Bread and bread rolls

Top-quality rustic bakery products

From tin bread to bread rolls – FRITSCH offers the perfect line configuration for very different requirements and products in both artisan and industrial bakeries. Instead of the commonly used bread roll press, FRITSCH uses up-to-date laminating technology, which enables you to produce every imaginable bakery product fully automatically. Thanks to the SoftProcessing Technology used, all doughs are processed with the greatest of care so that the precious dough structure is maintained – no matter whether the products are punched, cut, rolled, long or round-moulded. Moreover, the FRITSCH bread lines ensure top-quality and highest weight accuracy of the final products.

Excellent product quality

Extremely gentle processing of very soft dough with a long pre-proofing time

Wide range of products

High flexibility for diverse products

High weight accuracy

Reproducible process from dough sheet thickness through to cutting length correction

Minimal scrap dough

Reduction of scrap dough and recycling into the process

No use of liquid separating agents

Absolutely no use of liquid separating agents in the whole process

High capacity

Huge production quantities at the highest level of process safety

Machines and lines for the production of bread and bread rolls



Dough sheeters for every company size


The high-performance professional for pastry products


The all-rounder for punched products


The universal solution for dough sheet production


The dough sheeting line for automated dough sheet production


The laminating line for industrial dough sheet production


The high-performance line for bread products

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