The vacuum coiling machine

For coiled products of any kind - even with filling.


For a long time, the benefits of coiling croissants with the vacuum technology were reserved for the large industrial companies. Therefore, FRITSCH came up with the CSV compact, a vacuum coil machine especially developed for the target group of small and medium sized artisan bakeries or enterprises.

With the compact design the vacuum coil machine saves a lot of space. The CSV compact is able to produce filled and unfilled products, which saves even more space and time when changing components.

The moveable CSV compact is optimally implemented after a FRITSCH CTR or FRITSCH MULTICUT. He fixates the dough pieces drought a vacuum from beneath which adds to his precision. That is why precise coiling and thereby perfect coiled products are given at any time. Furthermore, this method is especially gentle towards the dough and can process different product shapes easily. The changeable coiling devices enable a highly flexible production of various products.

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