needs of the independent artisan bakers.

“Bakery chains have considerably changed the French market,” he said. “Their number is growing fast and independent artisan bakers have no choice but to optimize their merchandising, innovate constantly, and aim for the best quality possible. FRITSCH has solutions to accompany all actors of the French market to ensure success.”


Im Bild von links: Anna-Maria Fritsch (Gesellschafterin), Helmut Hirner (Geschäftsführer), Udo Bernhardt, Klaus Fritsch (Hauptgesellschafter und Aufsichtsratsvorsitzender), Angelika Schäffel (Personalleitung), Elisa Robl (Gesellschafterin), Volker Bobach (Betriebsratsvorsitzender)Im Bild von links: Volker Bobach (Betriebsratsvorsitzender), Richard Appler, Anna-Maria Fritsch (Gesellschafterin), Gerhard Schlottner, Karin Gamm, Hilmar Flita, Gerhard Zehnder, Konstantin Senft, Helmut Hirner (Geschäftsführer), Hans-Friedrich Veh, Udo Bernhardt, Klaus Fritsch (Hauptgesellschafter und Aufsichtsratsvorsitzender), Elisa Robl (Gesellschafterin), Günther Kunz, Angelika Schäffel (Personalleitung)

„Wir können stolz darauf sein, dieses Jahr rund 120 Mitarbeiter die sich zusammen ganze 1830 Dienstjahre für FRITSCH engagiert haben, ehren zu dürfen. Es ist wirklich etwas Besonderes, wenn so viele Mitarbeiter einer Firma so lange die Treue halten.“

Mit diesen Worten eröffnete Klaus Fritsch, Aufsichtsratsvorsichtender und Hauptgesellschafter des Bäckereimaschinenherstellers FRITSCH, letzte Woche die Jubiläumsfeier zur Ehrung der diesjährigen Jubilare, die seit vielen Jahren ihr Herzblut für den Erfolg des Familienunternehmens einsetzen. Geschäftsführer Helmut Hirner, lobte besonders die Leistung der 10 Mitarbeiter, die seit 30, 35, 40 und 45 Jahren für FRITSCH im Einsatz sind. Für 30 Jahre Betriebszugehörigkeit wurden Hilmar Flita und Gerdhard Schlottner geehrt. Für 35 Jahre konnten Richard Appler, Günther Kunz, Konstantin Senft, Hans- Friedrich Veh und Gunnar ausgezeichnet werden. Karin Gamm und Gerhard Zehnder wurden für stolze 40 Jahre geehrt.

Besonders hervorzuheben ist die Leistung von Herrn Udo Bernhardt, dem Leiter der Forschung und Entwicklung von FRITSCH. Seit 45 Jahren ist er durch viele Innovationen, wie die Erfindung der ersten vollautomatischen Brezelschlingmaschine, maßgeblich an der positiven Entwicklung von FRITSCH beteiligt.

Neue Lösungen für unsere Kunden benötigen kreative Formate. Mit dieser Leitidee nahm FRITSCH am 14. November an der Munich Business School (MBS) in München zum ersten Mal an einem sogenannten Hackathon unter dem Titelmit der Fokussierung auf "Predictive Maintenance" teil. Ausrichter dieser Veranstaltung waren, neben der MBS und FRITSCH, der Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau e.V. (VDMA) und die Managementberatung UNITY.

Im Vorfeld der Veranstaltungen hatte FRITSCH als Praxisbeispiel Daten aus dem laufenden Betrieb unserer industriellen Pizzaanlage zur Verfügung gestellt. Auf Basis dieser Daten entwickelten Teams unterschiedlicher Unternehmen Lösungsansätze für die vorausschauende Wartung. Mit Spannung wurden diese Ergebnisse dann beim Hackathon vorgestellt und im Kreis der Teilnehmer aus den Bereichen Service Management, Innovation, Business Development, Digitalisierung und Produktion angeregt diskutiert. Im Anschluss wurde der Gewinner des Hackathons, das Unternehmen Sentority, in Person von Marcus Goerke und Stephan Sommer-Schulz mit dem "Predictive Maintenance Hackathon Award 2017" ausgezeichnet.

Die teilnehmenden Personen von FRITSCH (Anna-Maria Fritsch, Ralf Schnitzmeier und Oliver Schwarzmann) zeigten sich begeistert von diesem Format und vor allem von den wirklich tollen Ergebnissen von Sentority. "Diese Veranstaltung wird mit Sicherheit nicht die letzte dieser Art für uns sein" kündigte Anna-Maria Fritsch, Leiterin des Strategischen Marketings, an.

Vielen herzlichen Dank an alle Organisatoren und Teilnehmer für eine gelungene Veranstaltung!


Weitere Informationen und Impressionen zu der Veranstaltung finden Sie hier:

Gestern war FRITSCH zu Besuch bei der Akademie des bayer. Bäckerhandwerks in Locham. Die staatlich anerkannte Meisterschule für Bäcker befindet sich seit März 1951 in einem historischen Gebäude in Gräfelfing südlich von München.

Das Lehrangebot der Akademie beschränkt sich längst nicht mehr auf die berufliche Ausbildung und Meisterkurse. Eine Vielzahl von Angeboten unterstützt den erfahrenen Praktiker und wird gerne und nicht nur von bayerischen Bäckern angenommen. Heute reisen Fachleute aus aller Welt nach Locham, um ihr Fachwissen auf den aktuellen Stand zu bringen.

Gestern waren wir bei Herrn Arnulf Kleine, (Leiter der Schule/Bäckermeister und Konditor/Betriebswirt des Handwerks) eingeladen uns die Schule anzusehen.Der Fachlehrer Christoph Heger, Bäckermeister und Betriebswirt des Handwerks, hat uns in Empfang genommen und uns die Schule gezeigt. Dort trafen wir auf Carolin Geiger, die kürzlich ihre Ausbildung als beste bayerische Bäckerin abgeschlossen hat und im Anschluss den Wettbewerb "beste bundesweite Bäckerin" gewonnen hat. Wir gratulieren zu diesen hervorragenden Leistungen von Carolin Geiger.

Unter anderem bildet die Schule in 7-Monats-Kursen Meisterschüler aus. In den voll ausgestatteten Lehrwerkstätten dürfen natürlich die FRITSCH Ausrollmaschinen ROLLFIX nicht fehlen, die wir gerne zur Verfügung stellen. Die ersten beiden FRITSCH Ausrollmaschinen wurde bereits vor Monaten geliefert und wir konnten mit Freude feststellen, dass die Maschinen sehr gepflegt werden und noch wie neu aussehen.

Im Bild: Arnulf Kleinle - Leiter Akademie; Elke Döpfner - FRITSCH; Christoph Heger - Fachlehrer; Carolin Geiger - beste bayerische Bäckerin

Die Fußballer des SV Markt Einersheim starteten am Sonntag, den 20. August mit dem ersten Spieltag in die neue Saison. Nach langem und intensivem Training treten die Kicker nun gut vorbereitet wieder auf den Platz.

Auch dieses Jahr unterstützen wir die Mannschaft gerne mit einer Anzeige in der Stadionzeitung die zu jedem Heimspiel erscheint. Aus diesem Anlass hatten wir heute die Redaktion des SV Markt zu Gast in unserem Haus, die uns ein kleines Präsent überreichten - Herzlichen Dank hierfür!

Wir drücken dem Team die Daumen und freuen uns auf schöne Spiele, viele Tore und natürlich Siege!

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