The industrial bread line IMPRESSA bread

Perfection in processing of natural doughs


The IMPRESSA bread on our iba stand was a real highlight. For the first time we presented our new Soft Dough Sheeter (SDS), a dough forming system handling extremely soft doughs up to a dough yield of 190.

The extraordinarily gentle system works with a very low amount of oil thus setting the standards with regard to processing soft doughs. Just to mention a few advantages: on the SDS falling heights have been systematically reduced and a solution for spreading flour on all sides of the dough sheet has been developed.

When it comes to further processing the dough sheet, our bread roll round moulder (BRWI) is just as outstanding as our SDS. It moulds every desired product accurately into a round shape, starting from very small bread rolls (30 g) up to large bread loaves (1,000 g). Even with very soft doughs and high output the system delivers perfect moulding results. Adapted to the specific product requirements the radius of the moulding movement can be increased or reduced in a spiral pattern. In this way the dough pieces are treated extremely gentle and precisely ensuring that the natural dough structure is maintained.

What seems complex at first sight is very easy to operate. As of iba, our industrial lines will be equipped with a large 19-inch touch screen and an improved user interface. Furthermore we will present the first three Smart Services on our IMPRESSA bread. We use the possibilities of digitalization with one clear objective: to perfectly complement our line technology in order to further improve our services and to offer a noticeable benefit to our customers. Therefore we focus on preventing unplanned line stops and on maximum support for our customers’ maintenance staff by mixed reality applications in the first step.

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Soft Dough Sheeter: The art of processing very soft doughs


  • Consistent filling level above the star rollers for extremely accurate weights of the dough portions
  • The usual hopper has been replaced by conveyor belts in order to minimize separating agents
  • Falling heights have been avoided by using a horizontal deposition conveyor
  • Highest homogeneity of the dough sheet for maximum utilization

Round moulder: all-round success with a maximum variety


From snack bread rolls of 30 g weight up to 1,000 g bread loaves, our round moulder guarantees trouble-free production. The moulding movement can be adjusted to suit every single product in order to reach the desired shape.

During round moulding of rose-shaped rolls it is possible to add a little oil or fat to the dough pieces if desired. 

New operating concept: intuitive operation with the 19'' display


With the introduction of the new Siemens 19-inch touch panel we are setting new standards with regard to user friendliness of our lines. It offers an extremely intuitive operation and user guidance. The user interface has also been redesigned and optimized so that functionally related sections are together on one page. This significantly facilitates orientation on the line.

Smart Services: Digital solutions for your challenges


  • Condition Monitoring: Permanent supervision of important components in order to avoid unplanned line standstills and to immediately take action to remedy arising problems
  • Data Cockpit: Customizable display of relevant line key figures as a basis for checking taken actions for an improvement of efficiency
  • Remote Maintenance Support: Fast trouble shooting and a direct real-time communication with the help of the FRITSCH data glasses