Our all-round talent MULTICUT

Believe it or not: all your wishes come true in one single line


Our MULTICUT is the bakery machine for highest possible variety of pastries – no matter which dough is processed. It enables you to offer exactly those variations and diversity in your range which is requested by your customers. The space-saving all-round talent combines the many different shapes of intelligent punching and cutting technology with the advantages of an extremely gentle punching and turning process in one single line only available at FRITSCH.

But there is more reason to be happy: operator convenience and user-friendliness of the MULTICUT have been further increased. The MULTICUT has been equipped with the latest technology in order to ensure a future-oriented solution. A 15-inch screen with an updated inter-active surface offers top operating comfort. Furthermore easy servicing is guaranteed by a remote maintenance router. Thus possible errors can be detected more easily via direct access and therefore can be remedied faster. The new safety bus system is sending information to the control as well. This new technology used on the MULTICUT is implemented for the first time in the FRITSCH standard range of machinery offering a comprehensive fault analysis.

Moreover retrofitting to new products is made easier. Changing of tools has always been easy and simple on our MULTICUT, however: time is money. Therefore we optimized the tool in a way that it can be changed without any mechanical adjustments by one single person. Furthermore the new MULTICUT testing tool offers the possibility to develop new products fast and inexpensively, to produce seasonal pastries in small batches or to determine tool sizes without having to invest into new expensive tools.

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Changing tools on the MULTICUT: fast and easy

Many different products mean frequent changing of tools – and tool-changes do mean a higher rate of possible mistakes. Changing tools on the MULTICUT has always been simple and fast, however: time is money. Therefore we optimized our tools in a way that they can be changed without any mechanical adjustments by one single person.

Long product development cycles? That’s history now.

A standardised base plate with a specific bore pattern offers the possibility of mounting different tool attachments for punching or punching and turning. The fact that the attachments are produced by a 3D printer guarantees fast availability. Our new solution for

  • fast and inexpensive development of new products
  • production of seasonal products
  • determination of tool sizes

New operating concept: To make things as easy as possible for you

Intuitive 15-inch touch screen: central control of the complete line

Perfect overview of the ongoing process: all important parameters are accessible without changing the page

High process safety: fast response to external influences

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